2 days ago

I did this with my 5.5 month old strapped to me. It kicked my ass. Took me forever but I’m happy I did it. One hell of a workout with amazing views. Bring lots of water

It's worth every step!

Wow. holy shit. Basically you climb up "hundreds" of stairs. I think anbody can make it to the top, just pace yourself. You will get a very good feeling of accomplishment. Bought a magnet to go on the fride!

I really enjoy doing this hike multiple times. Nice workout

Hard af

Awesome hike. Definitely not for beginners. Make sure to have lots of water.

Awesome hike, best calories burner for time taken. I got 34:34 my first time up, will definitely do it again! Big thumbs up to anyone and everyone who does this!

the incline is a very tough trail definitely hard if you're not in a good condition with that been said my advice is bring water, take small breaks or set small goals for example I want to get to that point then take a break and pick another one, you'll see people passing by don't get discouraged the only that you need to beat is yourself the most difficult part will be heading your breathing at a pace that doesn't get you tired so try to work on that and do it at a pace that you can breathe without exhausting yourself pretty quick

My gawwwd! This kicked my butt! I met my challenge! I completed this in an hour and 20min my goal next time is 40min.

Love doing this monthly!!

Done the trail several times now. My three year old conquered it half way this weekend. Definitely a hard hike and only would do with a child if they really like the outdoors and want to climb. Steps got to her waist at times so help was needed. She had a blast and so did I. No bathrooms except bottom of the trail. Views are great!

Definitely one of the hardest hikes I've ever done. Take it slow and easy. Enjoy the views. Get your picture of the last step. It has the 2744 on it. Congratulations.

17 days ago

Still awesome. They did an excellent job with repairs, the stairs are intact all the way to the top. No snow either direction.

The rating is accurate; this is difficult. As many others have mentioned, it isn't exactly a trail as much as it is "stairs" on the side of a mountain. it's busy but everyone I encountered was polite and there was an encouraging vibe there. Don't feel discouraged if you need to stop or go slow! The view at the top is amazing and there is a bit to explore once you get to the top. I took the Barr Trail back down for a different view and to save my knees. I saw many people without water; as it heats up outside make sure you are drinking because you are exposed most of the time.

Hard as hell. Very rewarding to complete and an impressive workout. Pro tip: DONT do leg day the day prior.

21 days ago

I’ve done this every year since I was 7 now an adult it’s a passage into our family. Best time was just at an hour but my brothers can do it in under 40 minutes. Just push threw and enjoy a light run back down on the Barr!

21 days ago

Do not underestimate the incline. It’s all mental.

This incline totally kicked my ass, but when you finally get to the top and look back at what you just did... AMAZING

great challenge, running all the way back down the trail makes for a great endurance test

Hiked it today with entire family. Made it up with one 7 year-old in 55 minutes, the 2nd 7 year-old took 1 hour 38 minutes. The last adult took 2 hours to arrive. Please note: Several sites talk about the false top, what you see from the parking lot is what you get.

25 days ago

Definitely be prepared to get your ass-kicked cause it's a lot harder than it seems especially with the elevation gain in the last 0.3 miles. Being an out-of-stater I prepared by getting acclimated to the altitude of Co.Springs within 24 hours, then started doing smaller hikes with similar elevation gains but over a longer period of time over the next few days. On my 4th day in Co.Springs I did the trail and in the beginning it was fine (minus the fact it started half flurry-ing/snowing) with not that many people on the trail except locals. Was able to keep a steady pace until the halfway point (where there is a bench and a "I give-up trail" down the Barr path if you can't do it anymore). I took an extended break there and started up the last 0.3 miles which felt like an eternity since the elevation is already at 7,500ish (top is roughly around 8500?) and I had to take a short break every 50 steps or so. The views from the incline are amazing as you can see the Garden of the Gods and many other hikes nearby. As the steps get steeper you know you're almost at the end, though there really is a slight feeling of accomplishment once you get to the top. Then you have the long winding Barr Trail to go back down afterwards which I highly suggest since there are pretty awesome views as well! Just follow the trail all the way down and through the parking lot to get to the lot that costs $5 right where the trailhead is.

Love the Incline. Does anyone know if Barr trail is clear or if it has snow and ice? (I know it snowed yesterday, but am hoping it’ll melt off this afternoon. I don’t want to slide down Barr trail on the way back!)

great trail plenty of spots to rest awesome workout

Beautiful views and definitely a work out! Pack your inhaler!

Awesome drive with great views! View the landscape that prompted the song, "America the Beautiful." I was there in December and it was insanely windy at the top, which froze your ears and hands, so bring warm clothes. If you get car sick, you might have issues during the drive, but there is plenty of horizon (albeit at a 20 degree angle) to gaze at to help calm the stomach. There is a nice gift shop and cafe with hot drinks and comfort food at the top. If coming from sea level, the elevation might make it difficult to breathe. I was able to run a bit at the top without too much trouble except a slight light head. But everyone responds differently to elevation. Bring your camera!

1 month ago

My Girlfriend and I completed this monster on 4/20/18! It was definitely a work out and the change in altitude was intense! First time in Colorado and doing a hike! The trail down was breathtaking as well! We Walked and Jogged it!

1 month ago

Well for one thing it's longer than 3.3 miles the Incline it self is 1.2 miles and the loop down is one of the most Breathtaking 4 mile hikes down you will ever travel... CONQUERED THIS BEAST 4/16/18

1 month ago

A very strenuous workout but well worth the view! Use Barr Trail to go down and for amazing scenery.

Amazing workout. You can use the Barr trail to hike down.

Always a good time

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