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9 hours ago

Great hike up from Lionshead. Steep first section and steep again at the end. Took the gondola down. Took my dog up it. Wide enough to pass people. Quite a few off leash dogs though.

Bring Bug Spray! Bad mosquito problem the whole way. 6/16/18. But hopefully won't be for long.

Nice trail. Good workout. Several campers along the way. One small snowfield about 30 feet.

The wild flowers were very pretty.

Definitely 5 stars if you come at the lily pad blooming season. Otherwise the lake is a little boring. The tail itself is good.

The wildflowers are beautiful on this hike! It’s fun to see the ski slopes in a whole new light, and you have the added benefit of a gondola ride down if you choose.

3 days ago

6/18 this trail was just re-open, post fire in the area. Super gorgeous, and thankfully, not burnt. Remember, it's fire season, NO cigarettes, or any sort of sparks or fire in the natural world now.

5 days ago

Hiked on 5/26. Only muddy in a few spots. Not the best time of year for the lily pads but we did see a moose! That was the highlight of the hike. So cool.

7 days ago

Beautiful hike. The snow has melted so the trail was dry and clear.

Beautiful trail. Not a hard walk. Hike through pine trees until you reach wit Lily Pond lake. Super pretty view of two lakes.

We started hiking on Tuesday morning shortly before the fire broke out. We did not realize how close it was to us until we came down and were about a half a mile from our car. We were surrounded by fire with nowhere to go. Luckily this area has good cell reception and we called 911. Summit County had to send two forest expert police officers in to guide us out because all the paths out were blocked by fire. It was scary to say the least. Amazing hike,we got pretty close to the summit when we saw the fire and started heading down. Still some snow is spots.
Grateful for the firefighters and police officers who saved us and hoping this fire gets contained soon.

8 days ago

We went as one of our second hikes after coming to coloradio from alabama. We prolly weren't fully acclimated to the elevation -nonetheless it was a challenging hike. We made it to about 1/8 of a mile from the lake and couldn't find the trail because of snow. Luckily, there was a solo hiker who found us sitting on a rock eating reeses pieces before we turned around and went back and explained we were super close to the lake just go straight over a couple of false summits and we were there. Was so grateful he told us that because the lake was definitely worth checking out. It was still mostly frozen but still cool and considering we weren't yet acclimated to the elevation quite a feat that we made it. We did that hike around the 9th or of June i can't remember the exact date.

I went in early June which is to early ... loved the experience and the views but couldn’t make it to the lake due to snow and loosing the trail about 1 mile away. I left my handheld gps on accident and was having problems with my compass and the map from the trail head at the falls. The snow starts about .5 after the falls. It can be packed down but if you fall through expect it up to your waist. It goes by rapids that have steep drop offs and icy slippery spots. Difficult to maneuver with the dogs. It continues just as steep but more technical than the path to the falls. The trial becomes a stream and thankfully I had my chacos or I would have been walking in soppy socks for awhile. We finally made it about a mile away around 5:30pm. It was starting to get dark in the valley and then I saw a cougar run the valley and jump a boulder I thought was next to the trail I had to take. I decided to call it quits. I got back to my car with minutes to spare before dark set in. I passed about 5 groups that attempted the trail on my way up and only one had made it to the lake. It was beautiful and difficult hike so just be prepared and start early. Go in a group and bring extra socks and/or water shoes. Map the trail out before and have a back up way to navigate. The app gps was skipping around on where we were in correlation to the trial. We were stuck in the large valley for over an hr trying to find the trial and then find where we came from due to the zigzags the gps was taking us on.

Made it to the Summit Sunday June 10th. There was a little snow at tree line however it was tracked out and made finding your way easy. There was no snow through the boulder field. The mosquitos were biting so be aware. This is a tough hike especially when you hit the boulder field; coming down the field is also a PITA. However the summit is awesome providing incredible views! Out and back took me 3:40 and an in decent shape for this early in the hiking season.

Beautiful hike with gorgeous views once you get to the “pond”! Pretty easy going with some elevation gain at times that gets your heart pumping. No snow- very little mud. Went on a Monday morning and was the only one on the trail. Lots of fallen trees along the way that cause you to use some agility. The trail starts at the N. Rock Creek trail head and once you get to the sign for Gore Range Trail go left (wish I had this info before hand) It’s a good one! Enjoy!

12 days ago

This trail is super nice and as of yesterday (6/11/2018) there is basically no snow until you are almost to Gore Lake. I stopped about 1/4 - 1/2 mile from gore lake because the snow became a pain but did run into several hikers that made it all the way to the lake, so it is doable. They were definitely tougher than me! People kept mentioning The Graves as the junction to the lake but I didn't get it until I was there that The Graves are two actual graves from the early nineteen hundreds. Pretty cool that they have kept them marked in honor of the deceased. This is a winner of a trail and I highly recommend it!

13 days ago

Nice short hike. Lake views are worth it. Saturday mid morning expect a lot of people.

Easy trail. Went with my 12 year old son. No snow, great hike! Son left hiking sticks on trail for other hikers. See photos :-) he said leave walking sticks for return hikers when done

Snow has melted enough to get to the boulder field. Pieced our way up slowly. Mountain goats at the top and fantastic 360 degree view. Seemed tougher than Mount Royal (likely because of altitude) we had a ten year old get to the summit with us.

very nice trail follow the hand carved signs no snow now

Good trail but map my walk showed it was a 9.5 mile hike to the falls. Steep for the last mile.

Great trail. Busy at the lakes. I think this by far is less traveled and more peaceful. Was not difficult to hike.

18 days ago

The Silverthorne area is so pretty! It was hard to pick just one trail. This trail was rated number 1 so I hiked it. I started at about 7:30 am and it was really peaceful! Such a beautiful spot with the river running through, the tall aspens, and of course a lake covered in lily pads. It’s definitely moderate and very scenic. You get a great view of the Dillon Reservoir as well.

18 days ago

This was an amazing hike. I’ve been to some of the best Forrest’s in the mid west but this one trumps them all. It’s not too challenging and the view from the pond is spectacular. Bring a light lunch and a hammock and you could easily spend a good couple hours relaxing here.

Beautiful trail. Breathtaking views at the lake near the start. The parking lot closest to the trial head is closed until 6/21/18 so we had to hike the 4 miles in from the lot at Lost Lake, but even with that extra mileage it was worth it.


What a fun hike! Waterfall is beautiful and very little snow.

Was able to make the summit. Lots of lingering snow patches obscuring the trail in the trees near treeline. Hard to pop out of treeline at the right point. I certainly did not follow the trail up. Was able to link up with the trail on the way down. Probably would not have been doable if I didn't know the mountain well.

21 days ago

Super beautiful views of the mountains! We also did the boulder lake hike as well! The trail was kind of muddy once we got past the mining shaft so we turned around. Not sure where the unnamed lake is.

The hike is finally dry with almost nonexistent snow on the trails. I love this hike! I started on the Willow Brook side which makes the hike a little shorter, I believe. It can be kind of confusing because of all the off-chutes but just follow the hand carved “Willow Falls” signs (on the main trail markers). There is a lot of vertical but it’s still pretty kid friendly. Depending on the time of year, the falls are at different intensity but always beautiful! This isn’t the type of hike where you have scenic views around every bend, but the forest is cool and mossy as is the river you stay near almost the entire time. WORTH it.

PS: As with any hike, don’t do this after dark. REALLY don’t. I underestimated my timing a few weeks ago doing a shorter loop and felt like something was stalking me! Turns out, there are mated mountain lions that live right in that area. Be cautious!! There are also lots of moose in the area. Just be alert and you’ll be safe!

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