Nice flat trail for a short walk. Not a hike, more a nature walk. Trail around the lake was pretty busy. Several very nice parks for the kids.

This is a great warm up trail. I live next to it and enjoy it after the kids get on the school bus.

Very easy trail goes around some houses, foothills and lake. Lot of runners and dogs around. There is an offshoot at Old Kiln trail that goes up the hill and ends at private houses- out and back.

An ok community trail, not much of a hike really. Better for dog walking, stroll or running.

Hike or run around the paved path at the lake or venture up. There is a small trail on the back end if the lake that takes you up and around to the other side. The lake is in a residential area but there are nice views from the top.

trail running
Saturday, July 18, 2015

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