2 months ago

No dogs allowed after the first 0.5 miles west of the parking lot. Ranger gave the couple in front of us a ticket and they were only 100 ft passed the no dogs sign. Bummer. We'll be back...

This is a great trail, but definitely not easy! I would rate it moderate at very least. Very steep uphill climb. Great views and a good find. I like this trail a lot.

I did not find it easy, because of the extended uphill climb. For me, it's more like moderate:) Beautiful views,

6 months ago

This trail is relatively short but still beautiful. As others have stated, I also would consider this moderate instead of easy. We saw so much wildlife - prairie dogs, rabbits, several deer including a buck, and even a coyote. It was lovely to see so much animal activity, probably due to the fact that there were very few people out on the trail. Perfect for a relaxing evening hike.

Nice views from on top

Great after work hike! I would rate it moderate, it's pretty steep and gets your heart pumping.

7 months ago

I'd definitely put this trail as moderate, especially if you go left at the fork. Cool views over Boudler from a different angle, and got to see some Coyotes frolicking in the field! No shade for most of this trail, water & sunscreen is a must.

10 months ago

Great convenient hike, best part is you can see your car in the lot for most of the hike. Great front range views. Going off to the left makes this hike moderate in my opinion, not easy. Plenty of mule deer and whistle pigs to see on the way.

11 months ago

I would say this trail is between easy and moderate. we took left fork going up and elevation rose quickly. Others hikers suggested going the right fork for easier climbing-that's probably a good call!

on Hogback Ridge Trail

Thursday, July 14, 2016

It was a lot of up which was a good little cardio workout but also not very exciting. Trail is pretty rocky so wish I had worn more than just tennis shoes. Don't really care to repeat.

Monday, July 11, 2016

I thought it was beautiful. Only saw 2 other people on the trail which was great for Boulder. Will be doing it again when I want a short hike close to home

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Easy, quick hike.

Monday, May 09, 2016

This local trail is pretty easy to hike but has some really nice views. As a hiker, I like that there was hardly anyone on the trail when I went. IT was a gorgeous day and it is a nice spot to relax, have a picnic. I use it as a break from strenuous hikes. I like this loop vs. Sanitas cause Sanitas gets unbearably crowded with hiker, dog walkers, runners etc.

Views here of South Boulder peak, Boulder and Longmont are great. Saw a herd of deer chomping on flowering American Wild plum trees. IF you are expecting a hard hike, this is not it. IT was more like a stroll for me with a nice picnic spot to savor the view.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Did this hike with a local meetup group. Its a decent afternoon hike that was completed in about 2 hours. Dog access is prohibited still and the view was nice but a little hazy due to the forest fires on the western seaboard this time of year. Perfect for a quick break from the city and easy access off of hwy 36. Plus its close to upslope and other breweries for after hike happy hour.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Decent short loop in North Boulder. Personally I like to start at Wonderland lake trailhead and continue to north to Hogback via the Foothills trail. There was some pretty serious rutting about a month ago last I was there (6/15) and recently access for dogs has been prohibited. The low rating is because I've lived here 20+ years and the fact that they randomly decided now not allow dogs is completely ridiculous, and also, it's Boulder, there are just far better hikes to be had. If you're in the area and looking for a quick trail run or hike it's just fine.

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