Started hiking this around 1:30pm and the trail was almost all in the shade. Not the easiest hike but I’d do it again with some hiking poles.

Love this hike. It’s so close to town, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s not easy and definitely not the best for old dogs or little kids, but it’s fun to get a little more extreme with ledges and scrambles. **if you hike it in the winter, bring spikes! Without them the trail isn’t fun or safe.

awesome trail. along ariver for most of it. great in winter too!

This was the first hike I’ve done in Colorado. Wanted to do something easier as I am trying to get used to the elevation. I personally loved the trail. Very shady, several places to stop and climb some rocks for some great views. We took it counterclockwise and went downhill most of the time which was nice. Well maintained and easy to find trail. The bottom is awesome as the trail goes right next to a little creek in which you can see some fish. Took us about 3 hours due to several stops and lunch. Traffic on the trail was not too bad. I’d recommend this trail.

beautiful hike. once your at the bottom it's nice and cool following the stream for a while.. I would rate as hard, but able to do it with my baby in my pack. glad we took the advice of others and did clockwise, down the brook trail and up Chavez.. nice challenging hike

A great hike just a drive out of the city and the trail is defiantly moderate or more. There are rocky terrain along the Chavez trail and so I appreciated someone’s tip about taking the trail up rather than down the sliding rock terrains. Thank you and hopefully others will do so too. Enjoy!

20 small water crossings on the trail loop.

I started hiking around 2 PM and the trail was almost completely in the shade. Loved that I could stop pretty much anywhere along the way to get wet.

Gorgeous scenery on this hike and so close!! We hiked early on a Sunday, before the Bronco game, and it was not busy at all! You get a little of everything on this hike. Shaded forest, river crossings, narrow cliff paths, sunny hot patches with cactus all in one hike.

13 days ago

I hiked this trail alone on a day when it was not highly trafficked. It was gorgeous and very rewarding with a lovely creek running through the bottom of the valley. Beware coming with kids, the Chavez Trail side has cliffs and steep parts, and I dropped my phone off of one of the cliffs and had to venture down to get it. Overall very rewarding trail system and would love to try the longer version of the trail.

I would usually give this hike three stars because I don’t enjoy the Chavez trail. Today I took Beaver Brook to the bottom, spent time by the water with my pup, then went back the way I came. Still good incline and much more pleasant. If you’re like me and don’t enjoy boulder scrambling I recommend hiking the trail the way I did. I can’t wait to go on this trail next spring and early summer when there’s more water. Still totally worth it though!

A well maintained trail that’ll get your heart pumping. I would highly suggestion taking the loop CLOCKWISE! This way you can climb out on the rocks rather than having to scale down them. The trails are marked differently than what’s listed. Go to the LEFT at the T, save the Chavez trail for the way out! You do have to climb over some rocks so may not be suitable for some kids.

absolutely amazing trail for a short and sweet workout. good techy so\pots to keep you on your toes. highly recommend for a morning jaunt.

My husband and I took our labradoodle and two kids (son 10, daughter 8) on the 5.1 mile loop. We started on the Beaver Brook side and looped around to the Chavez side and back. I can see why those with kids could feel a little apprehensive. There are sections that are fairly steep and slippery that you need to scramble through; however, if you take it slow, you should be fine. Overall, we thought it was fun and full of adventure! Lots of opportunities to kick off your shoes and wade in the various pools of water. Great 5 mile loop! Bring water and food to keep your body fueled. We'll definitely be hiking Beaver Brook again soon! :-)

Outstanding views and great for dogs! There are some steep cliffs but still very dog friendly.

My 7yr old wanted to do this trail again, he is all about the water. Not much left but still a great trail. I suggest early spring for this one if you're after water...great areas to break for lunch and just hang for a bit.

Very pretty but hard. Saw a lot of people with dogs but I would be nervous to bring my dogs because of the trail being so close to cliffs.

Great ups and downs as a loop, love hearing the running water as you cross over several times. Good shade. Close to home, so easy morning 1/2 day hike.

The brook was pretty with lots of shade along the trail. No mountain views. Good early season hike

This trail is great for a half day hike, however the water is pretty low this time of year. Plenty of shade but moderately difficult hike with some rocky terrain by the stream.

Did this hike a few days ago with my husband. It was moderately challenging with narrow trails and steep drop offs. We found it unique and beautiful with craggy outcroppings and lots of shade/foliage. I wouldn’t take anyone under the age of ten on this hike as it is long, physically demanding, and dangerous.

My boyfriend & I’s first time doing this trail. We hike pretty often and it was tough. Beautiful hike I also will add.

My dog and I thoroughly enjoyed this trail. We went clockwise and had no difficulties. We will be back!

To you people who labeled this hike “kid friendly”, who are your kids? Rambo and Wolverine? This hike should be labeled hard, not moderate, due to very steep dropoffs throughout the Chavez section and some most definite rock climbing involved that is not appropriate for small children. This is NOT a kid friendly hike in any universe. Beautiful scenery but some nasty surprises as you near the creek. Will gladly do this again solo with my husband. Very much regretted taking my kid!

I took this trail counter-clockwise which I’d never do again. Too much scrambling boulders downhill which was tricky. I suggest to take the beaver brook to Chavez rather than going via the Braille trail. Once down the brook is so pretty and made it worth the extra effort. Next time I’ll take beaver brook to the creek then go back the same way. Boulder scrambling isn’t my thing.

Great trail for the pups. Enough shade and they enjoyed the break in the water about half way in. Clean trail, not crowded on a Friday and perfect hiking weather. We will be back!

It was my first time hiking in Colorado, great place to start. Really fun and enjoyed the beautiful views. Was a bit hard for the first time but I bet if you are used to hiking it would be a pleasant hike.

Nice trail with a variety of terrain. This trail may be considered hard for those who do not hike frequently... some narrow, rocky areas with over 1000 ft of elevation change. The river was a nice spot to stop for a rest half way through the hike.

A nice workout with a strong hill qt the end. - beautiful - the river was great for my dog too :)

good one with kids

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