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17 hours ago

Nice trail with a good mixture of elevation changes. Our dog loved the creek the trail follows most of the way as well.

Difficult with easy patches, making it pleasant to keep going. Lots of options for alternative trails. Many beautiful views.

Nice little hike. Went on a Friday 5/18/2018; day before and during our hike it was sunny, partly cloudy, went up around 9AM. Saw a few hikers, especially where some of the trails meet up. The meadow was pretty, and signage available throughout the route was helpful to understand the history of trail.

5 days ago

Still one of our favorites. Although it was very foggy this day and there were no views from Windy Peak, the hike through the foggy forest was surreal. The brook was running pretty good and made for a nice soundtrack to the hike and a few waterfalls. Very quiet because of the weather. However this trail tends to be pretty quiet most days. Great hike no matter the weather.

on Mule Deer Trail

16 days ago

Listed as moderate but honestly very easy in terms of a wonderfully maintained trail. The only reason to rate is as moderate is because of the length of the loop.

16 days ago

Beautiful hike! Well marked trail, a variety of different views and terrain. Didn't see a soul the entire time I was out there (for you solitude junkies)

Entrance to the trail is a couple of hundred yards further from the maps in the app. Pay the $7.00 at the ranger station.
The trail is perfect if you are looking to be alone. We didn’t see anyone the while time we were there. I will say this, take the long way up first if you want to warm up. The short way up it’s very steep. Did see moose, big cat tracks but the only wildlife we saw was a squirrel. The views to the nearby mountains are mostly blocked by trees but really enjoyed the trek between trees.
Well marked trail.

on Mountain Lion Trail

19 days ago

This is a really great loop trail that passes through a remarkable variety of terrain and natural beauty. There’s quite a bit of snow on the north side, but traction is not necessary.

Nice well maintained trail. Weren’t a lot of people and had a nice view at the top. Wasn’t to challenging but all in all beautiful area and great day.

19 days ago

Did just the mountain lion trail loop today. Good time to go. Just a little snow on the back side going counterclock from the trail head parking lot. Some wildflowers and cactus beginning to bloom. Deer creek is flowing nice.

20 days ago

This hike was a lot of fun. We completed the trail counter-clockwise and it starts off headed down towards a creek that you follow for a decent stretch. There are plenty of nice views as you head back out towards the open front range, with gorgeous backdrop to the whitecaps. The terrain was equally diverse; rocky areas, snow, bridges. Because the trail goes down after the first mile be prepared for the strenuous part about 2/3 of the way through. Also, if you get spooked easily, this trail continues next to rock formations and cliffs that certainly appeal to be a lovely home for a mountain lion - hence the name. There are dues for the park as a heads up. Certainly check this one out, enjoy the hike!

Nice hike yesterday. Used yaks as icy slush intermittently. More slush than mud. Saw bear tracks, beautiful tint blue butterflies. Does anyone know what type of butterflies they are? Trail moderately busy
Nice day!

This is the first hike we did when we landed in CO from Michigan and it was brutal. Getting use to the elevation change in one day was tough but it was worth the challenge because it prepared us for a much higher hike the following day. Great hike with amazing views along the way.

Decent elevation changes over short distance. Nice quiet hike with some solid openings for views.

26 days ago

Nice trail, not too crowded!

27 days ago

This hike was moderate to difficult (based on the steep incline at parts) and is definitely NOT 6.6 miles. We tracked almost 10 miles on our phones! It was a scenic hike along a stream for most of the trail but it would’ve been helpful to know we would hike 3 miles longer than anticipated. Good hike!

Moderate hike with a good incline. There was no snow and no need for spikes. We started at Knott Creek and went up to Windy Peak before coming back down in Burro Trail. If you come in from the back of the park, the road isn’t paid. Next time I’ll come in the main entrance and stop at the visitors center - also because I never have change for the $7 day pass!

Great trail to hike! Love the vista when you get to the top!

Great trail. Originally started off with the intent of doing just Burro Trail but decided to go up to Windy Peak. Climb up to the peak was still a bit messy / with a little snow but nothing terrible. Views at the top were amazing. Definitely worth going to see. Overall great hike with lots of challenging hills. Not a ton of people out. Bring cash ($7 for park pass).

This trail is scenic as goes along a creek for a bit then it climbs considerably. The all trails mapping is incorrect as forgotten valley is within 2 miles. If you want a real workout continue up mountain lion trail until it meets back up with burro trail.

Snowing on our hike. Trees looked beautiful. Mild moderate rating. Lots of rocks on the trail. Spikes unnecessary. Serene environment. Only one other hiker on a Saturday.

Wonderful challenging trail. Would like to come back and backpack sometime.

Went Sunday 15th of April.

Not sure why trail marked is called forgotten valley. It does through forgotten valley (Trail is called burro trail.) but take you up to windy peak.

We took this way coming down, but went to the right on the first fork, taking us up mountain lion, the trek up was beautiful and challenging, the way down (through forgotten valley) was rewarding.

I suggest taking this loop, because going up on the forgotten valley side to windy peaks gets pretty steep near the end.

Whole loop for us was 5.9 miles. Beautiful views. Ate lunch at the top of windy peak was gorgeous. Will be coming back to backpack this summer.

Forgotten Valley is actually probably only about 3.5 miles round trip. I’d rate it as moderate... plenty of uphill. Beautiful bright blue pond and old houses from the 1800s at the end of the trail. Went 4/16 and no snow. Make sure to keep track of where you turn as there are a few times the trail branches off.

Great hike. Tough elevation gains but great views to reward you. A hike we will go back to for sure. Not too many people, trail was mostly dry with a little bit of mud and snow (no traction required). Don’t forget this is a Colorado state park and requires a day pass.

Gorgeous hike. Not too crowded. The trees aren’t too dense, so you get nice views along the way. Definitely worth the push to get to the peak, as the view is breathtaking. Took quite a long time to do the entire hike due to altitude gains.

I liked this trail. Definitely felt like more than 4.6 miles. The first incline is pretty tough but after that it's not so bad, especially through most the second part of the loop until towards the end. The rock scrambling was a lot of fun. I went in early March and there was a lot of ice still but passable without spikes. $7 to get in.


Snow was not a concern for the most part, but I will say there was about a mile long stretch where I wish I had my spikes. still totally doable, but would have made things a little more enjoyable.

with the warm weather coming I assume beautiful conditions from here on out.

As someone mentioned before me, this mapped trail leads to windy peak - which is beautiful. Moderate difficulty, good view from the top. Last about 0.7 mile had packed icy snow. Extra traction would have been helpful, especially on the way down (I ate it once). But doable just in boots. Good hike!

The title Forgotten Valley is misleading as the map shows a route to Windy Peak; Forgotten valley is just to the west of this route and sings along the way will indicate. There is a state park fee to enter this area and parking is available for about 20 vehicles near the trailhead. This route begins on the burro trail and ascends to a junction with mountain lion trail. You take mountain lion up to the north shoulder of windy peak and then it reconnects with burro. Signs lead the way to the summit which raises up to around 9,000ft. There were a few snowy patches and micro spikes would have been helpful for the last half mile. There was skipping and sliding today. Windy peak lived up to its name and provides amazing views to the west across golden gate and to the snowy high altitude peaks beyond. The whole journey took me just under 3 hours including some rest time at the top.

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