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Hiked up on snowshoes 2/17/18. Went as far as the Narrows and came back down. Had to break a trail through about 12 to 14 inches of new snow. Winter views from the Narrows are spectacular!

easy trail fun. going back with kids

This is the type of trip where you shouldn't be in a hurry. The wind can be a major factor.


30 days ago

Great short hike with a nice mine at the end. Great for winter hike.

Great views. Be aware of your altitude before you start your adventure.

This is a really beautiful hike. I was up there just before sunrise and it's so quiet and peaceful, and as the sun rose I got to see and hear the forest come alive. I saw 2 bald eagles and some sort of water rodent (muskrat maybe ?). The trail is well maintained and used, even with snow on the ground it was easily seen, which is good because the signage is not good. I wondered around the park looking for a sign for awhile, I had read a previous post about the trailhead being near the cabins so I started there. In the winter part of the road is closed but there is a road at the cabins that leads to a picnic area, that's only sign (To picnic area) on the cabin side of the lake, the trail picks up there. There is another parking area past the bridge, to the left, at the end of the main park road with a sign for Glacier springs I believe, you can start the hike there as well, I think there were 2 signs on this side one for Glacier and one for Lost Lake.

very easy hike, good for a day where you just want to get out for a few hours! brought doggo.

on Grand Mesa Scenic Byway

2 months ago

Our family loves this drive. We live in the valley and enjoy driving this route periodically during the year, unique beauty with every season.

3 months ago

Magical! Best kept secret. The trail is easy, the nature incredible.

easy trail, nice walk fun to explore the granite mine.

off road driving
3 months ago

We rode this in October of 2017 with two friends on large adventure motorcycles. Mine is a BMW R1200 GS. We asked about the road on, where a few guys said it was totally doable on our bikes. Which it was. There had been a snowstorm two days earlier, but it had all melted, and the road was slightly muddy, but solid. it got a little sketchy at the very top, but nothing we couldn't power through. I would say that if you are moderately experienced on big adv bike, stand on the pegs, and are comfortable counter-balancing as you go through those hairpins, you'll have no problem. If you're someone who sits and doesn't get what I just said about standing and counter-balancing, this is going to be too much for you, unless it is super dry. The views are fantastic. The biggest issue was, as a first-timer on the road, not knowing exactly what we were going to encounter. At the lower elevations, everything was easy-peezy, but as I said, at the top, things get a little sketchy (the road narrows, and its colder, so some of the snow remained, and there was more mud), and it's not like you are going to want to turn around, head back down and do a 60-mile detour to get back on your track. Funny, at the top there's an observatory, but we were so geeked about getting to the top that we skipped it. Also, the top is paved for a few miles along the edge of the mesa. Then it turns in and turns back to dirt, and yo basically just cruise till you connect back up with the main highway across the mesa.

This trial is much closer to Grand Junction (about 20 minutes) than it is to Gateway (about 1 hour and 30 minutes).

4 months ago

This hike was amazing. It will be in my list again for next year.

Great hike in the snow, which fell on September 24, 2017. The trail has multiple lookout points and the views of the all the mountain ranges and valleys in the area. Once to the ridge the views are spectacular.

4 months ago

Great little hike with the kids 9, 6 and 4 with wife and the dog. Lots of fun rocks and places to explore.

With the changing colors the hike was simply beautiful! Really enjoyed crest!

5 months ago

Amazing trail. From the West trailhead, it's not a difficult climb, but has spots good enough to get the heart rate going. Well maintained trail and enough other hikers that I didn't feel unsafe hiking alone. Views up to and from the crest are breathtaking.

The lower loop is a different story. Good hike if you're looking to put miles on your boots, but if you're looking for dramatic scenery, this is not your hike. It has its own qualities, but certainly not the beauty of the upper crest.

Great hike overall. Will definitely do again.

5 months ago

Beautiful and plenty of shade!

Beautiful flowers, woods and views but long and uphill often

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