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15 hours ago

Muddy hike today, 10.19.18 due to precip last night. Takes awhile to get away from I70 noise. Good workout. Lakes are meh but views at top are nice. Was peaceful and that's what I'm after but probably would not do this again. Too many other better trails in the area.

Hiked this on Monday, after a snowfall from the weekend. You get great views of several different ranges on a very easy, well-marked trail. I've hiked all over this damn state but this was my first moose sighting! A mother and baby grazing right at the trailhead. The trail does not require spikes as of 10/15/18.

5 days ago

This trail is an excellent day hike. On October 12, my son and I ventured from Copper Mountain toward Wheeler Lakes. The first two-thirds is the steepest portion of the hike with the final third easier on the legs. Our journey included snow, which enhanced the beautiful scenery. I highly recommend this hike.

We went during the week back in August to avoid the crowds. Bumpy road going up in a Jeep. Views are stunningly beautiful. Gentle stroll at first then slow ascent. I’d barely call this moderate.....more like advanced easy

Trailhead off traffic circle in Frisco. Beautiful hike through dense forest and well marked trail. Highlights include gorgeous view Lake Dillon before reaching Lily Pad lake. Pretty continuous elevation to lake, about 800ft. Much more scenic than section from Silverthorne to Lily Pad lake.

Beautiful views of the mountains and aspen colors. Got lucky with the weather, leaves we're peaking and mountains we're snow dusted.

14 days ago

I started in Vail Village, so I took the Strawberry Lane trail to Berrypicker up to Eagle's Nest. It is steep but beautiful patches of aspens everywhere even though the valley is past peak. It rained with a little snow on October 4th, so poles were necessary on the slippery terrain.

on Gore Lake

15 days ago

Beautiful fall hike, low traffic, no bikes, plenty of breathtaking views! The full out-and-back loop is more like 14.4mi. The route to the lake is tough, and slow going, even for experienced hikers.

There are mountain goats up at the lake, please don’t feed them!!


19 days ago

Great little jaunt for a last minute spontaneous hike. We got there around 1pm and there was hardly anyone there. There is actually parking much closer to where the trail turns into the mountain off 70 otherwise, you have to walk a little bit on the side of 70 before you turn in which I thought was actually pretty cool. Either way, you are pretty much right across from Copper Mt at the start. Good little easy hike for some exercise . Aspens along the trail pretty much have lost their leaves as of today.

* Short easy hike. Slow, steady incline until you hit the lakes.
* Pretty, open space at the top where the lakes are. That's the best part.
* Trail head is easy to find, right of Rt 70 across from Copper
* Good choice for beginners or a last minute hike.
* Quiet at the top by the two lakes. Although the lakes are not the typical turquoise mountain lakes, still pretty to have lunch at. Very peaceful. We were there just appreciating the silence for an hour.
* Most of the hike has good cover from trees once you get past the first mile.

* Not the pretties of hikes unless you hit it during peak aspen leaf changing. Your mostly in trees.
* Views until you get to the lakes are through the trees and are mostly of Copper Mountain if any views at all.

9/30/18: Beautiful and challenging for a backpack trek. Aspens are great all the way up to the lake. The trail is steep, but not too painful. The trail is very narrow in sections and one portion is cut into a hill and you feel as though you might slide off. Trees were great this weekend. If you’re going up to camp, please mind the 100’ from the lake expectation, even if you see an established camp. Also, to those with dogs: the first few miles are on a southern slope and it was hot. No water access until the lake.

Great fall foliage!

20 days ago

Beautiful hike, but challenging. It was a great character builder for my eight-year-old son , 11-year-old daughter and wife. Coming from sea level the day before added to the challenge, but the kids made the trek in 7:30 hours with a stop for lunch at the lake. Can’t wait to do it again.

20 days ago

I’m a previously in shape hiker who is now super out of shape. The uphill on the way to the lakes was very tough (had to stop and catch my breath a lot), but I kept on. It was short enough that it didn’t kill me :) The lakes were decent. Back to the parking was all downhill and much easier for me. Took me 2 hours from parking lot to the top lake, and then 1.5hrs down. Great part about this hike is that much of the trail goes through the trees, so lots of shade.

21 days ago

Easy hike, beautiful views. Perfect morning hike, loved the forest views. The lake was picturesque.

22 days ago

This is an amazing hike. The first quarter of a mile or less has some burned forest but after that it gets really pretty. The walk is from moderate to hard, it gets tough at times but so worth it! Getting to the water fall definitely made our day, the view is impressive. We sat for a good 20 mind to half hour and the experience was really relaxing.

This hike beat us. It was tough and steep, but very beautiful. We are from sea level. The altitude also got us. The views are worth it, even though we didn't make it to the top. The scree/talus field did us in. We climbed it for a bit and had .8 of a mile and 1,000 ft of elevation gain left. That was our first encounter with rock like that and we gave it our best shot. On our climb down from the field, we got way off the path. Thank goodness for the GPS tracker in this app!

23 days ago

Views are amazing and well worth all the uphill! Majestic mountain views, peaceful lakes, and a bit of Fall in the air-what more could you ask for.

23 days ago

Amazing hike with spectacular views and fall Aspen colors. We did the whole 11 mile loop including Gore Range and Surprise Lake Trails - took us 6 hours.

24 days ago

Loved every part of this hike. Of coarse I’m from flat Dallas, TX and this was my first hike of my trip out here. Beautiful, minimal traffic.

25 days ago

Awsome extremely exhausting hike for someone not used to this altitude. We are from sea level. This trail kicked out butt, but is was well worth it. Beautiful views all the way up. Took 3 hrs to get to the lake. Just over 3000 elevation gain. Our most ever. Well worth it.

26 days ago

Date: 9/22/18, 7:30am-1:30pm
Conditions: Sunny, clear, temps 40-65F
Adequate dirt, roadside parking at trailhead. More parking available up the hill. Watch for bicyclists coming down when leaving.
While rated as hard, overall the trail is fairly moderate. There is a steep section at the start and a long climb to the lake, but the majority of the trail is a series of short climbs, downhills and flats. The trail carves through a variety of terrain, remaining mostly well-shaded throughout. Following Gore Creek, there are some small waterfalls and water access points along the route. Once you hit the marked graves of the Recen brothers, take a minute to fuel up and shed layers as the climb to the lake begins. The best views, aside from the lake, come from the open meadows on this final climb. Gore Lake itself is a breathtaking large green body at the feet of Snow Peak, Willow Peak, and Red Peak. There is a trail around the entire lake if you have energy remaining. As others have noted, this looks to be a great place to spend a few nights camping. I'll be back!
Upon reaching the lake, I noticed an illegal campfire left burning and was forced to throw the large, smoldering logs into the water to put it out. Please abide by fire bans and Wilderness regulations posted at the trailhead.

Great hike!

27 days ago

Great easy hike! I did this in fall and the changing colors of the trees was very beautiful. You can algo get spectacular views of the Dillon, Silverthorne area. Good for families!

Yes, the drive up is long and bumpy, but the hike is so worth it. Fall colors were absolutely beautiful and view over the lake and mountains when you first start is breathtaking. Not a challenging hike at all with just a slight incline and some areas where you have to climb over some rocks. Totally fine to take kids on. There was quite a crowd when I was there, but you can park along the road, so don’t worry too much about that.

28 days ago

Beautiful hike! Lots of diverse scenery....aspen groves, pine forests, open meadows, lovey views across the valley. Aspens were just about perfect this weekend. It was mostly uphill the entire way & the trail could get quite narrow, which made it seem more difficult. Lakes at the top were not the most picturesque I’ve seen but a nice place to have lunch before heading down.

Had a wonderful morning hike to Lily Pad lake. It was easy to take my dog (leashed) and there were some moose in the first pond on the trail.

Along the ridge trail, beautiful aspen colors. Saw moose near winding river below. Several streams with logs to walk over. Waterfall minimal due to dry season

Really nice trail, very cool to see the contrast from the burn against the new growth. A lot of the way there is actually downhill- the way back is where it becomes strenuous!!! The waterfall is just beautiful and you can get right up next to it—-we had a mama and baby mountain goat join us at the waterfall, apparently was their watering hole. Highly recommend!!

1 month ago

Recently ranked hardest hike in Summit County and top 5 hardest hikes in Colorado -- and, after hiking just about everything else in the area, I would have to agree. My roommate and I literally decided to do this hike on a whim after staring at this mountain for 2 solid years. Middle section of the hike is brutal and most of the 3000 ft of elevation gain happens in little more than a mile and a half. The trail is relentless going up and down and the skree field in the middle is tough. Warning, I brought my lab (like I do on all hikes) and she barely made it through the middle (and she is probably one of the most capable hikers you will ever meet). I would recommend you not bring your dog past tree line unless you know he/she can handle it. View at the top was amazing, and incredibly silent. Bring lots of water, nothing past a small creek very early into the hike. Would I do it again -- probably not -- but it was worth it. FYI, it took us about 5 hours out and back, and we are pretty solid hikers.

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