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13 days ago

Was doing training for COLORADO Trail this summer
Took full 27 pound pack for training
Perfect weather
Really tiring elevation change
Had snow n ice on trail
Got worst as you went higher
Turned around about have away
Did not want to take a chance of slipping n falling with full pack
Great signage

I really enjoyed the views of Mt Yale on our way back from the lake. There were some deep snowdrifts that we had to posthole through on the stretch between the lake and the Browns Pass junction but the trail was clear below that.

Did this in mid October, no people and snow once we got to the old cabin. A nice trip for a two night camp

This was my first 14er. Not from altitude, and even with both Tylenol 1g and 400mg ibuprofen I still had a pounding headache above 12.5k. That didn't stop me from loving this hike though.

Really tough. Super short of breath. But the views at the end were absolutely amazing. The hike up varied a lot in terrain, and I loved every section of it. Coming down was hard. Lost my way a few times even with a GPS app since the trail was not well marked.

Would do this again.

This was the most brutal hike I've ever been on. Man it was hard. I was 28 and in solid shape at that time, but everything after 13,500f was a struggle. My dog and I made it to the top, though most people we met who started the trail had to turn around. It's worth it though! On the way down a giant piece of rock went flying between me and my dog - we were lucky not to get hurt. Make sure you get on the trail before 7am.

We hiked this trail today (3/17/18) and it was stunning! Thanks to people who have been up blazing the trail to the lake. If not for the packed snow we might have gotten off track. We used crampons that were very helpful for entire hike. Snowshoes not necessary right now. The last .25 mile before the lake we post holed quite a bit, but the views were worth the snowy boots. Gorgeous day, with minimal wind. Love taking people from out of town here for a difficult, but rewarding hike!

We did about half this train with snow shoes, we didn’t see much views but the bridge and small river is beautiful. Lots of snow, some was packed most was soft.

cross country skiing
2 months ago

A solid intro to back country skiing. Pretty easy-going. My dad and I did this about a month ago and there was just enough snow to ski, but plenty of snow-shoers and micro-spiked hikers did just fine out there.

Lovely trail today even in November after thanksgiving! Need some spikes but probably not snow shoes yet!

This trail is beautiful. We hiked through lots of snow and enjoyed every minute of the trails. View up top is amazing. We did not have snow shoes but could really have used some toward the top. Highly recommend!

My wife and I hiked up to Hope Pass the final weekend of August and it was an absolutely wonderful hike. The trail begins in a parking lot as a gravel bed off of 82 and is marked as the willis gulch trailhead. The trail begins as a steep ascent through pine and aspen growth. Mt Elbert reveals itself to the north in periodic openings in the tree cover. After making a stream crossing over the bridge, the trail heads aggressively uphill with no switchbacks. A junction in the trail will mark the way to Willis Gulch off to the right, keeping straight will take you to hope pass. Once emerging from the tree line, a beautiful alpine landscape surround you in all directions. Continue on up the trail to final switchbacks up to hope pass. These switchbacks are a bit of a kick in the butt for weary legs but the views to the south at the top of the pass are well worth it. Once at the top it appears there is a social trail leading to the top of quail mountain. Not sure if it would be recommended to make this trip for the sake of preventing erosion, but it appears that many travelers have taken the route. I was tempted myself, but we opted to have a snack in the pass and head back down. The whole trip took us about 5 hours including breaks.

Starts with a beautiful hike through the woods, with a soundtrack of running water from the creek right along the trail. Above tree line, gorgeous views. A long and challenging hike that requires some endurance. We accidentally got off trail and did some precarious scrambling over boulders near the top - don't stray too far from the sandy trail. That said - the sandy trail/loose rock does get slippery and makes it tricky to keep your footing on the descent. We started at 9am which is too late for this 14er, especially at our slow pace - we finished at 8pm, just as it got dark! Lesson: start at sunrise.
Overall - this is a GORGEOUS and CHALLENGING hike.

Beautiful long and hard trail Bring good shoes and poles lots of rocks and steep going down at the end

9 months ago

Excellent. This was my first 14er, and took me about 8 hours to do. Things I should've done: start earlier (plan to be on the trail 15-30 min before sunrise), and spend an extra day acclimating.

Great hike yesterday. Dry conditions. Trail is easy to follow until you get to the last 1500 feet then you need to look for the best route between rock cairns.

Definitely a strenuous hike--the elevation gain is tough, but the scenery and views at the summit are unmatched.

Fabulous. The drive up is long and bumpy. Figure an hour and a half from Aspen to the trail head. The hike to Anderson Lake is relatively easy with only moderate elevation gain. It winds up through pine forest and tops out just above tree line. The continuation on to Petroleum Lake is more strenuous with more elevation gain in a shorter distance. It winds up through outrageous wild flower fields into the tundra with the lake hidden behind the last steep pitch. There a several small wet creek crossings and the trail is still patchy wet with running water in places. Spectacular scenery far from the madding crowds.

Do your homework before attempting this.

10 months ago

Amazing hike very well worth the work. It is a tough one for sure but the views at the top are second to none. Trail is in great shape well distinguished at lower elevations and Marked well with cairns at higher elevations. This is a no joke hike the gain is 4300 feet from the trailhead. I recommend staring early. We started at 6:30 am and summited around 1. The most pica and marmot I've seen on a 14 er yet well worth the work.

I've done this in the winter and summer. Summertime I've done the trail to Hartenstein Lake w/ my son and his friends when they were about 11. Personally I don't think it should be rated difficult unless you take the trail up to Yale. It was a fun first "real camping" trip for the kids.
In the winter if you're going to do it bring your snow shoes even if there is no snow down at the TH. I made this mistake once (LOL!!) and wound up postholing a good 2 miles in waste deep snow with my dog. That was a treat. Fun trail otherwise.
**** update*** I've done this trail numerous times over the years (winter/ summer) but never have I seen it as crowded as I did this past Wednesday- Friday(7/19-7/21)!!!! Trails are all getting crowded. On the plus side no one was camping out at the lake. It POURED out Wednesday night. Got up early and saw a moose on the other side of the lake before the hoardes started hiking up. All my times up there I've never seen one. Great to see with my son.

On July 6, 2017 - we hiked from Denny Creek to Browns Pass, went down to look at the old Brown's Cabin then back and up the switchback to the Yale shoulder and almost down to Kroenke Lake before a storm started to move in so we turned around. Vigorous hike with a few streams to walk through. Only one large patch of snow on the switchback to Kroenke. BEAUTIFUL views!

10 months ago

We started at 6:30am and summited by 10:30am. It's quite the hike even for active Coloradans, but worth it. We heard and saw lots of Marmots. If you can start earlier than 6:30am then I recommend it. The trail is nice and shaded on the way up with the angle of the sun but on the way back down the sun was burning hot. Our pup loved all the streams in the first couple miles and then last couples miles. It helped keep her cool. I'm not sure if people every see noise around there but it seemed like a spot they would be found.

10 months ago

Friend and I hit the trail just after 8am. Took about 2h30m to get up. Trail is almost completely dry besides a few very small snow patches that are easily crossable. Not much wind up top and it was a beautiful sunny day. Took about 2h to get back down to the bottom.

11 months ago

Great first 14er for anyone interested in hiking/backpacking. Completed this in two days. The first day was a short hike to the base of the mountain to the designated campgrounds. Second day was the hike to the summit and back to the parking lot. GREAT CLIMB! Fun photo op with LA PLATA street signs at the summit.

We hiked this trail on June 11th but only went as far as the cut off to the lake. Beyond that, it was pretty much snowbound. Didn't feel like plowing thru that much snow. And we talked to people who had post holed up to their waist. I'll wait till the trail is melted out before I go all the way. It starts out fairly steep, then it changes to a nice steady, easy pitch from there to the cut off. Nice views all along up and down.

We hiked this trail on June 6, 2017. It was quite beautiful with lots of scenic views and creeks. We had to get creative to cross the creek because it was deep and moving fast. We had to go upstream a bit to find a path across. It was doable but not super easy to do and stay dry. The last mile or so was very snowy but that was my favorite part of the hike - so beautiful! just make sure you have waterproof boots or shoes. The lake had a lot of snow on it and was a bit of a let-down but I hear it's quite beautiful in the summer.

Amazing views of the mountains and river. Mid-June weekend and ran into few hikers, which is NICE.

11 months ago

Snow packed past the turn off to the lake, but we still went up, it's a good hike for early summer, warn and sunny.

Great, moderately strenuous hike, with amazing views. Still covered with snow above 11,000 feet, which made it a bit more work getting up inclines, but it's all worth it. Turn for the lake before the sign, as the trail can get a little tricky to find.

Monday, April 17, 2017

The southwest route is very pretty with a lot of solidarity. a cool abandoned mine cave and a lot of flyless birds on the way!

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