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It was a warm day (60!) but most of Plymouth Creek between Meadowlark and and the upper loop was icy and muddy. If you bring your dog, be prepared to give a bath! Meadowlark was dry and clear, but no views - just trees.

A great hike closer to the city.

This was a hidden gem that I should probably write a bad review so no more people decide to visit! Really lovely hike and close by. Every turn was another breath taking view. This will become one of our regular hikes.

Did this in Early August and whew it was hot!!! Pretty amazing all the different types of environment you see here, from rocky hill with scrub bushes, to sudden forrest, down to dusty feeling grassy plains. In peoples backyards. If you’re going to do the short loop, bear in mind 1) bears 2) there isn’t a lot of shade 3) if you want more elevation up and then a smoother down, start out on the North side and go counterclockwise!!!

Had to cut this hike short due to bears. There’s a sign at the trailhead about recent bear activity but there were a number of people on the trail so I started the hike. After passing several people warning of the bear spotted that morning, I looped over to meadowlark trail and called it a day. May want to wait on this hike for a while. (Bear was spotted morning of 9/26)

I got this trail done while I did Meadowlark Plymouth Creek and Plymouth Mountain Trail Loop

Beautiful trail with several changes in terrain and scenery. Rated as moderate, but my six year old made the loop just fine. We’re definitely adding this to our list of regulars.

Narrow at times. Difficult to pass.

Nice hike...lots of people and mountain bikers. My advice is to stay on trails that bikers arent allowed if you are hiking. Nice views but didnt see a waterfall.

Really neat trail. Great views from up top. Brought our 4 year old along and he handled this trail just fine. Only thing that kept it from 5 stars was the large amount of traffic. Granted this was about 8:30am on Labor Day.

Great hike for first timers! Pretty okay scenery and nice amount of inclines to feel like you did something.

Phenomenal! The trails are beautiful to behold and the views of the valley are spectacular!

Phenomenal! The trails are beautiful to behold and the views of the valley are spectacular!

This trail is magnificent! Every time I made a turn a new view would take my breath away. Bikers and hikers on the trail were friendly. One of the prettiest trails I’ve ever been on! Truly not to be missed.

Good hike in the front range. Not a lot to it and the N side has very little coverage so be aware. Nice views of the city when youre at the peak but for the most part not a lot to it and kind of bland.

chill hiking, nothing too intense, plenty of shade, nice views. *****

As a trail runner, I found Meadowlark to be awesome - a nice variety of shade & sun, not too steep and technically easy. When you get to Plymouth Creek portion, however, this is more of a washout than a trail. huge boulders, giant steep steps. I walked up and down it due to how difficult it is. It's a good workout but pretty unpleasant if you're trying to run. I didn't get through the full 2nd loop but found the early stages (turning left off Plymouth Creek as soon as I could) to be lovely. I will try it again but will have low expectations on speed. It got pretty busy by 8:30a so it's a good morning route.

cougar was sighted at base of grizzly drive after an evening hike. other than that trails are in great shape and the creek is running.

Went counter-clockwise and said I was really glad I did! Upper-80s today (8/11) and full sun. Ideally I’d do this trail when it’s mid 70s. Really enjoyed how much the terrain changed and suddenly we were in the woods! Good quick but well hidden geocache on the trail too. Was somewhat disappointed the only animals I managed to see were birds, dogs and humans.

We loved this hike! The different terrain types ranging from the deep forest feel to the open, arid desert parts. It sprinkled briefly on our way back but didn’t ruin the experience. We also took the quick out and back on the scenic view trail to have some lunch and enjoy the views. The hike’s difficulty is accurate.

Moderate difficulty when traveling clockwise. Shaded, rocky incline followed by an open, easier descent. Nice views towards the top, and you can see Denver in the distance.

Good local trail. Cool view of Denver! A little harder than I thought it would be.

I would say this trail is a little more moderate than easy for some, as you do encounter some steep rocky inclines. Overall a good trail!

Saw 2 deer, 1 rattle snake and either a bobcat or lynx last night. Be vigilant.

Very pretty hike. Not very hard at all. Note for dog owners - there is no stream or waterfall this time of year. Do not plan on any water for the pets on the trail. Bring plenty for them with this heat. Good hike, good views - nice and close to town.

Hiked this trail in the evening, and we had the whole trail to us. Since it’s so close to the city, this one is totally doable at any time in the day. Took my not-so-athletic dog with us and he had no problems hiking the whole thing. Decent amount of shade throughout the trail that protected us from the rains in the evening. Great views of the city once you reach the Plymouth Mountain trail.

Good long hike, we saw butterflies a lot of meadows and gorgeous views! There were some “where am I” times but when in doubt just walk down hill.

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