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2 days ago

Lovely little trail , very easy and flat . Too quick , it's one that you would like to walk for miles on . Through the forest and then unfortunately on the road for the last bit but again , it's quiet and the mountains in front of you the whole way down to the car park are awesome . Worth it even for the drive up there . Great trail for a quick dog walk .

This was the first hike I did when I moved to Colorado and it did not disappoint. Back in September, it was warm and the leaves were just beginning to change. Definitely worth going all the way up to Chicago Lake, it reminded me of the Maroon Bells in Aspen, but closer to Denver.

Hiked this for the 2nd time on 11/25/17. Be sure to bring winter gear/traction during this time of the year. I encountered a lot of snow (1-2 ft) trying to access upper Chicago lake. Both lakes were pretty much frozen over. Also, the wind was kicking that day but made for an epic show around the upper lake bowl (think dust storm but with snow). Although rated as a hard trail, it's not that bad for beginners who want to get out of their comfort zone and catch some great scenery.

14 days ago

Beautiful frozen lake. Breath taking sunset.

great day hike

This is a beautiful hike once you locate it. Note to future hikers: stay on Echo lake trail (start from the lodge) until the log fence ends then go left around the fence and take your immediate right. (There is a large log blocking the trail so hard to tell.) Don't go to your left up the wide steep, wide and icy hill. It dead ends at 1.77 miles. GPS will not catch from this map that you are off course until you have spent ample time. I wouldn't recommend sliding down the cliff to catch the trail although you are parallel to the trail below. I saw a lot of people including my group make this mistake. It adds time and may put a damper on you making it to the second lake. Also the trail does follow the road from the trail crossing to the reservoir. there is sign but could be packed with snow. Conditions were icy and windy. We used yack tracks most of the way both directions. The path is packed currently so we didn't need snowshoes. enjoy this hike there are lots of photo opportunities.

Didn't make it. There's quite a bit of snow and we couldn't find the trail

1 month ago

1 month ago

Hiked this today. A mix of snow, dirt, and ice on the trail. Made it up to the second lake without spikes, but wore spikes on the way down. Found ample parking at the trailhead when we began at 8:45.

on Chicago Lakes Trail

1 month ago

Good overall hike. Made it to the second lake which was absolutely beautiful. Pretty much the whole trail was covered in a little bit of snow so you should have good waterproof boots or shoes but nothing too extreme. Getting to the second lake was a little steep and there was a little bit of ice so footing was slipping a bit. I was going at a pretty good clip and took me 2.5 hours up and 1.5 hours back. Good stuff.