Simple & great

Very laid back trail, recommend going off the path to see the canyon and overlook's up close. Nice view of surrounding mountains, Spanish peaks, etc.

Nice hike through multiple types of terrain. Was hoping to see a rattlesnake or two while here as a few before me have reported, but did not see any. Trail starts out a bit shrubby and desolate then blends into a nice mountainous area.

Met up with that mean rattlesnake in the previous review. Got bit and had to be helicoptered out! Be very careful!

Very nice trail with red rocks and beautiful grasslands. Watch out for rattlesnakes. We saw an angry one about 2 miles in by the dry riverbed.

lovely little hike.

8 months ago

I've hiked this trail three times in the last two weeks. Wear long sleeves and pants; many parts of the trail are overgrown and you will go through shrubs. Make sure to pay attention to trail markers. If you enjoy being closer to nature this is a wonderful hike.

Good trail once we found it. We got onto the dry creek bed and that was tough going. Being stubborn, we stuck to that for a mile before we turned around. The actual trail is narrow and has periodic markings, such as orange flags and wooden information kiosk/sign.

9 months ago

No dogs allowed but it was still a decent trail. Parts of the trail are flat and there is not much to it. It's a thin trail and the grass is over grown so make sure to wear pants. Once you get into the trail it is gorgeous. The views are definitely worth it.

This is a really great trail/nature preserve. I don't know why it only has 3 stars, other than no dogs. The trail is very well maintained and abundant wildlife. It's very flat and easy, great for the whole family. We somehow managed to miss the loop trail, and ended up going up into the canyon a bit. But it was a fun adventure and still a great hike. Only downside is it is a little noisy from Fort Carson and the highway. But all in all, a really great morning hike.

Nice, short, easy trail. Plenty of good scenery and informative display signs. I'm glad I wore my backpacking boots, as I have one bad ankle, and there are many rocks on which to roll an ankle. I was in shorts, but you may want pants, as there is a lot of grass and some scrub oak to brush your legs. Nice, quick, easy trail.

1 year ago

Nice hike, easy trail to follow. Wear pants some parts of trail was over grown with vegetation but other wise was good.

Looked like a nice trail unfortunately no pets are allowed. I wish that was in the description before making the drive.

Nice trail. Noisy for the first mile from road traffic. Marked well and pretty easy.

2 years ago

Nice enough trail. Came to Aiken Canyon and wanted to go down the trail but we were unsure how long it was. Some nice views if you take the overlook.