5 hours ago

Great hike & a fun run coming down the incline, be prepared to get drainage in sweat. Nevertheless it’s a great workout.

Great challenge but ran into a brown bear right near the end of Barr Trail.

4 days ago

Very crowded, but also some awesome type 2 fun!

It’s not fun while you are doing it, but once you get to the top it’s worth it! The views the whole way are breathtaking.

I’ve been coming here for any years and it’s still my favorite challenge! It’s very hard but it’s a great challenge

I’m hooked! I went once a year ago for the first time and it was incredibly hard. I’m 39 years old and very active. It took me at least 90 minutes and was very humbling to say the least. Went up again twice last week-first time took 48 minutes, second time it took 43. Hoping to crack 40 minutes next time. Tips-don’t look up! Just press forward-looking up can crush you! Also-watch our for people coming down the incline. Most people take the trail down but there are some who run down the incline or end up turning around and going back down. I ran down the Barr Trail and it took me 35 minutes. Go early-it gets crowded very quickly so you want to beat the rush-and the heat! This is not for the faint of heart but is well worth it! Just reaching the top is an accomplishment.

This was an amazing workout! It was beautiful and quite challenging, especially with the altitude change. If I ever get the chance to do this hike again, I’d definitely start much earlier in the morning vs late morning.

The views are breathtaking!! So glad we decided to hike it.

A brutally addictive experience. Would love to do it over and over again to challenge myself and beat my own time. Bring plenty of water!

Great hike very tough and tiring.

11 days ago

This is really hard but if you set your mind to it you can do it. I am really scared of heights and I was able to do by just not looking down or up and having my friend talk me through it! I highly recommend this hike!

12 days ago

Really good hike and very hard!

trail running
12 days ago

great place to get the muscles pumped. I loved the run down

14 days ago

Great hike with amazing views. It’s obviously steep and the time taken varies between 30min up (super fit & locals) to about 1 hr 40 for the slow types. Well worth it and they have fixed the trail up making it very safe. Went down Barr trail to mix it up, recommended for those who don’t like heights!

What a great hike!! We started the incline at 11 am. Notes... Fill water bladder all the way full in pack, take a snack for the top, sun screen yourself good, come down the switchback, wear good shoes!
Amazing views from the top! So worth it!

No joke this was tough!

15 days ago

It’s a beast but worth it

17 days ago

The Incline is as difficult as stated, 2700+ stairs straight up the mountain. The average person, in fair shape, should plan at least an hour to get to the top. The Barr Trail is a nice way down, though it gets long at the end. Round-trip takes about 3 hours, walking the Barr Trail. Many people run back down the Barr Trail, so be prepared to step aside frequently if walking.

24 days ago

Awesome if your up for a huge challenge! My husband is a personal trainer and he found this very difficult. He did however decide to run it. Very steep he says. I stayed back with the dogs. This trail is very narrow and congested. With lots of people!! Dogs are not recommended for trail, but people do take dogs. I however don’t think it’s a very good trail for dogs. We have an older dog and I thought that would be too much for him.

25 days ago

Extremely difficult for my first time. I had been acclimated to the elevation for 5 weeks and it was still hard. I consider myself to be pretty active, I run everyday but was still challenged by the Manitou Incline. I am so glad I did it once because the view was definitely worth it! Just do not push yourself if you cannot physically complete this hike there is a bailout trail prior to the top.

26 days ago

moved here last year and just now did this for the first time and it’s an ass-kicker. definitely not something you do “quickly”, take your time and bring water. i do wish this was a one-way thing, the amount of people coming back down was a) annoying, and b) kind of dangerous. with crowds coming up and some of the steeper/narrower steps, you’re not always looking up - you’re watching where you step. some people coming down were apparently shocked i was in their way.. get a grip. run down the barr when you get to the top like everyone else. otherwise this is a great hike!

Challenging, but very rewarding trail. I feel like everyone should experience the incline at-least once!

27 days ago

Definitely a difficult and rewarding hike. It was a real challenge for someone coming from sea level, I'm glad I was somewhat acclimated. Not really much to see at the top or on the way down but feels like a big accomplishment when you make it to the top! It was pretty cool to hike it with the mountain mist, couldn't see very far up or down so we couldn't see our destination.

absolutely loved this hike. It was very difficult climbing the incline which made it very rewarding when we got to the top. I definitely reccomend going back down using the trail as the steps can be rough on the joints going down.

Leg day, sauna day, and ass kicked all at once! Time for pizza.

Challenging yet epic climb with amazing views that make the suffering worth the journey.

We were going to take our three kids up the incline. Two decided they’d rather throw themselves on the ground and play in rocks instead. Took a solid 2 hours to reach the top with a 1 year old on my back, but I did it. Don’t forget sunscreen and plenty of water.

Loved it so much I did it the next day! Not easy either time but absolutely stunning. I take time to do this hike each time I swing through. -iowa native

1 month ago

I did this with my 5.5 month old strapped to me. It kicked my ass. Took me forever but I’m happy I did it. One hell of a workout with amazing views. Bring lots of water

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