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wild flowers

Fun easy trail. Dog friendly. Trail is well maintain. Lots of people

Awesome day! Felt like late Spring. Snow is coming.

3/20/17- Definitely easy/moderate, more traffic on trail than expected for a Monday, got pretty hot on the Meadowlark path as it's not well covered but the more difficult path (Clear creek?) offered great shade. A park ranger told me the hike is "known to kill dogs" due to dehydration, however my dachshund loved it and is still kickin' just don't forget to bring water for your pooch:)

nice views and a good mix of incline and flat area.

on Meadowlark Trail

7 days ago

Nice hike! A bit icy/muddy at the time, but a steady climb with decent views the entire time and no bikers to worry about

13 days ago