Lovely 5 mile lollipop loop. My wife and I and my sons dog hiked on a warm and sunny June afternoon. Greta pines and some aspens and lots of shade. Beautiful stream at back of trail with several pretty bridges. We relaxed and put our feet in the refreshing water. Lots of climbs but interspersed with flats so not too difficult.

Great 5 mile hike! Not too too hard, and not easy. My 10lb dog did great. I will definitely be back!

Great trail, other than being ambushed by off leash dogs multiple times. People please follow the rules and keep your dogs leashed.

Trail is very narrow a lot along the way makes it difficult/awkward when passing others. Very well maintained trail.

By far the most beautiful hike I've done so far this summer! Going early gives you great parking, less amount of traffic on the trail, and a peaceful hike. The hike had a couple sketchy areas but my 10 year old niece was able to complete it with little complaints so about anyone can finish this hike.

Trail is beautiful. Lots of people on weekend. People need to learn proper trail etiquette.

This hike is a must. Do it.

Description's pretty on point. Love the elevation mix.