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Harder than I expected but worth it!!!!

Great trail. Started from Jack's campground following the trail along the creek. We made it a circuit by returning on old flowers trail and road to make it a 10.6 mile trek. Lots of water for the dogs.

4 months ago

A really nice trail. We started from Jacks Gulch Campground and wound our way down to the junction w Fish Creek Trail, then a long steady climb up to Beaver Park. Kept dog close since it definitely looked like mountain lion country. Came back via Flowers Trail/Road. Don’t miss the monument to the B17 crew at the end of the Flowers Road before it turns to trail only. Nice remembrance to those that died in the crash. The actual plane crash is located on the Stormy Peaks trail.

Absolutely awesome hike! Killer up hills for a beginner like me, but great views and well worth the work. I went last Saturday (8/1) and we got a little drizzle...nothing bad, just enough to cool down. Would definitely reccomend. Directions on all trails worked great.

The Aspens are yellow which was beautiful. Pay close attention for the the wooden sign on the left side of the trail that says “Original Wagon Road” this is where you take a left and it’s straight forward from there on out. There was one tricky part when you get to the makeshift dam at the top of the hill it’s easy to see how you could go right or left, go left. Follow the arrows made of rocks or the indicators on the trees (writing, green tags, pink ribbon) and you will eventually find the B-17 bomber. Very humbling experience.

Early September and the trees were beautiful! Unfortunately the lake was pretty dried up and it was a little warm but I still enjoyed myself. There is a lot of up hill but evens out with a lot of flat ground as well. Would definitely do it again!

This trailhead is located on private property.

This is an awesome hike. We didn’t have much trouble finding the crash but could see where you could miss a few turns. Just be sure to watch for the wooden and b17 signs as well as the rock arrows on the ground. We arrived at the trailhead about 1030 and had no issues with parking. It does have some pretty steep inclines throughout the trail but overall it’s a moderate hike. There is a stream towards the end of the trail. Most of the hike is pretty shaded by trees.

Would definitely recommend this hike!! finding the trail was tricky at times and we got a bit lost. directions below:

-Park at Stormy Peaks Trailhead
-Hike until you come upon a sign (will be behind you) for Original Wagon Road, follow the sign to the right. If you continue straight where there are green tags saying "Stormy" you are not going the right way.
-Upon reaching the reservoir, take an immediate right to the trail. It will be marked with a green tag that says B-17
-You'll come upon many forks in the trail but look on the ground for big arrows made from rocks/sticks

Slight steep climb at times but generally a level hike. Absolutely beautiful views and well-shaded! Parking was easy and not very crowded when we arrived at 9:30am.

Make sure you catch the turn on the wagon road. It's a great hike, scenic view at the end.

Great hike, complete with a mountain stream and lots of beautiful wildflowers! Be prepared to climb over and under several felled trees along the path. No problem using the app to find our way there, plus there were several large rock arrows that point you in the right direction. Starting at the Stormy Peaks trailhead at the CSU Mountain Campus, it was slightly less than 3 miles to get to the crash site.

First of all the directions to this site are misleading. Tried to do this hike today and so looking forward to it too! Started at Stormy Peaks. Saw the sign for Old Wagon Trail but according to the map on All Trails it appears you have to take some kind of trail past Denny’s Point and Old Wagon, and we had no idea where that was at after hiking approximately 6.6 miles total. Total bummer!

Tried to do this hike Sunday. There are still large patches of snow covering the path. about half way to the site, we find ourselves up to our thighs in snow and turned back. We'll definitely try this hike again in the spring once the snow has melted.

Does anyone know if there are bears in this area?

Just got back from a trip up to the site and some scrambling above it. The wildflowers are in full bloom and every color is present. The debri from the crash is humbling...

I can’t say enough about this hike. First of all, the wildflowers in June were in abundance (golden banner and Indian paintbrush at lower elevation, parry’s primrose at higher). The middle section is quite tough (steep with loose rock). The Trail was dry and all the snow is gone. The directional arrows made of rock along the ground and the tiny tags on the trees do help the navigation, but the AllTrails app was the biggest help in finding the site. The crash site is so solemn yet so beautiful and peaceful, with a stunning view of Wyoming in the distance. The site is intended not as a tourist attraction but as a history lesson, to commend the 8 brave airmen who died on a stormy night 75 years ago (in 1943).

7 months ago

Hiked in from Fish Creek TH. Great forest hike along a good year round stream. Bring the fishing pole. Condition of the trail was good. On the return met a couple of Poudre Wilderness Volunteers doing trail maintenance, but no one else. Great organization. Beaver Ponds at Beaver Park are very cool.

7 months ago

This is a great hike on an 'unofficial' trail. Local signage to the crash site is good. Still plenty of deep snow drifts above 10k', but easy to navigate around. Lots and lots of water on trail. Lots of debris to examine and a great view of Stormy Peaks and down to the Poudre Canyon.

Its hard if you are starting. Very steep. Good for a great workout. Views are not that great but there are some shady spots that for me is a plus. I am not sure if I would do it again. Rather to use the day to explore new trail

hiked this yesterday. Very few other people. It was really nice along the river. A few wild flowers. There was only a tree or two over the trail. easy to get over. best secret trail in pingree park.

Monday, October 23, 2017

We started our trek today from Twin Lakes. It was a bit of a challenge with stock 4x4. At one point my son had to guide me to ensure I had undercarriage clearance. Then at the Twin Lakes parking area the wind was so intense and strong it took your breath away and pushed you around. We decided to try the CSU Pingree Campus access, so hiked in from the Stormy Peaks trail head to the B-17 crash site.

Hiking at this time of year meant snow covered the second rock trail marker. We initially missed the small trail off the wider primary trail before the crash site (see map). The All Trails App was a great resource to 1) know we missed the side trail and 2) get back on trial. I love this app.

The hike was a good hike, but the crash site is what made this trek special. This was of course a humbling experience. It wasn’t just the crash debris, it was the thought of the airman, the era and technology and the crash location.

For local area hikes this is one to add to the list. I encourage people to take it in and then do some research on the crew and crash.

Beautiful trail. Not well marked. Look for the arrows made from rocks on the trail to guide you. Loved it and will do again!

Monday, July 10, 2017

I've done this hike twice-- late July 2016 and July 3, 2017. Both times were with my son (at age 9 then 10). It's a terrific destination hike that is challenging for a youngster, but easy for them to make it and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. In 2016 we took the short 4x4 road to Twin Lake Reservoir and started by hiking around the lake to the B-17 trail on the south side. This year we started by the CSU Mtn Campus and hiked up to the lake.This route starts with a steep set of switchbacks and is a little more challenging, but you can save the underside of your car if you don't have a lot a clearance.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Even without the crash site this would have been a great hike. The lake is very nice and you also pass a beautiful stream and some mini waterfalls on the way. We went on a Saturday and only saw a few other people the whole day.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Thursday, June 15, 2017

tried to hike it but encountered alot of downed trees so went back to fish creek trail

Friday, June 02, 2017

We attempted this trail over Memorial weekend. Solid deep snow above 9,000ft. We were trying to do the whole loop but had to turn back. So many downed trees along the trail as well. It's going to take a few more weeks of melting if you want to get up to the cabin at 12,000ft.

Friday, March 24, 2017


Unable to access trailhead because it's on a private road with locked gates. I would have thought this type of information would have been displayed somewhere in the app.

Completed this trail with my dog. We were both wore out after making it back to our vehicle. It was long, but only a few spots that were pretty steep. It has some nice areas that were flat for some recovery. We started late in the day and the heat really took it out of me. I recommend starting early and keeping lots of water on hand. Some shade, but not enough.

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