Excellent trail. Very easy. My two year old even was able to hike the whole way. We saw many different birds along the way. In the ponds we saw coy fish and baby turtles.

Peaceful and quiet spot. Not really any mountain views. Probably a lot prettier in the spring when things are blooming and there's more water flowing. Very flat path great for walking with little kids or to ride bikes.

trail running
4 months ago

I live in Fountain and love this trail. close to home and can go anytime I want.

Decent place for a walk but there are a few downsides. Lots of trails close to the creek and ponds, tons of birds, and even saw a turtle hanging out in one of the ponds. Most of that area has a distinct sewage smell. Not sure if it's the creek or what, but I wouldn't fish or swim here. Tons of people here, however it was Labor Day so there may be less people during the normal week. Ok experience overall, but not great if you are trying to get away from people.

Nice quiet, mostly flat trail with pretty scenery and wildlife. As someone new to the area who is getting used to the elevation changes I thought this would be a good spot to practice running!

Love Fountain Creek Nature Center. Walk this trail quite a bit.

Great for kids!

10 months ago

I enjoyed the water, birds and more. Very peaceful.