trail running
1 month ago

I really enjoyed this trail! Saw lots of other runners. The first part has a good but manageable climb and the back loop is pretty flat and easy. There are decent views but also highway noise for a good chunk of the trail. Afterwards we crossed under Highway 6 from the parking lot to dip our feet in the creek, which felt great!

Great for an afternoon hike. Only a 45 min drive from downtown Denver. Hwy 6 is always busy, only traffic we ran into to get to the trailhead. plenty of parking. Tidbit - even days are for hikers & odd days are for bikers. We came across a handful of hikers but managed to still get away from the hustle and bustle. Gradual incline that traverse the mountain. Decent elevation gain but then the backside of the loop is easy. Single track mostly. I'd do this trail again over Lair of the Bear anytime.

Don't go for the "waterfall" only - it's just a trickle when I've seen it and easy to miss from one of the lower switchbacks. I love this hike. The switchbacks are perfectly spaced so it didn't feel quite like the gain was as much as it is. Check the status before you go. It closes for elk calving and also for a month of hunting. Spectacular view of Clear Creek Canyon.

Never saw the waterfall. :(