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Just went on this hike today. We hiked to the lower lake which was about 8.5 miles round trip. Took us around 4 1/2 hours including stops to take in the scenery. It was a beautiful hike! It was snowing when we got there and was pretty cold the first mile or so. Lots of wind as well. Definitely need good hiking shoes with good grip. The last mile on the way back is tough, because it's all up hill. It did Warmed up as the morning went on, but the trail was slippery at times and muddy.

Highly recommend! Very easy hike with great views!

This trail is nuts if you're not experienced. My husband and I came here a year ago in our honeymoon and hiked different trails all over Colorado throughout 6 days.
This was by far one of the toughest. We are from flat ole Texas and not used to climbing uphill so much. We did the hike again, after we moved here last week, for our anniversary. Still were only able to make it to the lower lakes! There is a rough bit right before the second lake that is basically a solid mile up a steep hill.
And while the lakes were gorgeous, there's fencing and cement walks when you get to them and that kind of takes away from it. We really enjoyed the forest last year in the snow though, definitelyrecommend going in the cold or else you'll be pouring sweat!

Tough hike. Ok lake

Oct 20th --trail snow packed and icy...had to quit a short distance in. However saw 3 moose in the parking lot. Made the morning a little better. Will be back up there in July!!

Did this trail with my dog, starting at 8am. It took us about 3 hours to get to the lower lake, with a break for food. Didn't see any other hikers until about 30 minutes into the return trip. Total trip took about 4:40. There were patches of snow and ice, but nothing demanding microspikes. I would say this is probably a moderate hike for seasoned Colorado hikers, but it was a welcomed challenge for me, since I moved here from Florida (pretty much below sea level) six weeks ago. Most challenging part of the hike is the last mile...save some energy :)

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Gorgeous fall day to do this hike. Virtually no snow anywhere on the trail. Some small patches of ice and mud but nothing major - did not need to use the microspikes at all during the hike. Made it to the upper lake where it was a bit windy, but great views both at the top and along the hike. It was 10 miles round trip, with many sections that are virtually flat or have little gain. Be prepared for about a mile of uphill at the very end of your hike. Outhouses have no TP this time of year, so bring your own ;)

Great hike. I started at 9:30 and there was barely anyone on the trail on my way out to the reservoir. Some more people when I headed back though. I was going to try and hike to Chicago Lakes, but it was going to be longer than what I wanted to do today.

A little bit of ice in spots, but not bad at all. Would be great to go up soon before the snow hits. Total took about 2 hours.

10/14/17: started on trail about 9:30am. Parking lot was not as busy as we were expecting but definitely busier when we returned. Not many people on the trail despite a beautiful day. Some mud and small patches of snow on the trail but overall good conditions. The upper lake was very windy but still worth the hike up! 3 adults and 1 dog finished in about 4:30 with a few rest breaks.

Absolutely gorgeous hike. Just the right amount of difficulty. Definitely bring layers and lots of water because the temp can change quickly. Went last weekend when it was warmer so the temp may be dramatically different now though. Great trail for dogs too, but should be in decent shape to make a few of the more difficult climbs. Will definitely be doing this one again!

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