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The trail from Echo Lake to Idaho Springs reservoir is pretty rough and honestly uneventful, work like hiking. Once you get up to that lake, it’s more open hiking in the Chicago lakes vale.
The camping at Echo Lake is cool. I really enjoyed having a burger and beer at the lodge when I got back.

Super easy hike, decent workout. Good views, a lot of water! If you're looking for something that will last more than 2-3 hours, pack a lunch and head up to Chicago Lakes.

3 days ago

Loved it! Was not able to figure out how to get up to last lake, but well worth the trek. Will go again and find it, and summit Mt. Evans.

Stunning hike. Took us 5 hours roundtrip to Upper Chicago Lake and back to the car. About 45 minutes was spent bushwhacking through willows to get to the lower lake. There are easier routes supposedly if you continue to the end of the lake before the trail heads to Upper Chicago Lake. It is a steep, short hike to Upper Chicago Lake but well worth it. We didn’t have time to continue to Mt. Evans due to a late start unfortunately so I’ll be back.

5 days ago

Hiked this morning. More like 10 miles than 8. It’s tough. Lots of rocks and incline but great views. Made it to the end but lost the trail and couldn’t figure out how to get up to the final lake. Super marshy and muddy near waters edge. No matter. Still spectacular. Took me little over 4 hours with a 20 minute break. Started at 9am. Dark clouds rolled in at 11 when I got to the lake so be aware of the weather. I didn’t linger.

Clean and dry! Awesome week day hike and plenty of places to stop and fish along the way!

Glad I did this hike. However it's a one time hike. Much prefer Chicago lake if I drive up to this area . Took about 4 hours round trip to get to Lincoln Lake.

Did this trail 6.10.18.
Was a stunning day. Gorgeous hike, strenuous as you hike up to upper lake.
Will kick your butt right at the end as you have to go back uphill the echo lake.

Amazing hike with one of the best views overlooking a canyon in the Rocky Mountains! Definitely a hike that will take you quite a bit of time so be prepared with enough water and food! The hardest part of the hike is definitely the mile incline back to echo lake.

My daughter and I only finished about 6 miles, but every mile was gorgeous. Definitely doable for kids who enjoy more challenging hikes.

9 days ago

This is an amazing hike. It ended up being 11.2 miles round trip with 2500 elevation gain. Make sure you go up to the 4th lake at the end, it’s definitely worth the extra effort for the views. Got pretty muddy in spots but not awful. Great hike!

Get to this trail early so you don’t have to deal with the crap ton of people that come here. It’s beautiful! I plan on going back and going all the way to Chicago lakes. We just went to the reservoir and back. We got there around 8 and left around 1040 but we stopped a lot to take pictures and have a snack

10 days ago

An absolutely stunning hike! The weather was nice and cool (we arrived at 8:30am) and we only encountered 1 other person as we ascended and 4 as we neared the trailhead on our way back to the car. The views were wonderful and we often found ourselves mesmerized by the view behind us as we hiked up. We did the loop at the top and had lovely views of the snow capped mountains. We used our trekking poles after reading reviews and were glad we did. It’s a bit rocky but beautiful. One of easily my top 3 hikes!

The hike was beautiful! Couple things though: 1) This hike is rough terrain, be prepared for big rocks/boulders on the trail, 2) theres not a lot of shade, so it can get really hot. Also high altitude so wear sunscreen, 3) lots of people with dogs off leash running around the trail, 4) NOT lightly trafficked as said in this description - it was packed with people.

Very muddy as you approach the lakes.

Gorgeous trail and sooo close to Denver!

Great hike with multiple lakes. Great shade coverage. Trail in starts as incline, transitions to decline, then incline again. The first portion is very steady and mellow, and then once you cross the creek it’s an incline to the reservoir on a road, very similar to incline and length of St. Mary’s Alice. Wasn’t able to find the path around the lake, but there are great spots to set up a hammock!

Didn’t see anyone going up, but going down and around Echo Lake it seemed like the place to be. Get there early!

This trail is listed in a snowshoe book, but about 0.5 miles of the trail is narrow along a cliff, and with another part being the steeper road at the end I’m going to cross that off my winter list

It’s a great hike! You get some spectacular views of Mount Evans. I plan to go back when I have time to make it all the way to Chicago Lakes. Watch your step, as the beginning part of the trail is pretty narrow and is on a steep ledge with lots of loose rocks. Overall lots of fun!

14 days ago

Great hike! Definitely an Colorado classic. Hiked June 4 and no snow at all. Just a bit muddy heading up to the upper lake.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike today. No snow until one small patch near upper lake. The route to upper lake is super steep. Worth it!!!!!! Gets a bit windy up there. The only downside to this hike is the mile up at the end! It’s grueling when you’re tired. This is definitely a “moderate to hard” hike. It’s not a 14er but it’s steep. From beginning to end. No crampons or. Yak tracks needed now.

Hiked: 6/2/2018

So, I actually attempted to go all the way to Chicago Lakes, via the Chicago Lakes trail, but had to turn around after about maybe 1/2 a mile beyond the reservoir because the Chicago Lakes Trail past the reservoir was a little more difficult than I expected. (the Chicago Lakes Trail listing on this website is actually listed as a HARD trail, and I'd say that's accurate).

I'm not sure where the trailhead proper is, but I parked to the east of the Lodge and then walked back towards Echo Lake and picked up the trailhead there. Just west (maybe?) of the stairs into the lodge was a very small sign which started the trail. I THINK that's the trailhead, but I could be wrong.

If you pick up the trail where I did, be on the lookout on the left hand side for where to pick up the Chicago Lakes Trail which will take you to the Reservoir. I almost missed it and would have ended up walking around Echo Lake. Not that big of a problem, but note-worthy.

The trail starts out with a decline into a valley, and then the last mile to the Reservoir follows a dirt road up to the res. I took a hammock and just hung out for a while. Great scenery, great weather. Not much foot traffic in the morning, but it did increase as the day wore on.

Beautiful hike! Did this hike on Saturday 6/2. Got to trailhead at 8:00am and were back to the car by 10:30 after quick snack and time to relax and enjoy nature by the reservoir. On the way back we passed what felt like a million people, but had the trail to ourselves til about 9:15 which was great, so get there early! Wonderful hike through gorgeous trees.

Gorgeous views! Last half going back up was "fun"

17 days ago

Beautiful trail, just a small section that was muddy and a tiny bit of snow before making it to the upper lake. The uphill at the end is painful, but definitely worth it!

My wife and I really like this hike! You can go past the reservoir and continue on to Mount Evans Trail assuming you’ve started out early enough in the day. Trail was in good shape and there’s plenty of water about halfway up to the reservoir where you cross the creek. At least that is in early June. Plenty of aspen trees that would look great in mid to late September!

Tripped over a dog. Had a dog jump on me when standing on the trail ledge. Basically this trail is typical near-Denver jagfest where every millennial’s dog is the exception to the leash rule. Not a bad hike but wouldn’t bother again unless a weekday.

17 days ago

Perfect trail for anyone. Great views and overall stroller friendly (minus a couple trees that had fallen on the trailhead)

17 days ago

Great Hike. The trail is completely clear and there is no snow all the way to Chicago Lake, looks as if it would be a viable option for an overnighter at this point in the season. As other reviewers have noted, you can get down to the lake right as you come upon it during the hike, there is some mild bushwacking to get down there, but not hard at all. As you approach the lake, the ground is very soft and somewhat damp, but it's not a big deal. I had running shoes on and my feet got a little bit wet, but they dried out pretty quickly on the return hike. Temperatures at the lake were in the high 60's to low 70's, only a slight breeze. Great all around hike!

Stunning. Tough. Beautiful.

It is a really beautiful hike, not to steep and pretty mellow most of the way. One small section near the lakes was a little muddy but not a big deal. Views were incredible. Loved seeing all the hikers with their dogs. :)

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