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Bergen Peak has a beautiful view. This trail didn't have many scenic views and I hardly saw any fall colors but all in all it was still a nice trail and definitely a good workout. Also, a great place for trail running.

15 days ago

Nice hike but probably not hard as it’s a steady climb. Good views on the way up and at the top especially as the clouds had rolled it giving you on top of the world feeling.
Nice to lose the traffic noise once on the far side.
Would definitely do again.

This is a well-maintained, nice trail that’s easily accessible from Denver. It’s currently starting to transition into fall colors. We went on a Saturday morning and were pleasantly surprised by how few people we saw, especially on the non-Bergen Peak Trail side of the loop. As others have said, the listing underestimated the length - my AllTrails app clocked us at 10.8 miles round trip from the parking lot.

Great trail with lots of shade. The higher section was not to crowded even for a Saturday, there was more people near the bottom on our way back, but that was because it was in the 12 o'clock hour. I would rate this trail as a moderate not difficult. We went counterclockwise, and the climbing sections were nice and steady, but not crazy steep.

The best of all worlds- woods, meadows, and mountains.

3:02 with a minor mix of trail running. It's more moderate.

This isn’t a difficult hike. There are a few short parts that are difficult, but it’s definitely doable for a relatively fit beginner hiker. It is a workout though. This was a really beautiful hike. There are parts where you’re completely secluded among the trees, and it’s a surreal feeling (at least for me). Once you leave the meadow and hike for a little bit, the road nearby really isn’t that audible. Anyway, it’s super fun. Try to leave early, so you can finish before the afternoon storms.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Perfect trail for those who are newer to mountain biking. Some technical terrain but more of confidence builders than anything. New favorite trail!!

Hiking up to the peak is beautiful, but the sawtooth from south trailhead to the peak has a lot of direct sunshine and it can get very hot. The trade off is a magnificent westward view.

I ended up hiking to the top of Bergen Peak. Definitely worth it to do that. It’s a long hike, but I wouldn’t characterize it as “Hard.” It’s a long moderate. Like many trails in Evergreen, alternations between rocky-narrow paths, forest paths, pretty summits, scenic views, aspens, and lovely wildflowers, especially by the meadows. But I was a bit bummed that I heard the cars on the highway almost the whole time. I tuned it out, and a few times amidst the aspens it was truly quiet. But that’s why I give four stars. Sometimes some mountain bikers come barreling down, and you’ve really got to have your wits about you. But otherwise, the views, the thick smell of pine all along the way, and the serenity of the hike, even on a Saturday morning, is why I live out here :)

2 months ago

Good area to hike with several different trail options. Good variety with forested areas and meadow areas with good views.

Reallly great trails! I went counter clockwise and it was very step by Too Long trail and a nice decent. The views are really solid but not the best in the area. You get some great elevation gains and loses and is a awesome workout . I went on a Sunday and saw quite a few mountain bikers. I'm glad I was going a different direction since it was easier to see/hear them approaching. The bathrooms at the entrance we're also meticulously maintained! I even saw someone cleaning them on my way back to the car.

A great trail! I'm not sure I would say it's difficult. More moderate. There is a trail path the whole way up. The views at the top were beautiful! The day was hot so we went through all of our water and we had 4 big water bottles with us! A super great day!

A really beautiful loop. I was grateful for the pointer about going counterclockwise on a warm day .... the meadow is completely shadeless so better to cover that territory early.

I would rate this trail “moderate” instead of hard. Under 10 miles, fewer than 2,000 feet elevation change, and a well maintained, easy to follow, non-technical outing. Not to say I wasn’t challenged; you gain most of the vertical in less than 3 miles. But in the scheme of Colorado hikes, it doesn’t deserve the hard rating.

Our GPS showed this at 9.2 miles for the loop (ie., without the peak out-and-back so I think the mileage listed is off, which seems to be a recurring theme in my all trails reviews.

The trail is wide enough that it accommodates the hiker/mt biker use quite well. I look forward to going back on a nice fall day!

Beautiful and challenging trail!

Great for so close to the city

Hiked this morning and it was pretty good! Restrooms at the beginning of the trailhead were clean and the trail was not very crowded which was nice! There are a good amount of bikes but everyone was super nice. As far as seeing wildlife we saw one mouse (lol) and some deer on our last three miles out. The trail is very well maintained and definitely a Moderate degree of difficulty. I highly recommend you have a GPS map of the trail as it was a little confusing on how to get back to the parking lot.

Gorgeous trail and extremely well maintained. The views throughout the hike make every step worthwhile. In my opinion, there isn't much of a point to do the loop without heading to the summit. It's only an additional two miles, out and back, and isn't very steep at all. The view at the peak is one of the best around, so make sure you pack a bit more water and a snack for the peak before you head back down. People complain about the mountain bikers, which is absolutely redundant as the trail is meant to be shared for hikers, bikers, and runners alike. The complaint about the highway noise also falls under the same redundant category. Hardly an issue and definitely not a reason to second guess this trail. Awesome workout, awesome views, and a consistent grade all the way up with plenty of level areas to catch your breath. Just get out and do it.

Tough Trail if you do the entire loop but worth the view

trail running
3 months ago

Busy day on the trail. Beautiful scenery however. Run the trail clockwise from the lot if you want a ton of vert right away. It’s about 600ft gain. Run it counterclockwise if you want a slow steady incline most of the way. There was a massive amount of mountain bikers when I was there with very little trail etiquette. I imagine this place is peaceful in the early morning hours and during the week.

Difficult, but a fun hike! I’m glad the previous reviewer suggested starting on the meadow side (which is Sleepy’s Trail), since pretty much everyone else started on the other end of the loop and I was by myself for quite a bit. Just did the loop and didn’t make it up to the peak, but will try next time!

Very good hike. Make sure to do the meadow side of the hike first (head toward the main road). This saves the best part of the hike, in the trees / shade, for last.. also, there are a handful of trails to choose from as you progress. Pay attention to your trail map after these intersections as it’s very easy to take the wrong turn (as we did on our hike). Great area, great views, great hike.

4 months ago

Fairly exposed for the first 2 miles, so you’ll want to get an early start because it can get HOT. Some great little vistas scattered along the route which make for excellent snack/water stops. Trail is simple and well-maintained, very minimal stair-stepping and fairly low grade so I’d call this an easy trail but with the length consideration you should estimate it as moderately challenging. Reminds me of Evergreen Peak trail but quite a bit longer.

Very nice strenuous hike within a 45 minute drive from downtown Denver. Will be back again!!

4 months ago

We went on a Wednesday and started hiking around noon. Plenty of parking and very few people on the trail. The meadow at the beginning was probably the best part. My phone logged 10.5 miles going to the top and back.

Easy trail with good views

be sure to look at other reviews for the same Trail, but listed as "hard". I would say this is somewhere between moderate and hard, and I'm not in the best of shape. I'm a bit older and still getting used to the altitude, so it took me 3 hours up in 2 hours down, and I was definitely ready to lay flat by the time I was done. Great views and well worth it, I would do it again

on Bergen Peak Trail

4 months ago

I think this is somewhere between moderate and hard. I'm not in great shape and still adjusting to the altitude. I had to stop several times to catch my breath and let my legs rest. for Young Folks who are active in the mountains, moderate is probably accurate. For older folks who may not get out quite as much it may border on hard

4 months ago

so for all those slightly older folks who may not be in Peak shape, this is good trail, somewhere between moderate and difficult. I am still acclimating to the altitude and had to stop several times and my legs were sore during one long uphill pull. I was ready to be done at the end of 10 Mi even though the last half was mostly downhill. in my modest level of conditioning it took me 3 hours to the top and two hours down, those folks doing it in 4 hours are in much better shape. And then there are those who even run it and I am still amazed.

This is a great trail. I went on a Saturday 5/12/18 and got there at 9am it wasn't too busy and only crossed paths with people a few times.
The trail was nice and I look forward to running it next time. It offers amazing views at multiple points, and the meadow was amazing to look at while finishing the hike.
Also passed people walking donkey's which was a bonus.

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