I love this trail because it is easy to get to, available nearly year round and the views are beautiful. Standing in the keyhole overlooking the mountains is spectacular.

trail running
1 month ago

If you want to experience where the locals do their single-track trail-running, this is it. It’s about 7 miles RT if you take the trail until it drops into the blue sky section. Lots of rolling trail but with many sections of loose rock and polished slabs that take nimble footwork. Moderate hills are perfect for those looking to improve their uphill running as it doesn’t last too long or is super steep in any spot. Great place to make running a habit!

This was our first hike near the foothills of the Co. Rockies. What beautiful day for this trail; there only a handful people and the weather was perfect. The 'keyhole' is a nice feature along this easy hike. The trail has map location settings along route making it extremely easy to follow.

Awesome family hike, I cannot wait to go back.

One of my favorite hikes.

This was a very easy walk. We saw lots of people and a lot of people had their dogs. Everyone we encountered was very friendly. There’s a LT of uneven rocks that you have to pay attention to but overall this was a pretty hike.

Really nice. More trails available than what is currently listed here. Slightly rocky but easy terrain for all ages and activities!

This was a really pretty hike, a little windy the day I went. An elementary school field trip was arriving as I pulled in. I set off immediately with my dog to try and stay ahead of them but unfortunately wasn't able to spend much time at the Keyhole (which is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous) as they managed to catch up with us. I think I'll try this hike again next spring, I've been told the wildflowers that pop up along the hills are really pretty.

This is a great semi-urban Trail! There are some lovely 360 degree and mountain views. We enjoyed stepping into the keyhole. The farther in you get the rockier the trail is. That last Loop (Laughing Horse Loop) was pretty uneven and challenging on the feet, and I was wishing a mountain biker would pass by so I could watch. I hear this trail is one to avoid in the summer due to heat and snakes, but in November it was absolutely wonderful!

Nice trail, a bit narrow in some areas which made it challenging to hike with our kiddos and people wanting to pass. Everyone was very courteous which made up for the tight trail.

A very nice trail. I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was a little too crowded for my liking, so in the future I'd go earlier or on a weekday. Great family trail, dog and kid friendly.

There is a huge parking lot but I was lucky to find a spot. Although it was almost November, it was very warm and there was no shade. The geological features were amazing but the geological features underneath your hiking shoes were as interesting as the big rocks. If you plan to do this trail (and you should!), try to do it when it is not so hot as there is absolutely shade.
It is sad to see that you see many houses around this site.

I really enjoyed this trail with fantastic views of this unique geological feature, the surrounding foothills and the northern Front Range rising in the distance. I hiked the Wild Loop to the Overlook and Keyhole and then returned to the trailhead. I would have loved to extend it to the Hunter Loop and the view of the Devil's Backbone from an elevated perspective. But given the full schedule of my late July vacation, I had to be satisfied with this great section.

This is my morning stretcher before work because I am only a mile away, and am so thankful for it. I enjoy biking it through to Coyote Trail and back, too.

Great, easy hike to take in some Colorado scenery. Went on a cloudy day so the trails weren't busy at all. Will definitely go back!

mountain biking
6 months ago

This trail is comparable to a roller coaster or a go kart trail. It is windy, has small hills that instantly reward you with their decline, twists, and sharp turns. It is very fun even if you aren't an experienced rider. I highly recommend this trail for its beauty and charisma.

Way too crowded

Interesting rocks along the trail path.

I go here a lot especially during the winter when the roads are too bad to go anywhere else. It's pretty much always crowded and people have no control of their dogs. I don't even bother going up to the key hole because there's so many people up there. We did have a run in with a huge rattlesnake last summer so always be aware of where you're stepping. If you can go up on an off day early in the morning it's a pretty nice spot close to town though.

Great place to hike and get outside! Went with our family and toddler and we went about 2 miles. Go as far or short as you want.

love riding here.. nice flowy trails, some pretty good climbs.. fun trail...

Glad we did it once, but we won't do it again. Family hike. Youngest child 5 yrs old and oldest 9 yrs old. This is dry, rocky terrain. We hiked to the keyhole and back. There are no trees once you hit the trail. While the rock formation is neat, there is only access to it up close at the keyhole itself. Barely worth the 45 minute drive to get there.

excellent trail. the key hole is definitely worth the trip.

Our first family hike! Hot with little shade. great test hike.

Easy family hike. Get there early, parking fills up by 10:00a.m.

8 months ago

Cool rock formation, nice views, but limited access to actually exploring the rock formation

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