Photos of Eagles Nest Wilderness Cross Country Skiing Trails

A tremendous trail, indeed trail system, for someone looking for an introduction to high country snowshoeing in Summit County or a moderate outing in general. The kiosk at the trailhead has a map to a whole network of local trails that connect with Mesa Cortina. You can go into Eagles nest wilderness on at least two of them. When I went yesterday, January 19, 2019, Silverthorne had just had several inches of snow over the previous couple of days. The trail drew people of various inclinations. I saw a couple, like myself, using snowshoes, several people using backcountry skis, a couple of Nordic skiers, and one couple in hiking boots. It looked as though they had some trouble postholing in one Meadow, though in general the backcountry skiers have done a good job of tamping down the trail despite the fact that snow depths were up to my knees once you got off the trail and took off snowshoes. The moderate rating on this trail is probably accurate once the trail gets up into Eaglesnest wilderness but if you do one of the shorter loops it’s definitely easy. I got into the wilderness and indeed it begins to head uphill at that point. The other snowshoers pointed out to me that they did the trail as a clockwise loop which I gather somewhat mitigates the climb while meaning that you wouldn’t get up to the Gore Trail and higher elevations. Be prepared for the fact that from a couple of the open Meadows on this trail you get a view of I 70 climbing up towards the Eisenhower tunnel to the east, but if you can discipline yourself to overlook that I recommend this trail. If you have a dog, it will have plenty of company out here, based on my experience yesterday. And as for the company. though I did meet a number of people on the trail, all of whom were quite friendly, including a group of snowboarders headed to a backcountry slope they use, I had no trouble finding a parking place in the small trailhead lot because most of the folks on the trail live literally in the neighborhood. I also had plenty of time to myself, and important criterion for me. As for the trailhead, be advised to ignore Google maps when it says the trailhead is 50 feet after you turn on to Royal Redbird. In fact, it’s necessary to drive down to the foot of the hill to where the road begins to turn left and just at the corner you’ll see the parking lot on your left. And there is no reason you can’t take Lord Gore Road as a shortcut and then turn right on Royal Redbird.