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My wife and Ihiked this on June 17, and unfortunately had to turn back about 3.5 miles in. There was enough snow and down trees to lose the trail, and it got extremely disorienting as we tried finding our way back a few hundred feet and then attempting to follow the trail. We decided to err on the side of caution and will return in late July or August, when the trail should be clear. If you're familiar with the trail or have a GPS you would have no problem, but wanted to provide this heads up to others like us who were new to this hiking area.

Also, a Rainbow Lakes campground manager let us know there are around 40 moose in this area, so caution should be taken. A young girl had narrowly missed a trampling at her campsite just a few days prior!

Waterfalls, meadows, flowers, lake, pine trees - absolutely awesome. But come early to get parking and enjoy it in peace

2 days ago

Note that parking is more restricted now than in previous summers. Take advantage of the convenient (free!) shuttle, which leaves from the RTD park and ride on Hwy 72. Our particular shuttle driver was also great about picking up folks who flagged him down (we parked at Nederland high school because the RTD parking was full).

Beautiful!! Needed crampons for snow and stability. A lot of youngsters had no spikes and saw several wipe it. Soooooo if ya gott'em, use them . Saw 3 bull moose at Brainard Lake too.

Really beautiful hike! Well worth it when you get to the lake

Was up there this morning, a beautiful hike with waterfalls, stream crossings, and obviously the lake at the end. Go to the far side of the lake for good views. Wildflowers are great right now, definitely some that aren't out yet, none that are past peak. We brought our dogs and had no issues, they loved it. Got winded in the beginning once you pass the 4wd parking lot, but it's easier after that. There are campsites around the lake. We got to the trailhead at 7:30am and the parking was almost completely full. This is what it's like at Hessie on Saturdays, so prepare accordingly. Even though the parking was full, we didn't see that many people on the trail as there are multiple other hikes that start at Hessie. It's a little muddy right now, but honestly not that bad. A couple with a corgi we kept running into mentioned they saw a group of moose at the trailhead.


An excellent, covered trail with a variety of attractive from wading streams, wild flowers, decent climb and incredible vistas of waterfalls, lake and Indian Hills Wilderness. Worth every stride.

I really enjoyed this hike, beautiful view points all along the trail up to Lost Lake and the lake itself is absolutely amazing. The hike is well worth it! Only problem I had was all the sharp rocks on the trail ripped the crap out of one of my dogs paw pads, I thought I was going to have to carry her back down the trail. A couple rips on the other dogs, but he didn't fair as bad.

Nice, moderate hike with a beautiful payoff. Well worth it, and easy to squeeze in a day.

Did this today and I was very glad that I had my micro spikes and trekking poles! The trail was about 90% covered in snow which made it challenging, but as always, the view was worth it!

Lost Lake is definitely worth the hike! So serene. The hike up wasn't too bad, but very rocky..definitely wear shoes with a good grip because the way down can be tough especially with wet shoes from the streams you have to walk through to get up and down the trail. Lots of dogs and families along the way :) Would highly recommend!