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dogs on leash

Beautiful hike! We hiked this on July 4 th, we arrived at the parking lot around 7:30, the gate beyond Brainard Lake was still closed. So we hiked around the north side of Brainard lake, then onto Long Lake took the Jean Lunning trail sound theSouth side and then onto Lake Isabel. We had to hike across a big snowfield before we were able to reach the lake, the bow was spectacular!!

well worth it! certain parts are tricky but easy on the way down.

Great family hike with the dog!

2 days ago

Gorgeous hike. Amazing views at the lake at the top. Try to get there before 8am or after 1:30pm to avoid the lines and traffic

Take the FREE shuttle from Nederland PnR to the Hessie TH. A wonderful day hike which while a little challenging, is entirely do-able for almost EVERYONE. I just saw the dog comments and agree about the dogs. I only saw 2-3 unleashed and one was running through the meadows flushing and looking for a spot to drop. I also saw two piles of the stuff (poop) at the lake shore; they may have been human(!!) You have to bury yours and you should bag and carry out your dog's if you are a day hiker. This trail is a GIFT from THE SOURCE OF ALL, so please be as loving as SOURCE has been in gifting this trail to us. Yes, it is uphill and rocky and muddy in spots but I am 63.5 years and managed without problem. Take the FREE shuttle, follow the rules, and enjoy a wonderful wildflower hike!

Absolutely beautiful. Get there early and bring cash. We arrived at the PayStation by 9am on a Saturday and it was about a 45 min wait to get in. Some people opted to park outside the park but it's a VERY LONG hike to get to Brainerd and even farther to get to Long Lake then Isabelle. But if you can get a good parking spot up near Long Lake, it's an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking hike up to Isabelle Glacier.

Wildflower heaven, or my idea of it.

Amazing hike!! Awe-inspiring views and ever-changing scenery. I have done a lot of hiking in CO and this is possibly my favorite.. Most go CW; this lends itself to a milder incline. Trails are very well marked. Little bugs, virtually no snow. Arrive earlier than you think; it was already slim pickings at 6:45am this morning.

It is $11 to get into this park to hike and camp anywhere and the pass is good for 3 days! TOTALLY worth it tho. Check out the pictures I posted. Went in the late afternoon and the water reflection was bonkers. This place is so surreal, like a fairy wonderland. Beautiful wild flowers and many water falls. The mountains are so humbling and it makes you forget about any problem this life presents you with! Favorite hike and view I've had in the 8 months I've been in CO! Also a very easy hike.