The perfect three hour hike if you have things to do in the afternoon. Beautiful views of Golden and the view from the top of Lookout Mountain is well worth the trip.

foothill hike city feel but beautiful views at the top

Learned a tough lesson last night. Decided to kick out one of the tougher legs of Golden Hell Week with a night run last night up Lookout Mountain. Chimney Gulch was mostly clear and not too bad until the parking lot. Then, the trail turned mostly to a sheet of ice. I regretted not wearing spikes but forged ahead all the same, at some points crawling on all fours (up) and crab walking (down). Don't be fooled by early trail conditions.

Still, this is one of my favorites generally and I highly recommend it. Just be prepared.

If you are a hardcore trail runner this is a great one!

Fun close in hike. Go all the way to Lookout. You’ll experience dry high plain areas lower and then alpine higher. Decent temperature swing too.

Challenging but not hard. Fair number of mountain bikers. Start early. View from Lookout is spectacular.

Wasn't as steep as I expected, great place to trail run. Good elevation climb but not crazy steep or super rocky. The first section is completely exposed, the second section (between the two intersections with Lookout Mountain Road) is part woods/part exposure, the third section is almost all woods. Be sure and cross the road at the top and run around the Nature Preserve, easy and flat but very pretty.