This is a trailhead to trailhead out and back run (ride, hike, trot, whatever) at Hidden Mesa Open Space. It's 6.66 miles with a healthy burst of elevation to climb back up the mesa. Short section of paved pathway (Cherry Creek Trail) to traverse near the Franktown-side trailhead. Given the mileage and how that burst of elevation feels on the return, I refer to it as Devil's Traverse (but apparently alltrails isn't on board with that...)

Great trail for hiking except can be a lot of mountain bikes

Flat, open trail with rocky mesa areas and no shade made for a hot hike but it wasn't bad. Watch out for rattlesnakes though!! We were warned of that by people that live in the area so it kind of deterred us from exploring the mesas too much.

I'd avoid on really hot days as there is no shade but it has nice views along the rim and was a pretty easy walk.

this is a very open prairie. not good for a hot day if you're on foot.

Great for mountain biking. Pretty easy except the rim trail is moderate and very fun to learn how to ride on cliffs/rocks. We had 2 close encounters with rather large rattlers, so watch for them. My son had to bail off his bike and front tire ended up beside snake ready to strike but fortunately neither snake nor boy was injured.

Not the best there's not much of a view and I almost got lost for a hot minute this trail should really consider a few post signs leading to the parking openspace lot other then that nothing special

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7 months ago

Live nearby so this is my local running go-to. Pretty views to the west from the top of the butte, not much else to say. My dog is also a big fan.

Did trail run today with a couple of loops around the Mesa. trails are in great shape. Not much shaded area so start early if hot. Nothing technical except maybe the short steeper climb (few hundred meters) from hidden Mesa trail to the top intersection with rim loop trail.
Excellent views from top.

Great bike track. Some rocks to go over on the loop. Great views to the east and of Pikes Peak off in the distance.

Short walk or pretty awesome spot for late evening bike rides, rattle snakes are a slight issue, just keep an eye on your pets.

Used this trail for adjusting to new Packs. Pretty flat and easy small climb to top of ridge. Lots of mountain bikers and few hikers. Reports from people about lots of snakes being seen on the trail, we were lucky enough to be later towards sunset and did not run into any.

Very easy. Used for bikes

Great views. Not ideal for dogs since there are snakes and no shade or water (be sure to bring some for dogs on hot days).

While not the most scenic hike in Colorado, this hike offered low traffic and mild elevation, which was exactly what we were looking for. We parked at the HIdden Mesa trailhead. It has a porta potty and a shaded picnic facility there. The first couple of miles seemed basically flat, and the surface was dirt, and not rocky. There is a short stretch of paved trail where it intersects with the Cherry Creek Trail, but there is a dirt track on either side of the pavement.

After the dirt part of the trail, there is a short incline of rocky loose trail going up to the top of the mesa. This incline lasts less than a quarter mile. On top of the mesa, it is basically flat. There are some areas where you are walking on rock continuously (huge rock surfaces, not individual rocks) and the trail is marked by marker posts so you can follow it. Where the trail is not rock, it is either single track dirt, or dirt with rocks. It is mostly flat on the top of the mesa as far as elevation goes, but the trail can be a bit uneven with the varied surfaces.

We went several days after heavy rain and there was mud in a few spots still that we had to walk through or around, depending on placement on the trail. The area is well-marked with trail signs at each intersection. There are several benches on the mesa and chained metal bowls for you to put water in for your pooches.

The trail was not very busy. More mountain bikers than hikers. It doesn't have any shade at all and the scenery is scrub with views of farmlands as well as distant views of the mountains. It is very quiet. At the start of the hike, there is a bridge over a decent size creek that in May still had plenty of water in it.

I gave this 5 stars since it's well-marked, good surface, long distance but easy, which was exactly what we were looking for and is exactly as described. Of course, there are many more trails that would be more gorgeous in the mountains, but for a person recovering from achilles issues, this is a great surface and flat-ish terrain that is hard to find in Colorado.

Nice walk. The dogs enjoyed it. Busy trail on a Sunday afternoon.

Great hiking trail for kids!

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