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The tallest dunes in North America are up to 750 feet tall and neighbor grasslands, shrublands and wetlands. They were formed by sand deposits of the Rio Grande on the San Luis Valley, and the park also has alpine lakes, six 13,000-foot mountains, and ancient forests.

3 days ago

9 days ago

Amazing views, exhausting hike. Consider switchbacks when going up steeper sections, along with plenty of water.

Backpacked our way to the campsite right before treeline. Made it to Zapata lake the next day. Did this early june. Snow still present

Beautiful views during the setting sun. Makes for great dynamic contrast

16 days ago

Great hike

Great Park!

18 days ago

18 days ago

Beautiful trail through the woods and then meadows filled with wildflowers. The trail does follow the Creek, but there are only a few easy points to drop in so the pups can drink. We saw a bear across the creek early on but he ran off and we didn't see any wildlife after that. We started the hike at 7am and got back to the TH at 10 on the dot, and then included plenty of picture stops! Didn't see anyone until we were half way back down, so early is the way to go for privacy, not to mention nice cool temps and that gorgeous golden light streaming through the trees. Perfect hike!

19 days ago

21 days ago

Great campground. The Sand Dunes with the Surrounding Mountains is incredible. One of the coolest places ever. A must see in this Country.

Steeper than I expected but worth it.

1 month ago

I didn't finish this hike all the way to the top of High Dune as we'd rented sand sleds from the Oasis store down the road and decided to run them on the lower slopes, but I don't regret not making it to the top. The sand gets to 140 degrees F in August and climbing up the dunes can be absolutely brutal. The views from the top sound great, but sand dune hiking can be more mentally challenging than it's worth (IMHO) and I would highly recommend sand sledding if you want a more fun experience in the dunes!