Fantastic views and a great challenge! There was only one snow patch towards he end of the path to the second lake but it was fun to slide down :) great hike! Highly recommend!

2 days ago

3 days ago

Loved this hike! Beautiful the entire way!

This trail was very difficult. Had our group huffin and puffin but was so beautiful. The views were definitely worth it. Be careful with the rock scrambles and there is still snow on the trail closest to mt Evans but it was doable without spikes.

4 days ago

Great hike! I got a little lost around the first lake, but found the trail again. Definitely a more difficult hike, but can't beat the view up top! Still some snow up toward the second lake but got through it without spikes. Lots of muddy spots too-otherwise it's totally clear!

Great hike with amazing views, especially as you approach the last three miles. The route down to the first lake is unclear, had to bushwhacked through willows around the lake. To get up to the second lake the path was a lot easier and defined. Sunset views were great as I started the hike after 1 pm and still got back before dark.

5 days ago

Beautiful hike! Tons of people on the trail this time of year

Absolutely loved this hike! Definitely difficult but beautiful the entire way.

FAVORITE HIKE EVER! I've done this hike a few times and love it each time! I always start at echo lake and make my way up to the very top of Mtn Evans parking lot-Beautiful and worth every step! Busy trail so try to go during week- take a nice lunch & eat at Chicago Lakes on the flat rocks -enjoy the scenery! Can't wait to go again!

Great trail. June 21 2017 and there was only a little snow (maybe 50' or so) to get to the upper lake. Didn't need any gear, just hiking boots to safely navigate over it.

This trail is beautiful. Parking was easy to find and the trail is very well marked. You start at echo lake and make your way to the trail head. The trail follows across a steep embankment for a while and then descends over several switchbacks to the creek. Once you cross the creek you are on a service road for about a mile and you get to the reservoir. Past the reservoir the trail starts back up again and gets fairly rocky and rough as you make your way up to the meadow. The views are incredible the entire way. Several river crossings later you are at the lower lake. There is a steep snow field required to make it to the upper lake which we opted out of for this hike. I definitely recommend waterproof hiking boots and pants if you are going to go close to the lake. There isn't really a clear path down to the water so we made our way through some scratchy brush to get to the water. Highly recommend this hike.

City park feel. Easy hiking, families BBQing, lots of dogs, busy

Nice trail with beautiful views and a relatively easy incline. Pair with the Alpine Garden Loop near the summit to get panoramic views.