Corwina Park

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There was plenty of parking when we went. The start of the trail was a little tricky to find, kind of walk back in the direction of Lair o’ the Bear. We also found it tricky to actually get to panorama point once at the top. There wasn’t a trail for the last let like the map indicated. I would suggest continuing till you actually meet up with the panorama point trail then taking that up. We wanted to do a loop rather than out and back so took bear creek trail to panorama trail and back to the road and walked along back to the car. You can do a shorter hike if you park at Corwina Park and take the trail. The views are definitely awesome! It’s really not to difficult of a hike, a little rocky in some spots. My brother and his girlfriend are from Michigan and don’t have the opportunity to hike too much, and the kept up on this hike. There are wild raspberries several spots along the way. If you’re looking for a hike with a payoff, give this one a go!