Love this trail- just pretty colorado scenery. I took my teenaged daughter a mile up the meadowlark trail with our dog and then doubled back. Pretty easy, no bikes, great views, lots of butterflies and some wildflowers, not crowded. I will have to do the whole thing without a teen in tow

Nice loop trail. Nice views! Will def hit up again

Turned this trail into a mega hike today and added on the Red Mesa Loop and the Plymouth Mountain Loop. Had the Golden Eagle and Red Mesa trails all to myself. Meadowlark and Plymouth Creek were crowded as usual. Saw a snake on the Meadowlark and some deer coming down Plymouth Mountain. Nice views all day!! All Trails had it 11.8 miles. Check my recording if you would like to try it.

Good trail but too many rocks everywhere! My 10 year old cousin made it all the way with little breaks. It was somewhat challenging for him but he said it was perfect. Would recommend going earlier to avoid busy times. Some parts were a little too steep for my comfort.

I hiked this mountain on 6/1. Highly recommend it. Everything about it was amazing. It is a bit challenging for the first couple miles, but 75% is under the cover of trees. I started at 7:45 am and was the only one at the summit for over an hour. Enjoy!!

Great hike! Gained a bunch of elevation in the beginning of the hike. Pretty lookout point at the top. Hiked on 5/31 and it was beautiful. Decent amount of people on the trail. I would hike again

Too busy and a lot of trip hazards. Plus, the rattlesnakes are everywhere.

This hike isn't exactly easy, but the scenic view is worth it.

Not sure who declared this trail to be “full of wildflowers,” but it was pretty bare. Lots of green so maybe they’ll be there soon? Even if it had some nice color, this is a pretty vanilla trail. The first (and last) 1.5mi, you will get fried. If you’re an avid hiker, I’d skip this one. If you’re newer and just looking for something with a little challenge, sure, this could do. Just be prepared. Saw LOTS of unprepared people, wrong attire, no water, flip flops, no sun protection, etc. This only sits at 7000' so it's pretty hot when you're in the sun

I went counter clockwise. 1st half on the Meadowlark has amazing views. 2nd half is the decent down the Plymouth Creek Trail which is short on views and really rocky. Heavy traffic. Still a fun hike though!!

Beautiful moderate trail and amazing views! Take the meadowlark trail on the way back. Gorgeous views.

This is an excellent hike!! I recommend taking the loop clockwise. The views start quicker that way. Miles and miles!! It was kind of hazy today...but I'll be back!!!

Really enjoyed this trail. The first 2.5 miles have a pretty consistent incline that can really get your heart rate up but makes for a good workout. I really enjoyed the hike at the top. A decent amount of mountain bikers so just be aware. Will definitely be doing this again.

Hiked on 5/25. Lots of people due to the holiday. Had our pup with us and saw a lot of dogs. The first section is unshaded, but when you get to the part where it meets up with Meadowlark Trail, most people seemed to take that trail and not continue up the mountain. So after that, it was quiet, hiking in the trees, and therefore shaded very peaceful. We met less people during that section for sure. Beautiful views. And as people have mentioned, pretty popular with bikers.

Beautiful views and well maintained trail.

Pulled a hamstring last week and impending rain resulted in looking for a shorter hike closer to town. This was perfect. Started a little after 7 am and thought I saw a bear on the the way in. Looks like one was spotted later. Beautiful wildflowers, nice views, nice elevation gain. Trekking poles are perfect for this sometimes rocky hike (why do people just carry them)? Keep in mind that the city is sometimes in view and occasionally you can hear traffic, but it is still worth it. Some shade too.

Saw a mama bear & her cub today on the backside of red Mesa loop! Keep your eyes peeled! Trail was loaded with wild flowers and pretty views :)

Hiked this on 05/17/20. Very crowded that Sunday morning, but it’s a nice option for a quick hike close to Denver. Recommend coming early and being prepared for lots of people. The scenic areas are nice for such a local trail.

Had a hard time finding the 10mi loop. The map on site says it is 13.1 loop. Took another route twice. 2.7 mi loop twice. Amazing views friendly people. Moderate to heavy traffic. Can’t wait to come back.

Great trail with decent elevation increase. Great day hike, would suggest going on a week day or early on a weekend (before 9am) to avoid crowds!

Love this hike!!! Easily accessible and decent scenic views. Great for trail running! Can get pretty busy but if you go early morning or late evening you’ll practically have the trails to yourself!

Definitely horseback ridable, but be warned of the very technical parts. There is one section called "The Wall". One horse went right up it no problem, the other horse took the stairs. Coming down it, we both dismounted and walked down the stairs. For the technicalstuff, there was nothing that you couldn't dismount and just walk around or through if you're unsure of your horses ability. Highly recommend rubber boots for the horses or barefoot. Metal shoes can't do the rocks as well. once you're past the technical stuff in the beginning, the rest is easy and meanders through forest. We went on a weeknight and had the back of the park to ourselves, it was so quiet and peaceful. Parking lot has spaces for about 8 trailers as long as cars don't take them, easy in and out.

Can make it a long hike or a short one. Extremely easy path to follow, lots of foot traffic on a nice day!

Nice moderate hike. Nothing too spectacular in regards to views though.

Had a great time. Good inclines and a lot of forest cover. Really fun hike!

Great little loop and will definitely get your heart pumping. Loved that part of it is shaded and along a stream, let our pup get a nice break and drink from the hot climb up. Was warned of rattlesnakes on the trail by other hikers, but they had disappeared by the time we walked through that area. With pup at side and babe on back

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