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follow the protrails info on this hike to get directions closer and bypass some of hiking along i70. I liked this hike! got the heart pumping and great views. especially do the spur at the second lake. I slipped 3 times on ice but I was too lazy to put on my spikes. also I ran into two sets of hunters, so just be aware and I would recommend dogs on a leash.

1 day ago

My wife and I age 30 in good shape hiked this trail at a moderate pace to a boulder at the very top of the waterfall for a picnic lunch. We stopped in an open field to the left about 2 miles in that had a lake and a gorgeous view of mountain peaks. In all we stopped for a total of about 2 hours. We left at 9am and were back to the car at 3:50. Beware of horse poop and when you get to the middle of the waterfall, go through the woods to the right off the path to get to an upper path that takes you to the highest point of the waterfall on a bald boulder for a complete overlook. It doesn’t seem a lot of people know about that. We found it by chance. Absolutely worth everything. It was breathtaking!

3 days ago

We mistakenly took the trail head and lower Piney lake and then Meadow Creek Road. Still pretty but the 9-mile dirt road made me like it less than others.

4 days ago

Fun hike not too challenging except we didn't realize it was an out and back and ended up on Meadow Creek as we didn't turn around. We had to turn around and come back up (which was difficult) as we were not near our car. It ended up being much longer but fun.

A beautiful place to be, conveniently close to town as well. If you've got the stamina to rock this trail then do it...great view of holy cross while going up to the lake. Most people stop at the falls a few miles in - it's very worth it to keep going. Big family of marmots live up top at the lake and they will surely be scoping you out and talking to each other!

great hike! Aspen groves, rubber crossing, water fall at the end. no complaints.

6 days ago

6 days ago

Great easy trail that ends with a beautiful lake & view!

8 days ago

8 days ago

This is a great trail. Hiked the beginning of October. Snow on the upper half. Some slippery spots. Beautiful views at the top!