6 days ago

Can get step in some places but plenty of rest points, quiet (Mid May) , only saw two other hiking groups. We only made it a few miles in before turning around however what we saw was very enjoyable. One person mentioned it before but make sure to protect from and check for ticks after - we found one on our bed after that, think it stowed-away on one of our packs. The breeze is cool and filters down the trail between the mountains, coming across the river helps it a little. Low snow last winter has made it less of a hassle to cross it (you will be forced to walk across it). The bridge is a new rebuild and much of the trail has been cleared of debris from last spring’s floods. Though the further you go up the less has been done. Expect a good number of areas to step over or under downed trees. Loved it, was a great hike for couples or groups alike. Pack water.