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With eight "fourteeners" (peaks exceeding 14,000 feet in elevation), Collegiate Peaks Wilderness probably possesses the highest average elevation of any Wilderness in the Lower 48. You can climb Mounts Yale, Oxford, Columbia, and Harvard (the state's third highest point), as well as Huron Peak, Missouri Mountain, Mount Belford, and La Plata Peak (the state's fifth highest point).Climbing these peaks is a very popular activity, making opportunities for solitude very elusive. Expect to be inundated by people and their dogs on any "fourteener" trail. As you travel through the area, you might notice unusual and deep indentations in the boundary line. These are a legacy of man's hunt for gold and other valuable metals that are still sought just outside. More than a dozen trailheads create a situation in which no one ever stands more than five miles from a road. About 40 miles of the serpentine Continental Divide snake across the area, and this expansive Wilderness lies in parts of three national forests. The beauty of this place and its ease of access ensure torrents of visitors, especially on weekends. Please help keep Wilderness wild by following Leave No Trace practices. In particular, please refrain from having camp fires near treeline. The dwarfed Krummholtz trees that grow there are taking a beating from insensitive campers.

3 days ago


Challenging hike to the summit, but manageable at this time of year. Shouldn’t be much trouble during the summer. We hiked with our overnight packs to the end of the timberline and set up camp. Then, we finished the hike with a light pack to the top and returned to our camp before sundown. Amazing views. Lots of wildlife. We will definitely be back.

5 days ago

This trail is beautiful. We hiked through lots of snow and enjoyed every minute of the trails. View up top is amazing. We did not have snow shoes but could really have used some toward the top. Highly recommend!

14 days ago

Horn Fork Basin is my favorite place in the state to be.
So much can be done in a 2-3 day stretch.
Harvard is a must as well as Bear Lake nearby.
love love love.

For the adventurous...take the right fork and head up to Horn Fork Basin.
Camping is usually available right after treeline and you sit underneath Columbia and Harvard.
Probably my fave camp spot even if you don't bag the 14ers.

Decent work to get there and the pay off once there well worth it. Fur kids enjoyed it too!

15 days ago

My wife and I hiked up to Hope Pass the final weekend of August and it was an absolutely wonderful hike. The trail begins in a parking lot as a gravel bed off of 82 and is marked as the willis gulch trailhead. The trail begins as a steep ascent through pine and aspen growth. Mt Elbert reveals itself to the north in periodic openings in the tree cover. After making a stream crossing over the bridge, the trail heads aggressively uphill with no switchbacks. A junction in the trail will mark the way to Willis Gulch off to the right, keeping straight will take you to hope pass. Once emerging from the tree line, a beautiful alpine landscape surround you in all directions. Continue on up the trail to final switchbacks up to hope pass. These switchbacks are a bit of a kick in the butt for weary legs but the views to the south at the top of the pass are well worth it. Once at the top it appears there is a social trail leading to the top of quail mountain. Not sure if it would be recommended to make this trip for the sake of preventing erosion, but it appears that many travelers have taken the route. I was tempted myself, but we opted to have a snack in the pass and head back down. The whole trip took us about 5 hours including breaks.

Hiked this trail on October 2nd. There was a good deal of snow above the tree line. Many drifts were knee high. Would recommend spikes. Very windy as well, still worth the view from the top

Beautiful trail. We had planned on camping at Bear Lake but that high above tree line left a great deal of exposure and no wood for fire, or winbreaks. We camped slightly south of the lake, plenty of good spots.

This was such a lovely hike. Mostly shaded trail, and lots of water crossings. Steady incline so it was work but you couldn't really tell. Lake at the top was pretty with lots of camping. Way back down isn't too bad on your knees because of the gradual hike. Would do this again for sure!

1 month ago