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The road to the trailhead is currently closed for construction. I would not recommend until it reopens as it will add miles of pavement hiking.

Amazing gorgeous outstanding-wild raspberries at the start of the trail.

Solid hike for spring. Definitely bring micro spikes or yak tracks as the majority of the trail is covered in either ice or a few inches of snow. No need for snow shoes in my opinion.

Parking is pretty limited. We parked next to the entrance (it said violators would be towed), but didn’t have any issues. Others were parked in the area without problems as well.

Happy hiking!

Trail was snow packed, footing was good with microspikes. Probably could have gotten away with just boots, but the extra traction was nice on the uphill climb.

Was an enjoyable hike; I’m sure it’s even better when the lake isn’t frozen.

Parking is kind of sketchy, but no problem finding a spot.

Gorgeous winter hike. Tough with the extra mileage due to the road closure. Definitely bring snow shoes.

Awesome views and a lake. Did it today with a ton of snow on a windy day with snow bursts. Wasn't too bad, it was nice having the whole trail to ourselves! We did it without snowshoes (brought along spikes but didn't need them) and we were fine. There were a few spots where our feet sunk through the snow up to our knees, but walking a few feet out on the lake was cool.

This trail was gorgeous, the hike starts at Brainard lake parking lot because the road is closed. it's 3.3 miles from the Parking lot to the trail head during the winter, so start by 0800. Most of the trail during winter is covered and bring snowshoes because you will have to hike next to the lake and up the creek in order to get to Lake Isabelle because you can't follow the trail that is listed. when you get to Lake Isabelle there are a few ways to get to it. There is a massive slope to climb or turn right at the base of the slope and there is a longer yet easier way up that puts you at the trail markers at the top.

Great hike on a very cold morning. Couple of steep inclines along with the view will take your breathe away, both fugitively and literally. Then again first time on a steep incline on snow snowshoes, but I will do better next time. I'll also bring my pup next time... Go early, the crowds build quickly.

I hiked this on 2/15. The first 3/4 mike was on the road. The test was trail. It snowed all day an even though my tracks were covered in snow it was relatively easy to find the trail in the trees. The lake was nothing spectacular. Lots of flat white and wind. The trail however was really beautiful. Snow shoes made it easier but micro spikes would have worked.

Great for snow shoeing ! Had a great time on this very busy trail!

Fun hike today 2/03, snowshoes not really needed as the trail is well travelled. The dirt road up is getting more challenging by the day, there was a stuck 4Runner and Xterra on the way out. Made it all the way to the creek crossing with a 4WD Honda Pilot and some momentum without getting stuck though, so it's still possible. Well worth the trip!

Used the trail today (1-26). For the foreseeable future use your snow shoes. Fun hike. Will hike it in the spring to see how different it is.

2 months ago

This is a nice hike, but get there early! It’s very popular. Also, do not drive and park past the end of the paved road unless you have 4WD. There were some very dangerous parking jobs yesterday as a result of sedans attempting to go further than they should. There wasn’t too much snow but enough ice to need spikes for the hike.

Note there are 3 bridges you should expect to cross. A short distance after the first bridge there is a fork, but no signs. Stay to the right to keep with the lost lake trail. If you start seeing old cabins you’ve made a wrong turn.

Hiked it on Jan 13. I'd recommend that you park before the dirt road on hessie rd unless you have 4X4/high clearance vehicle. Trail is still easy to follow with snow and all. Traction is recommended. Can probably get away with good hiking shoes. Snow shoes would be a plus but not necessary.

Really beautiful hike. Good for snowshoeing after a big snow but it’s highly trafficked so it gets packed down quickly and waterproof hiking boots are enough. Tons of dogs, some off leash. Up hill the whole way to the lake and down hill the whole way back. Would definitely recommend!

June 4th, heavy snow. Made it to Long lake not to Isabella, still beautiful.

Hiked June 3 2017. Last 1/3 of trail covered in snow. Loved the whole hike, lake is beautiful

My favorite trail! So much beauty.

Really enjoyed this hike! We wore mini spikes and that made certain parts that were pure ice much easier to deal with. Beautiful climb through the trees with a really nice ending at the lake and a perfect rock to sit on and eat a snack!

One of my favorite trails! I wish I had more time to explore. Will come back again for sure!!

The trail is currently snow packed. The view at the lake is still pretty great. I recommended some spikes, but a couple friends did just fine in backpacking boots.

I would suggest spikes or snowshoes right now!

Really nice trail in winter! Bring spikes to help, makes it much easier to navigate. The first 1/2 mile is more exposed to wind which may make you think about turning around, but don’t! Bundle up and the rest of the trail is protected. Gorgeous mountain views and Lost Lake is really pretty- cool view of the continental divide!

My boyfriend and I took our two dogs up here yesterday 12/17 and it was great. The beginning of the hike to get from the street where we parked to the true trailhead was flat with very thick ice. Otherwise the trail either had packed snow or dirt, we were both fine in regular hiking boots. There was a fair amount of snow around the lake and we tried walking around it but started sinking into the snow and gave up. Overall the trail was well maintained, not very crowded, easy to follow, and not very strenuous. If you’re looking for a nice, leisurely, shorter day hike this is perfect

Super pretty hike! Trail was covered in snow and patches of ice pretty much the entire way, but my boots alone were just fine. The lake is completely frozen, which was pretty neat to see. You park about a 1/2 mile from the trail head if you don't have a high clearance vehicle and my Nissan Versa did just fine getting to the point to park. 10/10, would hike again :)

The trail is snow covered but YakTrax weren't necessary. Steady climb and beautiful destination. Will definitely do again!

A gentle, gradual hike up to the lake which is surrounded by a lot of open area to post up for lunch. Spikes will make the slippery, snow-packed trail easier to navigate. The trailhead is easy to find and has endless parking alongside the road. The trail was almost empty for our climb up around 9:30 but packed on our walk down around noon - having the lake all to yourself is worth the early hike.

Very scenic, easy hike and it was especially beautiful with a bit of snow. The trail was lightly snow packed and slick in some areas. Would recommend microspikes or something with good traction right now.

Just truly beautiful!

3 months ago

Lost lake is a nice, short winter hike. The trail was snow covered and had some ice but I didn’t need to resort to yak traks. The lake was fully frozen and the trail around the lake was tricky to follow given the snowfall.

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