My first time to Denver was in late April and I only had a single Saturday to do something in the outdoors.

I looked all over to find a trail that had a little bit of everything, and let me tell you this trail exceeded my expectations.
Great amount of elevation gain and length, streams, wild flowers, small amounts of rocks, wildlife such as birds and deer all over.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike with a little bit of everything--river, views, and a constant uphill for a good workout. Definitely heavily trafficked, but to be expected for something so close to town. Saw lots of deer with their antlers growing in!

It is a good trail to get your blood pumping with beautiful views and smell of nice flowers and wildlife.

Decent 3 hr hike. Reach little early to get the parking. Nice view on top.

Nice high-moderate hike. Good views. Decent number of bikes on the trail.

Pretty solid hike! We started at the trailhead and broke off to Beaver Brook toward the top... a little slick in some areas, but not bad - micro spikes or yaktrax are optional.

Great hike! A little windy today at the top but was beautiful!

Moderately view is when you reach the top. There are two other nice trails it leads into: Beaver Brook Trail and the Lookout Mountain trail.

trail running
4 months ago

The view was okay. Weather was incredibly nice (67F in February!) but it was icey and muddy some point. A lot of traffic with hikers, runners and bikers. Since I have done Lookout mountain before, I didn't go all the way to finish this map. Still got 1.5 hour of hike done.

Perfect short trail with low traffic.

Started from the bottom and it was more beautiful than even the pictures I took. Highly recommend this trail! Beautiful views of Denver in the distance and just incredible landscape.

Great hike. Decent work out. Dog friendly! Great view of downtown Denver and the mountains.

The perfect three hour hike if you have things to do in the afternoon. Beautiful views of Golden and the view from the top of Lookout Mountain is well worth the trip.

foothill hike city feel but beautiful views at the top

Learned a tough lesson last night. Decided to kick out one of the tougher legs of Golden Hell Week with a night run last night up Lookout Mountain. Chimney Gulch was mostly clear and not too bad until the parking lot. Then, the trail turned mostly to a sheet of ice. I regretted not wearing spikes but forged ahead all the same, at some points crawling on all fours (up) and crab walking (down). Don't be fooled by early trail conditions.

Still, this is one of my favorites generally and I highly recommend it. Just be prepared.

If you are a hardcore trail runner this is a great one!

Fun close in hike. Go all the way to Lookout. You’ll experience dry high plain areas lower and then alpine higher. Decent temperature swing too.

Challenging but not hard. Fair number of mountain bikers. Start early. View from Lookout is spectacular.

Wasn't as steep as I expected, great place to trail run. Good elevation climb but not crazy steep or super rocky. The first section is completely exposed, the second section (between the two intersections with Lookout Mountain Road) is part woods/part exposure, the third section is almost all woods. Be sure and cross the road at the top and run around the Nature Preserve, easy and flat but very pretty.

Great day hike!!

Just did 8miles. Great trail. However it's marked at the trail head as Chimney Gulch. Great views and switch backs. We are from Ohio, we bike, rub, and work out.. This trail was moderate. We had some good beer afterwards at the Golden brewery

My friends and I really enjoyed this! Great for my first time

Nice hike. Tired my dog out. One big negative is the speed at which mountain bikers come down. One nearly hit me despite signs asking them to moderate speed.

I saw 5-6 deer including one dawn. There were reports of a black bear in the area. I didn't see it.

Very good hike. Very little parking and the map AllTrails has to get there is wrong... drive up 19th street and you'll see a small parking spot on the left.
Once you get to the top just jump onto Lookout Mountain trail if you want more.

Great hike, however traffic and parking getting there are a bit of nightmare... spent more time driving up to and down from the large trail head parking lot as there was no space at the lower trail head then we spent on the hike itself.

Very nice hike traffic got heavier later in the day and there was more car traffickers c that you could hear. We started in golden the chimney gulch trail than continued up lookout mountain. Great hike took around 2.5 hours for us but we aren't in tremendous shape....yet. More shade on lookout but I felt chimney was much more peaceful, more wildflowers and full of nature sounds.

10 months ago

Great easy trail. Nice views, good interpretive signage. It wasn't as busy as I expected. Lovely walk!

I hiked this trail with a friend in the early afternoon of July 29th. We were in downtown Golden and wanted a moderate trail we could get to without a car. We acquired a map of the Golden trails from the Visitor Center and decided to take the Chimney Gulch Trail. We had difficulty finding the trail from the paved trails along Clear Creek. We eventually followed the first sign directing us to Chimney Gulch. Then there was a tunnel and a diverging path and it was unclear which way to go. You need to go through the tunnel, which we did not understand until too late...

Once we went through the tunnel (which passes under 6), we were able to follow the trail with ease. We really enjoyed out time on the trail and followed it until the trail head for Lookout Mountain.

I always recommend this trail when the weather has been more gloomy/rainy. that way it's not too hot, you see more wild life like deer and birds, but you're not scared of the rain because you're not too high up. For the best experience, combine with the look out mountain trail.

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