Do not do this trail alone unless you have a great deal of experience in dealing with the outdoors. At some points the trail does not look like it is the trail but that is because it goes through all kinds of trees, rocks, and falling limbs, rocks, and knocked over trees. You will have to work around some of it. Especially if you want to bring young ones, please make sure you are 100% aware of the turns and marks of the trail. To in experienced persons, it can vary from moderate to hard. There are animals all over the place and the tracks and feces will prove that. I saw over 30 deer and tons of bear paw prints. Personally, wouldn't recommend attending this alone or at least without letting someone know where you are and giving them a timeline on when you will let you know you are safe. (but that's for any trail too) Nonetheless, absolutely breathtaking views and such an enjoyable hike. Will do again, and again, and again.