mountain biking
7 months ago

The map isn't right: DeKoevend park is about 1/4 mile north of the intersection of Univ. Blvd. & Arapahoe Road, park entrance on west side of Univ. Blvd. Entrance to Goodson Rec Center is at the light.

Very near Goodson Recreation Center - bathrooms, picnic shelters, playground, tennis courts & various sports fields which may or may not be busy/reserved. Bikes can be on the trail. Wide, smooth, unpaved, big cottonwood trees. Some pretty views- it's suburban/high plains, so it's not like hiking in the mountains. Easy, strollers & maybe even wheelchairs could go on this trail. Some of the facilities (tennis courts, for example) might need to be reserved through or in person at Goodson Rec Center.. You don't have to belong to the rec center, or live in the area to sign up to use rec center facilities - you might need to pay a fee to use some of the facilities, rates are usually very reasonable.
This trail connects to a huge complex of other trails - you can make your hike any length you want. The parking lot is small and sometimes fills up - especially if there's a big sporting event. You can park at Goodson Rec Center (which has bathrooms, showers, swimming pool, vending machines, sometimes the snack bar is open & you can buy a limited selection of sandwiches / breakfast food. Other activities available as well, see for the full offerings.
We've been going to DeKoevend Park for years, it's well maintained & open year round. Suburban area, some pretty views, big trees, canal (canal usually dries up in summer).
No camping.