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Float your boat in the lake, bicycle or hike on a trail that provides scenic views of the neighboring foothills and Platte River valley, camp, ride a horse and even fly a model airplane - all at Chatfield State Park, nestled next to the foothills southwest of Denver. Boaters of all types from water skiers to fishing enthusiasts to canoeists and sailors - enjoy Chatfield Reservoirs waters. Boat rentals, a floating restaurant and a marina are also available at Chatfield. Get Colorado boating registration and regulation information by clicking here . Campers have their choice of 197 campsites all with electrical hookups and many with full hookups (water, sewer and electric), in four campgrounds at Chatfield. All campsites are within walking distance to the lake and have picnic tables and grills. Facilities include flush toilets, hot showers, laundry, centrally located water, fire ring and a sanitary waste station. In addition to the 197 single-family campsites offered at Chatfield, there are ten reservable Group Camping sites available. Please call the Park Office at (303) 791-7275 for more information or to reserve a Group campsite.

So much fun! Challenging climb that leads to great views! Saw a decapitated snake on the way, and unimaginably large swarms of lady bugs at the summit.

nature trips
18 hours ago

This is a great educational 'hike/walk' for kids. I love the interpretive trail markers and the great observation areas along the way. My children are having a great time incorporating this trail into our science studies. I would have given this trail a five star rating if it weren't for the amount of dog poop left on the trail. Folks, there is no poop fairy. Please pick up after your pets. It truly is a shame to see soo much poop laying around in such a nice place.

9 days ago

Great rewarding trail! The trail is pretty narrow and you have to wade through plant life several times. The views and overall fun it offers is well worth the hike. We did see two rattlesnakes, both of which I almost walked on top of so definitely watch out for those! Highly recommend though!

Nice little playground, great view of the foothills. Check out the animals and the CSA.

We go here sometimes because we live nearby. It's okay. It gets prettier the farther you go, but count on zero shade. Depending on the time of day/season, come packing some sort of bug repellent for the mosquitos.

Easy and convenient. Fine for strollers. If you start on Waterton Road, you can go through the pasture gate and possibly see some cows (my kid loves it when we catch them).

trail running
16 days ago

trail running
19 days ago

Clean bathrooms. Saw wild billy goats on out first trip out there. Lots of people for sure, but plenty of space on the road. We've gone about once a week all summer.
We run, so this is a great choice. Notice to hike, but the wildlife is great.

Take plenty of sunscreen and water, as there's no shade.

We frequent this trail as it is easy for kids. Gets busy but still plenty of chances to see mule deer. Keep walking and it gets more beautiful.

A great test of one's mettle. Super challenging hike that offers fantastic views. Lots of rock cairns to mark the trail. Even so we managed to get a little off course a couple times. BTW, Ben from the trail log - we beat your summit time by like 12 whole minutes. Take that! :)

GREAT scenic trail. Was immediately greeted at the trail head by a mule deer. Shortly followed by a heard of big horned sheep, including a few adorable babies. The trail is 98% in direct sun, so if you're not used to the heat, I suggest going early morning. Definitely bring plenty of water. A few rattle snakes sunbathing on the path, so make sure to watch your step. Overall, wonderful easy walk/hike with spectacular views.

love this place. I call it the Disneyland if dogs. our dogs always enjoy it. It's nice because they have water for dogs, a place to swim and a place where humans can walk. It's a big park.

good trail. in some parts it's tricky to know if your going on the right trail. Bring water and sunscreen. We had tracking poles and it was easier. Bring longer shorts, lots of plants and it will scratch you. It took us 6 hrs round trip because we got lost. The trail is lonely when we went.

Not my kind of hike. To me, hiking involves mountains, trees, elevation gain, and some peace. To me, walking down a hot, dry, long dirt road is what you do when you run out of gas not getting back to nature. The two stars are because I saw some mountain goats, and they were adorable.