Open space great for a cool day lots of mountain bikers

NEW Black Bear Trail is nice!
Go short, Rollin strollin hill hike up to ridge with awesome panorama views of Denver & foothills aka hogbacks. Fall &Winter nice: more sun, less snakes.10/27/18.R&L.3.5hr

Go long, frm HildeBrand parking lot, hike foothills to Black Bear Trail to upper Black Bear Tr in Deer Creek Canyon and loop back down or drop to Dear Creek parking lot.

short, goes through subdivision. pretty flat.

Probably a good trail for biking, but for hiking it was not great. Most of the trail I had to place my feet directly in front of each other to walk. Views weren't great and it goes through a neighborhood for about half a mile. The trail was nice and quiet though, not very many people hiking even on Memorial Day weekend. Plenty of geocaching on the route too.

This is the trail I’ve been searching for. I’m a beginner biker and this trail should have been my first, not mnt falcon, but I made it. Defiantly give this one a go!

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11 months ago

Mix feeling about this trail. If you except to do a nice hike, you'll be disappointed since you have to go though residential area. I was going to give 2 stars at first, but changed mind to 3 stars because after 2 miles or so is an open space and you're able to experience a nice and relaxed hiking/trail run. Snow was icey and hard but I run on snow to get some good core workout. Only run into 4 different group of runners and 1 mountain biker for the whole trip.

1/3 of the trail is essentially a residential green belt and a portion closely parallels Wadsworth. The western section along the foothill is decent but not nearly as nice as other trails in the area. I guess this loop makes a nice after work run, but definitely not worth a family hike

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Nice easy Saturday morning hike . . .

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pretty solid for a quick sunset trail run after work near Denver.

trail running
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Decent place. Quiet, especially mid-week. Trail stays close to neighborhood in places.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fun with my son. Good beginner trail with the family.

fun trail in the sun. Best in the fall and winter

Decent for a quick spin on the bike. Just enough to get the heart going. Enough rocks to keep it interesting. Either finish through the neighborhood or double back to stay on dirt. No cover. Gets really hot. Best in mornings and evenings. Stay on the lookout for rattlesnakes. They like to sun themselves on the paths.

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

The trail was empty and well maintained. Not very difficult. No climbing involved but it is kind of long and hot if you are bringing kids.

Great for all skill levels but not that much of sienry

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Kind of an odd trail. Stumbled upon it when on the way to a different trail. Some spots are scenic, but most is just flat and uninteresting. The trail ends in a housing community which makes things even weirder and at times confusing to navigate.


This trail is weird. Smack between a Farm, housing community and reforestation sensitivity area. Its a short high dessert plains single track meant for a quick bicycle ride, not for day hikers.

Go to Chatfield State Park, South Valley/Deer Creek Canyon Park which are all just a few minutes away and much better hikes.

This was an easy trail, but not real wide. Very beautiful, looks out over a large lake. Downside is, it runs through a housing community at the end of the trail. You have to cross a couple streets and walk on some sidewalks towards the end. It was hard to tell where the trail continued through the community.

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5 months ago

7 months ago

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