5 days ago

My wife and I took her sister and her three kids (8, 10 and 12) to do this trail in July of 2018. We ended up splitting the hike into two portions. We did the loop around Mesa Lake first then broke for lunch at the picnic area. After lunch we went back and did a small portion of the loop trail to get back to the intersection for the Lost Lake trail. The lake loop trail was very easy. The trail to lost lake involved a little more elevation gain to get to Lost Lake but was definitely worth it! We were the only ones on the hike and only two fisherman were at Lost Lake when we got there. It was a beautiful day with some clouds and a nice breeze to make the 70 degree temps feel even better. There were tons of wildflowers in bloom too that made the hike that much more enjoyable. Having done multiple hikes on the Mesa before we knew to load up on mosquito spray. It came in handy as there were a few spots along the hike where they were pretty thick.

One note that might be important to others looking to do this hike. The directions that All Trails gives to the trailhead will put you on the trail but not where the map shows the trailhead. The All Trails starting point is a free parking area where the actual trailhead as shown on the map is inside the Mesa National Forest Mesa Lakes picnic and camping area which is a fee area ($6 self pay at the entrance).