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Chautauqua Park is a 14 acre city park near Boulder, Colorado. The park is open to the public without an entry fee. It is a great place for hiking and trail running.

This was a great hike. Although steep in sections, this is more of a hard moderate than as hard hike on a good day. It was a clear day with no trail ice when we climbed it two days ago but the snow falling today.

1 day ago

Great hike - beautiful arch. The trail was pretty quiet for a Sunday and I didn’t see many people which was a plus. Icy in some parts, but fit for adventurers and hikers with spikes.

1 day ago

2 days ago

Great workout! Great trail and views!!

2 days ago

I made the mistake of doing an isolated glute workout prior to hiking this trail. But when you made the 40 minute drive commitment to Boulder, you do the Royal Arch Trail. Period. Instagram butt here I come!

The people on the trail are very kind. Although people’s definitions of “almost there” vary. It was hard to tell if some people were just being motivating or if they had blacked out for the last 30 minutes and didn’t understand how far they hiked down from the top.

Not too icy, totally hikeable and great views!

Did this trail tonight after work with a couple of friends and our dogs. Really fun night hike! Spikes and poles would have been nice, but we didn't have them and were. Views of Boulder were gorgeous!

7 days ago

We love this hike! Great workout and gorgeous views. We hiked it yesterday (1/7). It was icy in places, but there were enough rocks and dirts spots to make it up safely. We had on hiking boots.

I liked the trail. I was pretty icy when I went.

8 days ago

This was one of the hardest trails I've done before. We lose few times before we found a way to the Royal Arch trail. The signs are not clear. Ended up hiking 4 hours but definitely not regret that we got lost. It will be too hard for little kids, maybe under 10 unless they are tough.

Great overlook

11 days ago

Awsome! Yet, did not complete because of the ice.

Beautiful, relatively easy hike. The view at the top was great and the stone chairs make it a fun, unique destination.

One of my favorite short but sweet hikes. HIGHLY recommend traction now - many spots are very slick and I saw several people slip and fall on the way up and down.

Microspikes required. I would not attempt without. I saw a few fall on their way down w/o trekking poles or microspikes.

Great trails! We went off the main path unintentionally, but the end result was the same. Gorgeous views. Definitely a tough hike!

was happy to have spikes on when I climbed up this trail. Not many people on it which added to it's charm. Definitely challenging but worth it.

I do not recommend this if there’s going to be any snow/ice/slush! Today was a warm day so at least there wasn’t ice but the snow and slush made it very slippery. If there was ice I think it would have been impossible. Saw people in running sneakers and it was pretty impossible for them.

We took a few off the path turns which led to beautiful colors of lichen on rocks and nice views of Boulder. Temperature was moderate with a few snow on the ground but crisp, cool air and sunshine.

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