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Beautiful easygoing hike with great waterfall and lake views. Easy loop even if you have to park further away.

what is the address for parking? please help!

Parking lot was half full at 7:05 am on a Wednesday. Beautiful hike! On the way out at 10, all of the main nearby parking lots were completely full. Plan ahead!

Got there at 8am and there was no where to park. Had to park in Eldora and hike about 1 mile down the dirt road to get to the trail head. It was worth it though. The waterfalls on this hike are absolutely breathtaking. The rocky trails can be a little rough without proper footwear though. The lake had multiple groups of people swimming or wading in the water and also some fisherman. It was beautiful and peaceful though.

Absolutely beautiful hike!

We camped this loop over weekend and took backpacks. Nice trip, beautiful scenery, lovely flowers and not too busy. First night in Devil's thumb lake, second at Kings lake. I might reverse that if I had to do it again, because Devil's Thumb pass was a bitch much with a full pack at altitude and divide, but still highly recommended!

Fantastic trail. Had one of the best hiking days I've had in Colorado. TAKE NOTE: The entry fee is now $11 cash only, not $10 as it says above. (Another reviewer below also mentioned this). As others have stated, the trick to this trail is the parking. The ideal parking location is the Long Lake trailhead, but if that is full (highly likely) the fall back location is the Brainard Lake Rec Area which has ample parking. I noticed most people walking the road from Brainard to Lost Lake trailhead rather than trying to find the Brainard trail to link up with the Long Lake trail. The road is approx another mile (one way) to Long Lake parking lot. I started on the road then ended up taking the Niwot cut off, which is a trail about halfway up the road that then links up with the Jean Lunning Trail (I think it is labeled on this All trails map as the 0.6 trail between the road and Jean Lunning). This is all actually on the paper map they provide at the fee station. Other than the parking situation, this is a fantastic hike that I can't recommend enough. Despite the crowded parking, you actually only rarely pass other hikers. The scenery is stunning. Wildflowers and wildlife abound. Most of the hike is easy (gently rolling trail). The only difficult part is the sharper incline up to Lake Isabelle/Glacier which is rocky making it a little more challenging. One other thing to keep in mind is the trail is muddy in places as there are still large patches of snow here and there (mid-July). Keep that in mind when choosing footwear. Overall this is a "can't miss" trail in my opinion.

Got to entrance at 7:30am and it was already full - be prepared to wait or get there earlier. Super easy hike, and absolutely stunning running creeks. Sitting at the lake was a big part of the experience for me - lots of places to find solitude. Wildflowers in bloom - so pretty!!

The information here is largely accurate with the oversight of a few MAJOR points. Honestly, this is NOT a safe trail. The areas referred to as "waterfalls" are in fact, "washouts" and should be approached with extreme caution, particularly the washout near the outset of the trail when approaching from Rainbow (south). Next, the huge amount of exposed rock all along the narrow parts of the trail, often with very steep drops, pose risks for falling and injuries (or worse). Wind and weather (not to mention lightning strikes) have NOT been emphasized enough here to sober up a novice or tourist hiker into considering another trail choice. Although trail injury record keeping is dodgy, people actually do fall and injure themselves on this trail AND have to be evacuated. I love this site and think you do a great job but even the Forest Service has overlooked publishing the obvious hazards on this trail. Sure it's a stellar, awesome view and altitude hike for the strong with high mountain experience and immunity to risk. But it just isn't safe for most people expecting a moderate day hike. I rate it low because of the risks. Can't imagine it in snow and ice! Thank you and sorry but live to hike another trail friends.

Remember it costs $11 in cash or check only to come in!!
My favorite hike to date! My boyfriend, dog and I are avid hikers so this was pretty easy. No matter how much you hike, you should be able to finish and trust me, IT'S MORE THAN WORTH IT. The trail was beautiful. There was so much shade and gorgeous views. You need to cross over little creeks and stuff, but shouldn't be much of a problem (my dog hates water and didn't pull me into it like he often does). There isn't much of an incline and we enjoyed not having to look down at our feet the entire time since it wasn't all that rocky.
We parked almost a mile from the Isabelle TH over at Brainard Lake.
Can't wait to do this one again!

loved this hike!