Does anyone know where the waterfall actually is?

4 days ago

Probably good for mountain biking and trail running, but not for hiking. Just a dirt trail with a lot of small rocks and almost entirely in the sun. Boring.

Good moderate hike and easy to access. We completed it in just under 2 hours, but want to go back and do more of Centennial cone.

I got dizzy from all the winding. whoever designed this trail is real artistic. idk if its "allowed" but keep an eye out for the tiny off-trail trails (if that makes any sense) they're pretty cool. found some petrified wood and really sparkly stuff

This is an okay fitness hike if you live in the area. There's nothing special to see (not sure why it's tagged waterfall), and the first and last 1.5 mi you get a lot of highway noise.

Pretty straightforward trail. Beautiful views. Nice, consistent incline/decline. We went early in the morning and maybe saw 5 other people the whole time even though it was a sunday morning. Overall, great hike. If you're going on the weekend, keep in mind the restrictions-hikers have odd numbered days, bikers have even

16 days ago

Good views at all points of the hike, and a quick one at that. Would rate this easy-moderate (more on the easy side).