I just wanted to follow up on @AmandaNowak's comment. The Antelope trailhead indeed only has about 10 parking spots and no parking allowed along the street. The Bitterbrush trailhead on the other hand has 2 huge parking lots. These 2 trailheads connect up and it's about a 2 mile hike from one to the other (one way). I think it's a little bit of an easier hike to go from Antelope to Bitterbrush than Bitterbrush to Antelope, but you'll end up having to go both ways to get back to your car, so if you plan on doing the full distance it probably doesn't matter which trailhead you start at. The directions on this trail will take you to the Antelope trailhead, but you can Google map Bitterbrush Trailhead in Lyons and find that one instead very easily (from downtown Lyons you head towards Allenspark instead of towards Estes like you would for the Antelope trailhead). Also there are no bathrooms at the Antelope trailhead because it's so small but there are a couple toilets and picnic benches under a shelter at the Bitterbrush trailhead.