From mid-May to mid-September, there is a $6 per vehicle day-use fee. There are regulations in place: no alcohol, no overnight camping, no amplified music, no target shooting, no glass, pets must be on a leash, and parking in designated areas only. Visitors are only allowed to use the area between dawn and dusk.

I went, I hiked, I jumped. water levels were high enough to support decent heights but obviously don't go crazyband climb alllll the way to the top. if you climb along the path, it gives you the option to jump from where you are or come down about 5 feet, or come down 10 feet. jumping from the higher cliff there people touched the bottom gently, from the 2 lower points we did not touch at all. THE WATER IS FREEZING. I'm talking when I hit my lungs locked up and I went into a bad coughing spill. your muscles freeze, your brain temporarily shuts off. it's cold. be aware that you're going to JUMP and not to swim.. the ice water is just there to break the fall. but also bring along a towel and warm clothes.

The trail is steep on the final decent but not that bad. We left early in the day (about 9 am). We had the place to ourselves. The water level was too low for jumping. But it was beautiful anyway and we did swim, even though the water was frigid! It’s a quick hike and worth it.

We took our 4 year old and 2 year old yesterday on this hike it was beautiful. This was our second time to do this hike once last year and again this year on our annual trip. Be aware that there is a $6.00 fee to hike this trail this was new to us. I believe last year it was donation only. Make sure to bring some cash.

This is a heavily trafficked trail over steep rocks to a really fun swimming hole.

Went on a Thursday. Very pretty and definitely worth it. Water is freezing, but can be nice on a hot day. Lots of people jumping. Do not go on a weekend tho. The trooper told us that the day we went was very good as there wasn’t as many people as usual (about 50-75). She said weeekends usually have 400-500 people. The space is not that big, so that’s crazy to imagine. Also, go earlier if you are not as fond of lots of people. There’s also a lot of more college aged kids, but they were pretty friendly and shared the space. All in all, a very nice hike and good experience, but crowded and cold.

2 months ago

We went down as a family including my 16 yo daughter with Down’s syndrome.
It was extremely difficult for her and she stopped half way down the final descent to the water hole. The trail is easy except for the steep parts. Alcohol has now been banned and people say it really diminished the number of problems and injuries. People were very kind all along the trail.
Great if you need a short trail and want a little bit of a challenge.

Beautiful, short trail. The lower rating is because the trail is heavily trafficked, kids partying, music, some trash left on trails. It’s very beautiful. Used to be a secret local swimming hole.

Went this past weekend and the trail was pretty nice, especially through the field and past the stream, up to the opening of Guffey Gorge. The trail down to Paradise Cove was a bit difficult; uneven footing and unstable rocks, so make sure you wear proper shoes and watch your footing on the way down and back up. The swimming hole was nice, and although other reviews said there were too many people down there and it was crowded - yes, that's true - but the people were all very friendly and everyone was having fun together. Recommend on a hot day when you want to cool off in the water!

Cool spot! Short hike but with a few steep & rocky areas that may be difficult. Swimming hole is pretty but crowded with teenagers - but you can find some quiet spots to have a picnic if you go a little deeper.

we are in our early 60s and from South Texas, 9' above sea level. I found couple rocky steep areas quite difficult due to uneven footing, shortness of breath and excited dog on end of the leash. it is a pretty walk and several places for dogs to wade in water on leash. We made the walk on a Monday. and swimming area was fairly crowded. 2 parking area were almost full.

4 months ago

Needs supervision wild kids and partying, it used to be nice. Its a very short hike nice waterfall but can't take pictures and enjoy because of to many people. It clearly says no jumping off the rocks but no one there to reinforce the rule and there is a line of kids jumping off and every year someone is air lifted out.

DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME! I live in Guffey and this place used to be nice. Trashy kids just trash this place. Nothing but drinking and partying. kids are ALWAYS getting hurt jumping the cliffs. PLEASE if you go, don't litter!!!! This place should be SHUT DOWN!!!

Extremely Short Hike to the Cove. Short enough to even bring a chair and cooler.
But if you venture a little farther in from the Cove you can climb up into the formations if desired.
Very much a mini frat party at times. Expect a good sized younger crowd drinking beer and playing music.
Great area though. Highly recommend!

The swimming hole itself is really pretty. Super short hike, with pretty scenery. Be prepared for huge crowds of frats guys partying. Huge crowds, loud music, partying, and littering from stupid kids. Honestly ruined the beautiful spot. Would not return.

Beautiful spot. Tons of people. It felt like a frat party. This place would be wonderful on a hot weekday without many other people there.

6 months ago

I wouldn't go back unless it was for a swim. too short a hike otherwise. was beautiful though and awesome swimming hole though too popular of a spot for my liking... too many people. of suggest a week evening to avoid the people.

beautiful but too short for me. Awesome swimming hole.

Quick trail to a beautiful destination. We were lucky enough to be the only ones there today. Worth the drive from the springs.

Updated: We just went back in January and the cove was beautiful. Covered in ice, it made it really special.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

My twin boys and two pups loved this outing. We were pretty much alone and only crosses paths with four other hikers. It is a very short hike but it is a beautiful one with a great scenery for a picnic at the cove.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Beautiful area. Worth the drive from Woodland Park!

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Parking lot was full. We had 4 kids with us, (9months, 18 months, 3 years, 5 years) The babies were carried by baby back! packs. VERY STEEP right at the beginning, our friend fell with her baby on backpack, both were okay. Couple times you pass a creek. Very steep on the way down to cove as well. I felt it was worth it and did it with a baby on me. I jumped the cliff too. Addrenal rush! I didn't like all the drinking going on and there was law enforcement present writing tickets to some. Didn't bother us any. Good time with the family. On the way back to the parking lot was a heeping pile of beers cans left on trail, we picked up! Be responsible and respectful to mother earth!

Friday, August 11, 2017

I actually have a question (sorry I couldn't figure out how to ask it elsewhere): how "easy" is the trail? One of our party is an older person who is not in great shape and is also afraid of heights. Are there spots where the footing is unsure and there is the potential to fall any distance? Thanks!

Sunday, August 06, 2017

My son suggested we check out this place called "Paradise Cove". . . . Never heard of it. Been in the area for 13 years! After a hour and a half drive, we pulled into the parking lot. and headed up the trail. What a Pleasant little walk. About a mile one way, to a wonderful little spot. I'm not much of a swimmer, so I did a lot of "hanging out", but the kids chose to take the "plunge". . . Over all it was a Great Day! Friendly folks, Nice Hike, Beautiful area!! If You're looking for a Nice place to spend an afternoon, This is it.

It was pretty great!
The parking lot wasn't full, the trail was beautiful and the people friendly and respectful. The swimming hole was very well taken care of by the people who come to visit, which is great. We plan to go back and make this a regular place to visit.

trail running
Friday, July 07, 2017

Beautiful views.

This hidden gem isn't so hidden anymore. However the trip was well worth it. Beautiful scenic drive there and a beautiful area. Our kids absolutely loved it!! Short hike and plenty of areas for the kids to explore. This is a hiking trail that has no limits to other areas off the path that kids and adults will spend hours exploring some of the most beautiful rock cliffs and trails that run along a gentle stream. The only downside is there were about 40 people there when we got there but everyone was super friendly and mostly stayed at the small cove to cliff jump in the water. Most of the area had little to no people and we can't wait to visit again!!

Awful. Young party goers everywhere, drinking, partying, and constantly yelling, using alcohol and drugs, completely trashing what I'm sure was once a lovely spot in nature. Young people dangerously and stupidly jumping off the cliffs, despite warning signs of injury and death. I knew it was only a matter of time, and sure enough, a girl was severely injured while we were there. She was bleeding profusely and screaming and hollering and crying as people tried to administer first aid on her in a remote area. The hike looked like it had once been beautiful, but now it is trashed, ruined, and dangerous, and the whole situation made me extremely angry and annoyed, not at all a good, peaceful or positive experience in nature for a summer Saturday off of work.

Not family orientated on the weekends, due to young military members. A lot of fun to jump off of! No swimming area besides the diving hole. Very pretty, has a little climbing that may be hard for toddlers. Puppy friendly!

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