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Great trail. Well marked. Branch out on strawberry lane to go to Vail Village.

I would rate this Moderate Plus. Several tricky spots for younger kids and older folks.

Wooo! Worth it.

11 hours ago

Amazing trail ! Well worth the climb !

16 hours ago

Nice trail. Quite a few flowers. We encountered a bit of snow, but manageable.

We meant to do the easy Lily Pad Lake Trail but went to the wrong trailhead. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful hike. Kids rated it 6, 7 & 8 out of 10! It wasn’t too crowded and we didn’t deal with many bugs. Would totally suggest this if you’re up for the climb there.

We love this trail. The dirt road to get there from Vail is not always well maintained but this year in August of 2018, the road was passable with my Impreza sedan. It took us 2 hours to hike to the falls, enjoyed beautiful views from the well-maintained trail. We sat on the rocks by the falls and rested. saw a scampering animal that may have been a marmot?? Some very friendly folks eating their lunch (which they offered to share) near us asked if we'd seen the beaver but it was not likely that. The weather yesterday was absolutely perfect, no need for extra layers or rain coats, which I brought. Took us 1.5 hours to walk out. My daughter wore tennis-type shoes, I wore my hiking boots. Both of us we fine. The elevation gain on this trail is not significant but there are a few easy places where you pick your way across stones and a little trickle of water crossing the trail. Always good to start with a full water bottle to stay hydrated. This trail is a real treat for us, have hiked it several times, always delightful.

It's too late in the season for this trail. Wildflowers are gone, and the falls don't have enough water to be impressive. However, the walking surface is good, and the lake is pretty.
We had no trouble with the rough road in a Malibu. It took 30 minutes at 20-25 mph.
This looks like it would be a nice hike earlier in the season.

Great hike! Leads you up Vail mountain through beautiful patches of aspens and pines and through meadows. Once we got to the top of Eagles Nest we traversed the mtn on Grand Escape trail and down Kinnikinnick trail to the mid-Vail gondola. About 6 Miles all together and was amazing. Great views and a variety of landscapes. Not very busy on a Tuesday. The only downside is that the first mile is really steep and you hear the highway until about 1.5 miles into the hike. Don’t let that deter you. Was the only hike we did while in two for two nights and was a memorable one!

horseback riding
4 days ago

do not ride this trail! Frisco to Silverthorne... with all the down timber, this is a nice ride with actual standing trees and Aspen. we had five horses and the second across the bridge fell through. bushwacked three more across... below the bridge... tough, tough crossing. we decided to go into silverthorne... two more Bridges completely rotted out.

new timber are stacked up after the bridges so completely recommended this AFTER the bridges are repaired

Great, but challenging hike. We found another way up to escape majority of boulders by staying left of the trail next to bushes. Close to the top lonely goat joined us for a picture. It took us total 6h.

As someone from Michigan, this hike was a little difficult for me. There were some flatter areas but overall it was an incline. Took me about 3 hours to get up to the lake and 2.5 to get back down. However, it is pretty rough on the knees going down. Make sure to bring plenty of water and snacks/lunch for the lake.

5 days ago

Was absolutely gorgeous!! The views were amazing after the first 3 miles. Overall it was 12 miles.. Was definitely a hard hike. You could feel the elevation from the first few steps on the trail!!! Was just beautiful, would do again!

Hiked this trail as a kid with my family and now as an adult it is still a favorite. Such a great combination of tree cover and open space with a couple little water crossings. You can make it more difficult by picking up your pace but it’s great for all levels.

Challenging (moderate/difficult) to Surprise Lake and a more moderate second half to Upper Cataract Lake. We left the TH at 6:30am, arrived at Upper Cataract shortly after 9:00am. We fished with small spinners and spoons and caught four brook trout. Great hike, we will be back to camp at Surprise Lake!

6 days ago

Always a family favorite. Great for little ones. Saw a big bull moose about 20 feet from us. Amazing!

It says easy, but it was a little tougher than easy. The beginning heads straight up, makes you wonder early, stick to it and keep going. Nice view of Dillon Lake near the beginning. pretty Ricky in places and tree roots along the way make it more difficult. If you are a novice pretty tiring. The lake is very pretty with nice mountain views. The trek back in was easier.

Not "EASY" unless you're acclimated! Still very beautiful, but I feel this is mislabelled in the AllTrails

The first mile was OK but after that it is just cut down dead trees and not very pretty. We turned around after two miles in...kind of a disappointing hike. Maybe further in it gets better but not from what we could see.

7 days ago

An amazing trail with breathtaking views, especially for those from the flat Midwest. The first 1.5 hours gets you to Booth Falls, which are pretty small this year due to the lack of snow and rain. This is where most of the inexperienced hikers will stop, but beyond that is the true beauty of this trail. Highland meadows with wildfires, marmots chirping everywhere, and oh yeah....a pretty sweet mountain lake at the end. Plan for ~3 hours each way with plenty of water for the elevation change. Also this trail isn’t the most remote after the falls, as I ran into people every few minutes, but it’s also not so overcrowded you can’t escape. If you find yourself in Vail I hope you find time to do this awesome trail!

Hiked this in July by myself. On a weekday I only saw 2 other people. Challenging boulderfield...especially if you get off trail. Start the field to the RIGHT of the large cairyn....if you start to the left you will be climbing straight up til you find the trail. Lots of goats and stunning views from the top. Summited in 2.5 hours...and I’m from Minnesota...so it’s doable...but challenging.

Really enjoyed this hike. Just looking for one that was relatively short and considered easy/moderate. The hike up the trail on the northern leg was relatively steep, but worth it. Saw nice stands of aspen and a side-stream/brook that crossed the trail just prior to the "bridge". The turn-back at the "bridge" was accurate according to the GPS, but the trail was not well defined where it crossed the creek. It was great to find it. The return trail was much, much easier. One place along the way beside the creek was the most peaceful I've seen. (Snapped/posted a panaroma here.) Technically, I crossed at 39.62933, -106.26334. Enjoy it.

10 days ago

Nice hike! A good bit of the first part is along I-70, and the sound of traffic is annoying. Once you get beyond that, it is a nice, moderate incline to the lakes at the top. We will do this one again!

10 days ago

Very nice hike up the slopes. The elevation makes it pretty challenging, but it was doable for our 11 year old. Mix of forest and crossing the meadows on the ski slopes. Saw lots of berries (both edible and not). Had a nice lunch on top at the Eagles Nest. On the way down we diverted to Strawberry Trail for the last stretch to mix it up, which was nice. That feeds out into Vail Village about 10 minutes from the trailhead in Lionshead.

10 days ago

Terrific hike. The elevation is challenging but was quite doable for us and our boys, who range from 11 to 17. Took five hours total. 8am start was perfect to miss some of the traffic and get a cool start. Look for the goat at the lake.

Excellent hike! It took us 2:.5 hours to reach the lake at a good pace....and then a nice dip in the lake!!

11 days ago

Nice hike, interesting differences in how the fire has affected the area. I’d estimate less than 20% is completely burnt - 60% is untouched. Regardless- many signs of new life as seen in my pictures!

12 days ago

Decent trail. Hiked it again after previously hiking it about 6 years ago. Lots of dead trees around the trail which had hardened the beauty of the trail, but still a decent hike.

Amazing view! Our 3 boys loved it and one is 4 years old. Don’t miss this trail.

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