75% of the trail is at an angle and the signs are a bit confusing but decent hike!

Good intensity. Not extreme but down hill all the way going out and uphill on the way back. Has some beautiful rocks and streams at the bottom. Would be fun to relax and have lunch on or even “swim” in later months of summer.

Loved this trail for the scenery and length. Be aware that there are 2 different parking lots also when you connect from the Chavez trail back to the Beaver Brook there is a sign showing beaver brook going both ways. Left takes you to a parking lot. Sign wasn’t marked as such and causes confusion.

Great Father’s Day Hike! Great scenery and great hike with our dog because much of the trail is near water. We completed this hike in about 2.5 hours.

Beautiful hike and pretty close to the city. We got there around 7 am and there were barely any cars in the lot. Lots of shade throughout the hike, love the stream running parallel to the path as well. Will be coming back to do this one!

Great hike! So many beautiful views. Good leg workout, lots of shade throughout. Will definitely be back!

Absolutely beautiful with challenging areas that require balancing / walking across boulders and streams. Great workout on the “natural stairs”.

Awesome trail! Shaded with streams!

Great hike— scenic with water and tree coverage for some shade. It also has buffalo viewing off exit before hike.

What a neat surprise. Good amount of shade, water for dog, great intense incline (leg workout) and decent decline.. it took about 2 hours.

Definitely a decent challenge.. not very scenic though. Cool streams at the bottom of the canyon, and a few cool bridges to cross. Be prepared because you hike a decent descent, which means you obviously have to climb the same on the return.

Also, this is listed as kid friendly. We brought our four and six year old with us, and it was a stretch. There were a few spots where a fall could be serious.. so had us nervous. Not many, but a few.

It was too much for the four year old (who has no problem with the “easy” 3 or so mile hikes, hence us taking it up a notch). I had to carry her on my shoulders for > 1/2 the hike..

Fun hike and cooler because it's shaded. Busy lots of hikers with dogs.

Great shaded loop. Not too strenuous- just the right length. Like the babbling brook that runs along most of it. Lovely mt flowers blooming in June. More than usual, luscious vegetation in the forrest area. Cool rock formations to climb over and check out. We’d do this one again.

My boys and I did this hike today... it was beautiful. It is a great workout! The scenery was gorgeous. Not to many people on the trail. Definitely want to do it again and hope the rest of the trail is open.

Great hike! The hike is shaded nearly the whole way with a stream running along the path, so a great option for dogs. Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that there is no “summit View”. Either way you go on the loop, you’ll start by going down and have to end coming back up. It’s a great workout!

A quick hike that will get your blood flowing. Nice stretches of elevation gain, but overall nothing too strenuous. What the trail lacks in views it makes up in creeks and blooming summertime flowers! I arrived around 8 am and was the second car at the trailhead. The lot was filled by the time I was done, about an hour and 40 minutes later.

Very fun hike. Great for dogs because you follow a stream they can play in and drink from. Thursday was not busy.

Some narrow sections that were difficult with my dog, but overall a great hike with lots of greenery! Would definitely go back.

It’s decently fun at first, but there really isn’t much to see except when you climb across the rocks at the creek. No matter which direction you go, the first part of the loop is all downhill, and then it’s all uphill. You’ll find more scenic hikes in Golden or Idaho Springs!

16 days ago

This trail was really great. A little noisy due to the highway but overall pretty relaxing. It was short, about an hour to 45 minutes. Really easy to find and a great view. Also very light foot traffic. A few people and there dogs but that's about it.

I've done a lot of beautiful hiking trails and while this was a nice trail, a little too busy for me and not as difficult as I like. Also the only real views are of the creek that is on the trail.

Great hike with shade and nice water and views

Good hike with lots of different terrains, shade and sun, creeks.
If you bring your dog, make sure he/she is on a leash. Rangers are all over.
We went the other way than Heidi. Heading back up was the hardest part of the trail.

Beautiful trail along the creek! We did the Chavez trail first which meant you go downhill on the rocky, narrow, steep sections. Will try the other direction another time for the extra challenge!

Great trail, water was perfect for dogs jumping in. Great moderate trail to get started with.

Great trail and challenging if you do Chavez trail last

Beautiful hike! Great work out

Perfect morning workout. Skinny trail at times feels like your scaling the mountain. would imagine it’s could get slippery/dangerous in rain. Elevation is gradual, but a great workout.

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