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Fun hike! Beautiful to get to the top and watch the sunrise

First hike with my dogs since moving to Colorado and we LOVED it! My dogs had a blast getting some exercise and I loved the scenery! Definitely going back to explore some more

Trail is a nice little challenge. If going out in the next few days, I suggest using studded boots or crampons. It was getting pretty packed and slick for a good portion of the trail. There isn't enough snow for snowshoeing.

Clean, beautiful trail!

Did this trail but included an extra loop up spring creek to Herrington to stout and back to the falls. Which ended up being a great distance to go. The views of the reservoir, Fort Collins and the mountains were incredible. Some snow in certain parts, but not enough to warrant spikes. It was beautiful, not hard and worthwhile. I would love to go back and see the rock.

Great hike. My 9 year old son and I did it today. Nice views of foco and to the west.

Flat, well maintained, adjacent to a county road for the first hour or so walking in. Peaceful but sporadic bikers.

I went twice because it was so beautiful with snow.

It was nice trail and a nice workout but the falls were not that big more like a sprinkle. The Horsetooth Rock was cool to look at tho

Great hike and great views!

Great trail to get out and walk around. saw some deer on the trail. would definitely recommend.

good work out trail.

Scenic and challenging

This is an easy trail with a few inclines and some rocky areas. My big complaint with it is that it’s very narrow once you get about a half mile from the trailhead and there’s a lot of mountain bikers using the trail as well. To avoid being run over I had to pay more attention to whether or not there was a mountain bike flying around a blind corner than enjoying the scenery. The thing I really do enjoy about the trail is that it links up with trails connected to Bobcat Ridge and Devil’s Backbone.

Cool hike to knock out in an afternoon or morning. The trail begins in open foothill country before making its way into some lightly wooded areas. Its a steady but rather easy grade all the way up. There are numerous trail in a network in this are and so there are a few ways to the top it seems. All the trails are well marked and some are indicated for hiking only- no bikes. There's some slight scrambling for about 40 or 50 feet to get to the top of the rock, but it's accessible to most. The top provides great views of the mountains in the distance and what appeared to be Long Peak. The whole trip took about 3 hours.

Beautiful views of Longs Peak from the top. We were able to see Pikes Peak far off in the distance. The falls were nearly dried up at this time of year. I look forward to seeing them in the Spring.

Was trying to go south ridge and Audra carol but missed the marker to turn off on to that trail. Saw the marker on the way down from Horsetooth Mountain. There is a bit of climbing once you get near Horsetooth. A few bikers on the trail on Sunday. Great views!

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