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Nice trail. Very crowded in the first mile and a half with kids, dogs, runners, walkers, and everyone else. Upper mileage less crowded. Great views.

The Plymouth creek trail is icy in parts, as it’s in the shadows. Other parts are muddy.. but there’s some great views.

14 days ago

Great trail! Easy and well kept.
Just want to tell anyone who wanted to go right now (Feb 8th 2017) It is a little muddy, so be ready for it! :)

A mostly gravel trail, with some ice, and places with space to walk two side by side. All ages were out on the trail. Two parking lots-the northern one is off road, larger and has access to rest rooms.

2.6.18 - this trail route actually depicts Meadowlark to Plymouth Creek to Plymouth MOUNTAIN back to Plymouth Creek. I ended up doing a lollipop loop from Meadowlark to Plymouth Creek to Red Mesa Loop and back. mostly enjoyable, but Plymouth Creek is glare ice and was difficult/unpleasant without traction. also where is the waterfall?? be aware there is a mountain lion advisory for the area currently.

Muddy and icy for 2 miles, becomes dry dirt for about half a mile, then back to mud, ice in the shadows of the mountain and dirt again. Cacti at the top so be careful. Ice was quite thick and slippery so be really careful. Today was about 50 degrees. Start with a lot of mud, end with a lot of mud. Be ready to wash your legs and dogs.

Trails were mostly snow packed and icy turning to slush as day warmed up. Snow tracks would have been useful. Glad to have hiking poles. Lots of people and dogs galore. It was a great day. LEO our GSD had a lovely hike.

Great hike. Beautiful views of downtown Denver.

Great hike! The stairs are rough but well worth the views that follow!


Invest in some snow traxs, slip on traction for ice snow. Trail ice packed snow pretty dangerous for the best traction foot wear . Loved the hike glad did not bust my butt

Nice, easy, well-marked trail for a midday winter hike. Went today (January) and it was very icy and snow packed for long stretches of the trail. We were able to pick through dry spots for some of it but definitely needed traction!

Great trail with amazing views. Very dog friendly. Lots of mud/ice on the trails today.

Great hike with gorgeous views. Moderate for the most part, with a pretty steep 1.5 miles along the Plymouth Mountain Trail.

One for my favorite local trails.

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2 months ago

Beautiful hike! Easy to understand which trails I was heading to.

2 months ago

Beautiful day! Snow slowed me down from running but I absolutely enjoyed the trail. It was a bonus to ran into a horse!

Nice. Not that crowded for a Sunday. One tiny patch of ice.

Loved this hike! Living in Littleton it’s only a 10 minute drive and the variety of natural scenery and rock formations are amazing. Like a mini mini garden of the gods close to home

Easy access and easy walking on packed gravel/sand trails. Connect to another trail system over a small ridge or cross the road over to an open meadow. I walked 4.5 miles casually checking out the trails.

Easy access from south Denver. Definitely popular but the further up I got, the less hikers I saw. I'd stick to the hiker-only paths as much as possible as the mountain biking paths are more worn/ rocky. Good views of Denver but otherwise, just a convenient place to get in a few miles.

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