Great day hike with some cool views. Parking was ample when I arrived today around 1:30 pm. Although it appears that the place become quite crowded on the weekends. The trail head begins at the western end of the parking lot and it marked well. The hike offers great high desert plant life and plenty of exposure to the sun- lather up! After some good switchbacks the trail reaches a junction, I opted to go for the route that begins to the east. Follow until another junction that will show the way to Juniper. There are two junctions that happen within a hundred yards or so, and for both keep to the left. They are well marked but hoping on the wrong trail will add some time to your day. At this point the trail is gentle and offered some great looks of snow dusted peaks in the distance. The trail makes its way back to mayhem and the same way down. There are many bikers hikers on the trail so be courteous out there! The whole trip took be 2 hours.

Pretty easy trail, but not much to see. There weren't many people there and the other dogs we passed (only 3, but my friend and I had 5) were all on leash and very well behaved which was wonderful!! Can imagine this trail would be very hot in the summer. Will be back again to explore more of the area!

trail running
3 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail! Saw lots of other runners. The first part has a good but manageable climb and the back loop is pretty flat and easy. There are decent views but also highway noise for a good chunk of the trail. Afterwards we crossed under Highway 6 from the parking lot to dip our feet in the creek, which felt great!