The best part about this trail is it's proximity and easy access to Denver. Nothing too stunning about this hike but it is great little get away from the city. The trails head is right next to I70 but it does not take too long before the highway noise disappears. No matter which way you go (we went clockwise) you will start downhill and finish coming back up. Nothing too steep but definitely a workout in spots. There was no snow or ice on the trail at all. This would be tough with lots of ice. The trail often slants to steep drop offs at times and there is one spot you have to walk across a rock ledge. While the views or not much to wrote home about the hike does run next to a stream for some time and made for some great photos. If you are looking for a quick and easy hike, this is a good one.

Loved this hike! Definitely some challenging parts overall not too tough!

I ran this trail about two years ago while living in Colorado during school; I absolutely loved this trail. There wasn’t anything in particular that made this trail a stand-out trail. What it lacked in “flash” it completely made up with variety and solitude! I saw only a couple of folks after 3 laps of the loop. The stream crossings were fun and the “stairs” were cool, and it even had views at point! The downhills were fast, and the uphills were a workout. This trail had a little bit of everything, which made running it so fun! The proximity to home while still being far enough away from the city made it an easy choice. Kind of found it by chance, but so glad I did. Whenever I return to CO for a visit, I’m going to hit this one up again!

8 days ago

Highly recommend. This hike is downhill, easy, and not technical for the first two miles. The last three miles are more technical (but still doable with kiddos and dogs), uphill and gorgeous. Rocky scenery with river running near the trail for most of the hike. We took the Beaver Creek trail 3 miles, then took the Chavez trail 2 miles back to make a 5 mile loop total.

Difficult but rewarding

Great trail. Challenging but won’t kill ya.

Would give this hike 4 stars right now (early Dec), but prob 5 when the weather is nice!