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11 hours ago

Great trail, steep to the top! Worth it!!!

15 hours ago

A beautiful place to see millions of huge Aspen from you motorcycle, auto, or Motor Home. Lots of places to pull over to take photos, too., and a large number of trails to hike.

If you live at sea level I would definitely ride the trail clockwise. Great history of the mines, Aspen Alley just after the summit is simply stunning. Saw Elk and deer

2 days ago

This trail has two separate connections points. You can start at the Erickson Springs campground area or you can begin at horse ranch park, those are the two most popular sections to begin at. If you start at Erickson springs it is going to be a fairly flat and semi rocks trail but it is wonderful and follows the river the whole time. in the summer it is a great time here for berry picking. About 4-5 miles in from the Erickson springs entrance you will hit 2 fairly consecutive bridges. there is great camping on the flat section just after the first bridge. After the second bridge you will ascend up devils stairway which are excellent switchback, not too exposed, and they will begin to direct you up towards horse ranch park. The elevation gain that is referred to here is only after you reach the bridges, otherwise the trail has some grade reversals but nothing too steep or overwhelming. good fishing at Erickson springs.

This is one of the best trails in the section of the Paonia district of the GMUG forest. the climb is gradual and in the spring and early summer there are lots of wildflowers here. Once you get up to beckwith pass there are views to the north of the ruby range where you can see the anthracite valley into the raggeds wilderness. The trail has multiple split points and about another 6/7 miles down you can junction with trails such as castle pass which you can connect with swampy or ohio and make a great backpacking loop. the trail corridor is clear and logged out/

5 days ago

TONS of's difficult to keep on any one single trail as they intersect or dump you out into a road and you pick up a new one, but there's so much exploring to do. The trails are usually easy to spot. Bring lots of water and sunscreen since there's little shade. Enough variety here to make your hike as easy or as difficult as you like. Would love to camp here sometime.

Beautiful, easy hike around the lake. Good family hike.

Great for kids. On the lower loop, they have pages of a book every 50 feet or so to keep the little ones going. Great views of the valley.

mountain biking
8 days ago

Drove out to The Crest the other day. The drive didn't disappoint. Beautiful.
The small section of The Crest I did was awesome. I will be back for more!!! Next ride is to Marshall Pass out and back. If you have not been out there you are missing out. Thank you Alex from single track sampler. You made my day!!!!!

9 days ago

If you are from the flat lands, and a low elevation, the initial bump from the start of the trail may kick you butt, as it did ours. Pace yourself, it's worth the effort. After hit the top, it's mostly rolly all the way down. fantastic views.

13 days ago

Great quick afternoon hike with the family!!! Dog friendly, bike friendly, well kept trail!

Incredible views and a challenging hike.

Excellent leisurely hike with beautiful views.

off road driving
16 days ago

Fun trail.

I drove my very-not-high-clearance electric car and had to hike the first 3.5 miles to the trailhead, but I was looking for a nice long hike so I didn't mind. The road part is hot, dry and exposed to the sun. A hat and some good sunblock is a must. The beginning of the trail is pretty steep, but once you get about a half mile in, it's nice high alpine hiking. I didn't make it all the way to the top, as I had to turn around to pick the kids up at school. I'll be back soon, though, as the actual hike was gorgeous, secluded and I wanted to keep going! A few wild pheasants were scrambling along side me on the way down and making a bunch of noise in the scrub oak .

off road driving
18 days ago

Great utv trail with awesome views and lots of great camping spots. Very rocky but not too difficult, just have to take it slow in some spots. A little crowded towards the top of the pass where the path is not quite wide enough for 2 vehicles. I brought my parents here over labor day weekend and they very much enjoyed it, the fall colors were starting early and made for great views.

the farther up cc rd 740 you go the better it gets. so if you still want a nice easy 3-4 mike hike, drive up as far as you can (road becomes 4x4 worthy) until the road becomes trails. you won’t be disappointed.

19 days ago

Great hike for families or shorter distances. Took our 4.5 year old and 1.5 year old (in child carrier on back) and they both did great! Trail has a nice climb initially and parts of the trail are pretty rocky. Great views of Gothic Mountain and the overlook of Judd Falls was beautiful. Continue on the trail past Judd Falls and go into Maroon Bells Wilderness (trail also gets easier here). A few mountain bikers coming down the trail in the first 0.5-1 mile of the trail, so be aware.

Great hike with amazing views the entire way, especially when you get to the top of the ridge. It’s important to bring layers of clothing. We experienced sun, rain, snow and wind. Didn’t see any wildlife but there were plenty of birds. We hiked this with kids 9-12. Took us a little under 3 hours. It does have a very steep decent. Kids loved it.

20 days ago

One of my favorite hikes in Colorado. Really beautiful views the whole way. From the road parking lot to the waterfall it was closer to eleven miles for us. Didn’t care either way.

21 days ago

A short, very steep scramble through the woods lands you at this hidden, long lake. It was very quiet. We enjoyed the throwing the ball for our dog, observing the swimmers training for open water swim, and the cows scrambling up and down the far bank. We took the more gentle path on the return.

mountain biking
21 days ago

This is a great trail! I really don’t like how it is marketed as 30+ miles of singletrack. That’s really not the case. It is probably 15 miles of singletrack and everything else being double track or road. With that said, it is exciting and absolutely beautiful. It is one of the best trails in the country on sheer beauty alone.

22 days ago

We camped there this summer and lucked out with beautiful weather. We 4-wheeled over from St. Elmo over Tin Cup Pass which was a kick. Fishing was good too. Would definitely recommend it for a nice camping trip. Beautiful views!

24 days ago

My wife, 9yo son and 6yo daughter climbed to the 2.5mi high point (about 11,400ft) on the trail, which affords views in three directions. Some complaining from my daughter on the initial steep section and I cop to giving her a few shoulder rides, but all in all a good family hike. By late-August wild flowers are well past the peak. We spotted a pika carrying brush, two red-tailed hawks, and a mule deer with small velvety antlers. Damming the stream was a good diversion. My daughter concludes, “it was fun.” Success!

Great hike for beginners and to take the kids to. Gets a little rocky but doable. amazing views of Mt. Gothic! You don't really head down into the falls, it's actually an overlook. But beautiful nonetheless.

26 days ago

Beautiful valley, didn’t pass too many folks, easy inclines.

Our go-to hike with family and friends new to the area. Take the counter-clockwise route if you want a slightly less-steep ascent.

Amazing day with friends. This is a must do utv ride. Tin Cup is a great town with friendly people. I hope they never change and visitors respect the town. Already planning another trip!

1 month ago

cow trail. had to bail. sucks..

pass is closed for roadwork/paving

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