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wild flowers

Nice. Not that crowded for a Sunday. One tiny patch of ice.

17 days ago

Loved this hike! Living in Littleton it’s only a 10 minute drive and the variety of natural scenery and rock formations are amazing. Like a mini mini garden of the gods close to home

Easy access and easy walking on packed gravel/sand trails. Connect to another trail system over a small ridge or cross the road over to an open meadow. I walked 4.5 miles casually checking out the trails.

Easy access from south Denver. Definitely popular but the further up I got, the less hikers I saw. I'd stick to the hiker-only paths as much as possible as the mountain biking paths are more worn/ rocky. Good views of Denver but otherwise, just a convenient place to get in a few miles.

It was a pretty nice hike but I recommend going early in the morning to avoid other people’ on the trail. The one bad thing was the crazy amount of hose poop on certain parts of the trail there was like 10 of them scattered along the trail witch was really annoying because my dog kept eating it

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