mountain biking
6 days ago

Interesting rocks along the trail path.

I go here a lot especially during the winter when the roads are too bad to go anywhere else. It's pretty much always crowded and people have no control of their dogs. I don't even bother going up to the key hole because there's so many people up there. We did have a run in with a huge rattlesnake last summer so always be aware of where you're stepping. If you can go up on an off day early in the morning it's a pretty nice spot close to town though.

Great place to hike and get outside! Went with our family and toddler and we went about 2 miles. Go as far or short as you want.

love riding here.. nice flowy trails, some pretty good climbs.. fun trail...

Glad we did it once, but we won't do it again. Family hike. Youngest child 5 yrs old and oldest 9 yrs old. This is dry, rocky terrain. We hiked to the keyhole and back. There are no trees once you hit the trail. While the rock formation is neat, there is only access to it up close at the keyhole itself. Barely worth the 45 minute drive to get there.