Enjoyed this hike but I thought it was harder than moderate only cause I had my dog. On a scale of 1-10 - hard being a 10 and moderate a 5, this was a 8. Total distance was just under 5 miles. I’m a long distance hiker. 12 miles is nothing for me but I brought my dog on this - he’s not a long distance breed - and some of the trails were narrow enough for just one and rocky - my dog while leashed the whole time I kept behind me - not enough room for both of us. A sharp drop off the ledge. Aside from that it was beautiful, peaceful, lovely in every way. I say harder than moderate only because of the sharp drop off and very rocky! For a single hiker without a dog on a leash moderate to easy indeed.

Great trail! Very minimal mud.

Nice hike! A bit poorly marked in spots. Also quite narrow along some high points. Not too busy on a Wednesday late morning, which makes it perfect for listening to the water. Lots of dogs off leash, though.

A wonderful way to close out a work day. Great scenery, perfect temp, and just the right amount of exercise.

Great loop. Note that they have reversed the names of the trails. The part of the loop on the east side is Braille/Chavez and the part on the north and west is Beaver Brook. Distance just over 5 miles. Took me 2 hours including about 15 minutes of breaks. Good workout coming up and the mile or so along Beaver Brook is very beautiful.

2 days ago

NOTE: This is actually the Braile/Chavez trail. There is no trail called Bear Creek.

This trail is part of the Beaver Brook and Chavez trail loop which is excellent. See my review under that listing.

4 days ago

There are a few places that would be improved by a well-placed cairn, but overall this is a great hike. If you are looking for a little bit easier hike, do the loop counter-clockwise. Little bit of mud this time of year, but I have hiked it before and will hike it again! A perk of hiking this time of year is the trail was much less crowded than mid-summer months and still is just as lovely

Beautiful scenery through the forest and along the river. Our Fitbit and the Map My Run app both calculated 6.3 miles from the parking lot and back. There are parts where the path narrows and there is a cliff on 1 side which made me a bit nervous because I'm not a fan of heights and the path was a little slick/muddy. We agree that starting the loop to the right meant a little less steep ascent at the end. The uphill sections get your heart pumping!