Challenging but not hard. Fair number of mountain bikers. Start early. View from Lookout is spectacular.

Wasn't as steep as I expected, great place to trail run. Good elevation climb but not crazy steep or super rocky. The first section is completely exposed, the second section (between the two intersections with Lookout Mountain Road) is part woods/part exposure, the third section is almost all woods. Be sure and cross the road at the top and run around the Nature Preserve, easy and flat but very pretty.

Great day hike!!

Just did 8miles. Great trail. However it's marked at the trail head as Chimney Gulch. Great views and switch backs. We are from Ohio, we bike, rub, and work out.. This trail was moderate. We had some good beer afterwards at the Golden brewery

My friends and I really enjoyed this! Great for my first time

Nice hike. Tired my dog out. One big negative is the speed at which mountain bikers come down. One nearly hit me despite signs asking them to moderate speed.

I saw 5-6 deer including one dawn. There were reports of a black bear in the area. I didn't see it.

Very good hike. Very little parking and the map AllTrails has to get there is wrong... drive up 19th street and you'll see a small parking spot on the left.
Once you get to the top just jump onto Lookout Mountain trail if you want more.