Beautiful views - we went the day after a fresh snow and it was perfect! Spikes were helpful but not required if your shoes have traction. Great overlook spots.

2 months ago

Amazing views at the summit. We were warned about a few false summits, there were three. I usually don’t take my dog on this long of a hike. We did see a couple of dogs along the way. I would definitely recommend this hike.

Great for novice hiking with great views!

trail running
3 months ago

was hoping to trail run this and loop it twice. not quite enough in shape to get the initial uphill at a run. ended up looping the lake three times and running down. That was perfect for my usual 3 mile run.

Good trail to take to get acclimated- views are good. Have taken 4 yr old grandson up to have s picnic. Don’t let the short uphill climb keep you from going. It is not too bad

Great hike!!!

Spectacular hike for Lake Dillon and Aspen tree views

4 months ago

This was a great, beautiful fall adventure but hiker beware much closer to 13 miles than 9.

The map is only accurate for the first few miles.
After that there are several switch backs over the steep incline to the summit of Ptarmigan Peak.
We made it to the top in 4 hours, 15 minutes with stops and a lunch break on the way up.
The down route took over 2.5 hours.

The difficult part was there wasn’t much space for active recovery. Constant incline, like the elevation map suggests, but I disagree with the reviews that say that “after the first 2 miles it’s easy”.
Excellent trail condition, bring lotssss of water for yourself and doggies!! Be sure to look around and enjoy the views!

Nice, well maintained trail with some great views near the top. Great for beginners or children.

A couple good lookout points and overall great hike. Went with 5 children (15,13,10, 2 and 6 months old).

Beautiful trail especially the aspen grove. The views of Dillon Lake are unmatched .

Great place to view leaves and the lake. Easy enough to bring kids 6months to 2 years old( in a pack).

4 months ago

There’s a couple different ways to reach Ptarmigan Peak. We started in the neighborhood off of i70, parking off of Ptarmigan Trail road.

This trail splits underneath the power lines - you can turn left, right, or go straight. Don’t turn left. Turning right takes you (steeply) up the ridge to the saddle. We went straight, which is still a steady climb, but it takes you to the overlook with the bench. The bench is 2.5 miles from the TH and the summit is about 3.5 miles from the bench - RT total of 12 miles if you choose this route.

Ptarmigan Peak is really just a mound off to the right of the trail with a pile of rocks denoting the high point. Great views up there though!

Beautiful hike!! The first time I summited it, there was still snow on the ground! Needless to say, lots of post-holing happened, and the snow shoe path we followed was vaguely on the path.

Today was a beautiful blue-jay September day, and I decided to go for a stroll after work. I’m so glad I did! Pretty standard hike, but it’s gorgeous when dry and not covered in snow too! Saw 3 people on their bikes, and only 4 other hikers during the entire 12 mile trail. I started at 12:30pm, and was back to the trailhead (the Ptarmigan Trailhead, NOT Anglers) at 5:45. So, it took about 5 hrs and 15 minutes round trip. I stopped a LOT, but kept an average pace of about 2.5 mph throughout. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. It’s a very easy hike, but there are 2-3 false summits. So, be aware of that going in!

The trail is beautiful and easy. When reaching the top it can be quite windy. Stay to the right on the trail the other fork takes you to a service road.

Awesome hike for those that are getting used to the altitude. The scenery is amazing.

We hiked this after a Lake Dillon kayak trip. It was the perfect trail to get a good view of the whole lake and range, as well as impending storms. Wildflowers and awesome views the whole way.

Our family of 5 (parents and kids age 12,13, and 16) hiked this trail our first day in Dillon. We live on the east coast, at sea level, and this was a great hike for us as we acclimated to the altitude. Beautiful scenery and surprisingly great views/ scenic overlooks. I'm not in great shape, and stopped occasionally on the steeper parts of the trail for some water, but this trail was perfect for us!

5 months ago

Amazing 360 views from this summit! Thanks to the old beetle kill, there is very limited shade the entire route. Pack plenty of water, especially for your dogs.

Much better than hiking up or down a ski hill like most of the tourists do while in town.

5 months ago

Very picturesque hike with great views of the reservoirs, mountains and town of Dillon. Great for a short hike

5 months ago

Our new favorite trail! Great for young kids because it’s short and easy. The views are amazing. We will bring family/friends to this trail when they come to visit us.

Great for a quick walk or if you have small kids. One con is you can hear highway noise.

5 months ago

I loved this trail. We went up via the Angler Trail and it was sort of steep but not terribly so in my opinion. And the views were amazing right from the start. This trail does pass through a lot of subdevelopment construction and by an electrical substation but once you clear the power lines about 50" into the hike, you leave that all behind. And that being said, the "unnatural" sights along the way weren't a buzz kill. Just know what to expect.
When we go to the end of the Angler Trail, unfortunately we went right when we should have gone left. The map seemed to our party of 5 hikers to point us right so we did... wrong! We should have gone left. Fortunately we did employ the GPS function and it became apparent after a quarter of a mile that we were going down the mountain rather than up. In fact we then ran into another hiker who was also coming down the wrong trail so I don't think it was us being stupid. Someone needs to revamp the map in this app.
Anyways we found our way back to the right trail and it was a short hike to the gorgeous outlook with a log bench perfect for a water and snack break enroute to the summit or a destination in and of itself for those looking for a half day hike (probably an hour and a half to get to it). Then the long slog to treeline but really a pleasant grade with good footing and great views. About 3 hours from the start we hit the Ptarmigan Peak Wilderness sign at treeline (even saw a Ptarmigan bird just before this sign!). Then the long crossing of the open grassy meadows to the summit with expansive views in all directions. It took about an hour and 15" to get to the summit from there. There are a couple of false summits so don't get summit fever too early.
The summit was cool and very windy but beautiful. It is marked by a large cairn and you turn right off the Ptarmigan Trail at the sign pointing straight to Ute Mountain. The sign doesn't indicate the right turn to the summit but it's pretty obvious as the large cairn is visible from that sign.
This is a definite repeat! Very enjoyable with pretty wildflowers along the whole route, amazing views, gentle grade and good footing! Enjoy!

It was a very easy hike. The scene is so beautiful. This trail is for everyone.

Fun walk with our granddaughter! More houses and roads than we prefer but a nice trail

Great views. The road is easy to miss to turn on to, a dirt road is what you should be on the look out for. Good trail for all ages from who all we saw on the trail.

Good early morning hike! Took our 8 month old grandchild with us. Pretty views and meadow had lots of flowers in bloom!

Did this hike on an overcast July morning and loved it. Not too strenuous with nice views. Nothing incredibly special, but still a nice little hike.

The trail where bikers are not permitted is quite nice. The water is crystal clear and the views of the mountains are breathtaking. The trail is very easy to access as well as easy to hike. Although jt’s a beautiful hike, I personally enjoy views that don’t include power lines and major roadways. For where it’s located, it’s a great hike and worth it.

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