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5 days ago

My most favorite MTB trail I have every done!!!! Views to die for, literally if you don't keep your eyes on the trail. One tricky spot where the trail kind of drops off and we had to carry and jump our bikes over. The end of the trail was flooded and had to carry our bikes through knee high water. Epic climb and Epic descent! Well worth the effort! A must do!

Incredible views! The snow is gone. It doesn't get much better!

Amazing hike with spectacular views. This was a great one for the start of summer season. It is fairly long but not steep. The last mile ish is where you gain a majority of the elevation. Note that at this time, the last mile is almost all snow. We were still fine in just hiking boots but it is starting the melt. The lake was almost all frozen but insanely beautiful

Up one way down the other. Well established trail, lots of bikes on it though if that’s a thing for you. Not the greatest view at the summit but the views in the middle are quite amazing.

Beautiful sunny and warm day. The views are just the best along the stream with 13,500 ft mts on either side of you. Quarter of the aspen trees had turned yellow. The trail is very much open to the sunshine and views of the mountains. As you head in on the trail, you have more pines along the route. The trail takes the hiker to high pines and steep incline compared to the trail before it. At this point the hiker will be at around 10,800 ft . Had no idea there was a lake if I continued. I was tired and turned back. Maybe I will come back next year and go see the lake.

Great hike two for one Judd Falls & Copper Lake.

I loved this hike! Gorgeous views. The steep forest incline gives way to a quintessential Colorado mountain lake, where my dog caught a salmon!

You have to go .6 to Judd Falls so take that mileage into account. The lake is amazing! The last 1.5 is quiet rough, very rocky and uphill but it's really only that last bit that is uphill.

Best wildflowers! So beautiful. Vistas are amazing.

Don't believe the sign at the upper parking trail head. It says 4, but it's almost 5 miles. And the last mile is over 800 feet of elevation..

It's a good day hike, but just be prepared for that last 45 minute push.

But it's worth it when you finally get there.

From the bottom parking lot, the full hike is closer to 11 miles.

10 months ago

Gorgeous trail. We went last year and the wildflowers were beautiful. My husband and I hiked it. In case you are a first timer like us- do note there are a lot of bikers on the trail. With it being such a narrow trail, we had to move out of their way which became a little bit of a pain because we also had our dog, but still well worth the beautiful hike.

mountain biking
10 months ago

Amazing wildflowers & single track !

trail running
11 months ago

Don't make the mistake I did. At the place along the trail where you get wilderness permits there is a big sign saying Copper Lake Trail which is angled so that it looks as though you should follow a trail that goes behind the sign. The positioning of this sign is poor, and caused me to go a long way off course. Otherwise a really enjoyable hike and I think the creek crossings are a bonus for cooling the feet.

Nice views, lots of wildflowers, and lots of flies due to horse dung on the somewhat muddy trails. There are a number of options as to trails, from fairly easy to steeper. It was my first hike in Crested Butte area.

in mid-july this hike has good wildflowers around mile two in the open Meadows and the reward is the high mountain lake at the end very nice hike!

11 months ago

This is a great trail - not too difficult - winds through meadows and aspen and pine forest. You'll have to share parts of the trail with horses (and what they leave behind). TAKE bug spray - you'll need it in the summer. If you during wildflower season (late June - Late July) you will be amazed. Truly spectacular (especially if it was a heavy snow winter). There is another trail called Snodgrass Trail - same trail head - that branches off to the left after you cross the second set of stairs (over a barb-wire fence). Also a great trail but beware of lots and lots of mountain bikers on a very narrow and windy path. Highly recommend this in summer.

11 months ago

The Snodgrass trail was a great trail! We went the route listed on this app. It is a perfect mix of difficulty, got the heart rate up at times but left us with beautiful views of Aspens and Pines. We started at the trailhead and took a left at the first fork. This was was mostly uphill the entire way, which left us going downhill the second half of the loop. Took our 9 month old Boxer puppy with us and she loved it too!

Great hike! but be sure to bring water shoes & maybe poles - you will have to cross 5 streams 4 of which are well over your hiking boots & moving fast. But it is beautiful! & the wildflowers are fabulous!

We hiked this trail on 6/23/17 and had a great time. We hiking up in the late afternoon to backpack by the lake which was very pretty. The trail was really easy until the last mile or so when it gets steeper. There was a decent amount of snow around the lake and most of the camp sites were still buried. There are at least 3 river crossings on this hike so be ready to get your feet wet. (Either bring water shoes for the crossings, or accept that your shoes are going to get wet) The crossings are easier if you do them earlier in the day since the snow melt hasn't picked up yet.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Did this hike two weeks ago and there was still snow on the trail once you get into the trees. It gives you a perfect view of mount crested butte and the surrounding valley.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Tried to hike this trail, but could not complete. At first when we came to the creek we went the wrong way, because it was not clear that the creek should be crossed, and there was a path leading (as we later understood) to the dead end. But we had a chance to see the bear though. When returned to the creek we could not pass because it was wide and full, so we had to turn back. Lovely views and enjoyable hike nevertheless.

Really gorgeous. Went at the end of May and it was still covered in snow. Wait until July for wildflowers.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Very scenic easy hike, however at the time we did it the creek crossing the path around 2 miles out from the falls was running very high and fast, so it was not possible to continue to the lake. There is a deer trail veering left that disappears after going through a thicket - don't be fooled. Still a very enjoyable if shortened trip.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Trail partially under water at about .3 in from the trail head. Also lots of downed trees in the trail at about 1.4 in.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Great way to see all the ecological zones of the mtn. Lots of bikes, flowers, aspens and a shallow water crossing at the bottom as a reward is a great way to end.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Beautiful views and a good work out!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

This is a great hike especially for those of us from Mississippi needing a day hike to acclimate. We started at the Judd Falls trailhead at Gothic Rd. with beautiful, warm fall weather and lots of sunshine. Sorry we were too late to see the Aspens turning as this leg would have been spectacular! Judd Falls meets Copper Creek so we continued on all the way to Copper Lake. It is a pretty forest hike that opens up in spots along Copper Creek to Copper Lake. The elevation gains are mild until the last few hundred yards.

The actual marked trail departs a bit from the AllTrails map I downloaded. The main trail does not bear left at about 10,980ft. towards the 5 lakes on the map. It actually continues straight to Copper Lake at around 11,480ft. so you can add another 500ft to the noted elevation gain.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

great ride

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Awesome relaxed hike! If you cut off to the right in the start it takes you through all the aspens.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fabulous morning hike. Able to complete in 2 hours, 15 minutes.

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