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This trail is not MODERATE but HARD. I used this trail guide for our hike. When we finished I looked it up again and found another Arapaho Glacier Trail same trailhead, that is listed as HARD. Don't be fooled, this is not MODERATE. Great hike but hard even for us. Lots of rock on trail (feet sore) and steep incline all the way to the top. Weather changes rapidly, take rain gear. Can get very windy once above treeline. Steep/rocky terrain. Great adventure but hard.

16 hours ago

Easy hike that is absolutely gorgeous. There are some hikes you do for exercise and there are some you do for the views. This is for the views. Take your time and look around. We added in the Long Lake loop as well. Our dog loved splashing in all the streams.

Parking filled up before 8 am. We just hiked to the hike from the free lot outside the gate. It added about 4 miles onto the trip.

Definitely take the time to veer left towards the river and explore along the waterfalls. It’s beautiful.

Amazing hike today to Lake Isabelle. All the recommendations and suggestions with regards to parking were very helpful from the past comments. We departed Denver at 530am arrived 715am. Obtained one of the last parking spaces. An easy trail with amazing views at every turn. As we arrived at location 7 moose were along side of road. This started our day on a fine note indeed!

Get there early! Parking lot will fill up around 8AM. Got there around 9AM a few weeks ago and we waited in line at the pay station for over an hour. Worth the wait if you have the time!

Bring sunscreen and plenty of water. Pretty crowded tail. If you don’t want to add time to the hike try to park at Long Lake. I

Awesome camping area 2 miles from parking. Get there early as non 4wheel drive parking is limited. Easy trail to navigate if you pay attention. Several waterfalls on the way up if you open your ears. 9 campsites at the lake that are first come first serve basis. All are nice but some better than others. There are several cool trails above the lake that you can explore old mines and get an awesome view of devils thumb. Pack your fly pole as you can slay fish up there in the morning or evening. Permit not required as you are not in Indian Peaks Wilderness

2 days ago

Lovely hike with great payoff. I have hiked this 3 times and done the 11-mile snowshoe to it when the access road was closed. Regarding the post for the hike on 6/29/18, you ***CAN*** use your RMNP annual pass, but you need to tell the people manning he Brainard Lake entry station that it is an "Access Pass" or "Interagency Pass". Any of the Federal annual or lifetime passes will work at Brainard. You just need to classify them as stated above because many of the people manning the entry booths only understand the passes when they are classified as above. I know this from experience and also received this exact info directly from the Boulder Ranger District.

short and sweet, if you follow the river instead of the main trail, you'll be treated to a old log cabin and beautiful waterfalls. The main trail is a twisted ankle waiting to happen. The lake is pretty but fairly non descript. Filled with little Brook trout.

Great little hike with beautiful views! A waterfall gushes noisily by you once you’re halfway up, and wildflowers are abundant at this time of the year. It has a good amount of shade as well. The only disadvantage is parking at the trailhead. This is a VERY busy trail, and parking is a nightmare. We added a mile each way to our hike because of the parking situation. I would try and take a 4WD with high clearance to allow for parking closer to the trailhead - Basically you can go down a narrow rocky road (read the directions on other hikes in this app, that start at Hessie trail head - King Lake, Jasper Lake). If your car can make it through that path (which also has water year around, so you are driving through a small stream), your hike will be shorter. Else, your best bet with parking is somewhere in the town of Eldora. Good luck and enjoy the hike!

Great hike! Bring your National Parks Pass and no need to pay the $11 fee. A ton of mosquitos once you get to the lake, so bring bug spray.

Great 4th if July hike. Fairly easy and well maintained.

incredible views and easy hike! wish it was less crowded with tourists but the rangers manage the area and parking well!

Absolutely beautiful hike. I went in May and there was still plenty of snow and ice, but returning in July that was all gone and replaced with plenty of green trees and wildflowers. The hike itself is fairly short and easy, but there are plenty of other trails that branch off if you're looking for a little more.

4 days ago

Easy distance on a good trail to so much beauty, but you won’t be alone. Lot full by 815 today. Parking at Mitchell adds 2 mi RT

Bring your big boy (or girl) pants for this one! Sketchy trail down to Caribou lake but you'll be rewarded with the most scenic Oasis in Mount Mordor. You'll have it to yourself and few others because everyone has to make that conscious decision to actually trek down the mountain to the lake, I'd say 80 percent say hell no. Lots of trout, flowers and just beautiful surroundings. We loved this place until we had to make the long trek back, it's a tough one. I already complained about the train wreck of a dirt road car pile up on the lake Dorothy page, I won't repeat.

I wanted to add that at 6:30am on a Monday, the parking lot was only 1/3 full. When I got back around 9, it was completely full.

Beautiful and easy! I could have spent hours sitting at the lake if I had heeded the advice to wear insect repellent! Lots of mosquitos, especially as you get close to the water. Other than that, spectacular. Very easy hiking until right towards the end - it gets steeper as you're walking alongside the waterfall just before Lake Isabelle. Still not bad, though. I did not stop for a picnic - only short photo stops for me and sniffing and swimming stops for my dog. Walked a moderate pace. It took us 2 hours and 15 minutes in total. Wildlife sightings: deer, marmot, duck w/ ducklings

Absolutely loved the scenery on this trail and hearing the river most of the way. It's also pleasantly shady. There are a few water crossings (bridges and on rocks) and wildflowers galore. The views are magnificent. Lost Lake itself is very pretty and still. As other reviewers have said, this trail is VERY rocky. VERY ROCKY. Poles would be helpful if you worry about stability. We managed to hike it okay with our 2 year old in a backpack, but poles would have been helpful. It is lots of uphill with few breaks. Still a very lovely trail. Parking is difficult. I recommend arriving around 2:30 pm. When we left at 3:15, there were many available parking spots. When we arrived at noon, many people were waiting for parking spots.

This hike was easy and beautiful! I could’ve spent hours just sitting at Lake Isabelle. Even the bathrooms were clean! The hike starts at 10,000ft so you’re up there. Even though it’s an easy hike without much of an incline, I was still breathing heavy at times due to elevation...so keep drinking water.

9 days ago

More difficult than I expected but doable. Lake at the top is spectacular. My dog loved it

My husband and I hiked Pawnee Pass on 7/7/18. He thinks he left his camera sd card up there. He left it on the flat area up there before the final climb to the top. He left it on a flat rock in the middle of that area. God willing one of you finds it, we will pay a 300.00 reward once we confirm it is ours. Please email me at kbrewer@lps.k12.co.us.

I have gone twice, easy hike. Short time to get there, but so beautiful!

10 days ago

This is an AMAZING trail! Today was my first time hiking it and I was so happy! The weather was sunny, with rain coming after noon, off and on. Trail is mostly shaded. The views, mountains and lakes, waterfalls, flowers were all great. The trail was good length. I would maybe suggest that the level is more easy to moderate, I saw some people struggling with altitude and incline. PARKING MIGHT BE AN ISSUE! Please plan accordingly... rangers told us lot was full at 6 am, we were there at 8:20. Had to wait about 20 minutes to get in and park ($11 CASH). We were shown where to park, not offered options. I ended up logging 8 miles today instead of planned 4.5-5. I heard a few people say they saw moose around Long Lake, but I did not. My husband fly fished at Brainard (lots of little fish caught and released), had better luck on St. Vrain, just below Brainard (several bigger caught and released). Super fun day, we will be back!!! (maybe not on a Saturday, though!)

on Lake Isabelle Trail

10 days ago

My favorite trail since I have moved to Denver. A must do! Long but easy... inclines aren't steep for long. Beautiful views, quiet, dog friendly, child friendly and snow in the summer. Make sure to take pack layers. *PLEASE Keep dogs on a leash, you might know your dog but you don't know someone elses.

Beautiful trail! Excellent views and a great beginners hike.

10 days ago

My wife and our 100lb German Shepherd hiked this trail for the first time. Easy trail. Great scenic views. Plenty of places to stop and let our dog enjoy a refreshing water plunge and drink. An absolutely gorgeous hike. Plenty of wildflowers this time of year. Great way to spend our last day of vacation in Colorado!!! A MUST do!!!

Nice hike. Lake is a good oasis. Back country camp sites along the way and around the lake.

10 days ago

Absolutely stunning hike. You get amazing alpine views with one of the easiest trails I've ever done. The pups loved swimming in the three lakes along the trail to Isabelle. The wild flowers were breathtaking right now and three moose were in the meadow north of Long Lake. We went early at 7 am and the trailhead parking lot was already full. On our way out at noon I have never seen so many people in line...it was absurd. There were at least a hundred cars in line. Go early if you go on a Saturday is what I recommend!

The hike itself is exceptional. This review relates directly to parking logistics and the dangers currently present at the top of Fourth of July trailhead. By 10 A.M., more than 200 cars were parked illegally, stopping all incoming and outbound hiking car traffic on the road. Local residents were running around screaming at folks who parked on the side of the road, blocking traffic. It took more than an hour and a game of musical trails to ensure we could make it off the mountain this morning. Parking logistics are at an emergency status on this trail. Park services must take action now.

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