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Float your boat in the lake, bicycle or hike on a trail that provides scenic views of the neighboring foothills and Platte River valley, camp, ride a horse and even fly a model airplane - all at Chatfield State Park, nestled next to the foothills southwest of Denver. Boaters of all types from water skiers to fishing enthusiasts to canoeists and sailors - enjoy Chatfield Reservoirs waters. Boat rentals, a floating restaurant and a marina are also available at Chatfield. Get Colorado boating registration and regulation information by clicking here . Campers have their choice of 197 campsites all with electrical hookups and many with full hookups (water, sewer and electric), in four campgrounds at Chatfield. All campsites are within walking distance to the lake and have picnic tables and grills. Facilities include flush toilets, hot showers, laundry, centrally located water, fire ring and a sanitary waste station. In addition to the 197 single-family campsites offered at Chatfield, there are ten reservable Group Camping sites available. Please call the Park Office at (303) 791-7275 for more information or to reserve a Group campsite.

Even though Adam reads the All Trails reviews about wearing pants, hiking boots and carrying poles and gloves, Adam hikes the Goat Mountain trail in running shorts and his legs get eaten up by the thick vegetation. Ascending the very steep Goat Mountain Trail, he slips and slides in his running shoes. Don’t be like Adam.

Addendum: The trail is rather challenging, but rather fun. Didn’t see one other soul after leaving Waterton for Goat Mountain.

Trail closed and no signs as to why and for how long. What’s with the guys hanging out in their cars in the parking lot watching each other? Two hooked up while we were there. Creepy. Bathrooms are stinky. Trail next to main road, noisy. As you might gather, if you read this far, we were very disappointed with this place.

road biking
5 days ago

Be prepared for lots of street crossings. Best part is to take the gravel trail loop

mountain biking
7 days ago

The sun really beats down on you and there isn’t a view that you are making a goal towards to see. But it is nice to be next to a river and also to sometimes see Big Horn Sheep.

14 days ago

Great off leash trail for dogs! Lots of spots for pups to get in the water. Definitely a 5!

trail running
14 days ago

More of a dirt road than a trail. Well packed but plenty of room for bikers and walkers/runners. Would recommend getting here early as it does start to become very popular around 8-9am. I got here about 7:15 and it was perfect!

16 days ago

You want sunscreen, good boots, hiking poles, and water to make the best of this hike. It's more intense than it let's on to be with all of the false peaks, but the views along the way make the whole hike worth it. Not sure why no one posted in here yet, but the gamble oak will shred the hell out of your legs if you don't have decent pants. weather and conditions were great in late March, no snow this weekend. To get to the trailhead (unmarked), take the main road to the pipes that cross above the main road; take a hard right after the first pipe that leads under another pipe (that runs parallel to the road), this is the trailhead- it is a pretty loose and steep incline (expect this for most of the hike). The hike goes on to a handful of false summits but ends at Goat Mountain where there's a metal pole and cement marker noting your end destination. The views have housing in most of the background, but it's still pretty, and on a clear day the views of Denver's skyline are great. Take your time on the way back down. We got lost once since there are a few animal trials that bleed into the main trail. Not busy at all on a Sunday (we saw 5 people total in 6 hours). enjoy!

Parking lot is back open

Classic neighborhood romper.

Awesome dirt road gravel trail along creekbed and trees. Flat and smooth at times. Do it!!

This trail goes way farther than that. The problem is that there is a missing part of the trail close to Titan however I parked close to Lucent and took the high line canal all the way to Hampdem (285) is about 21 mile one way. All gravel, super well kept, couple nice bathrooms with drinking water available and a lot of shade from the old cottonwood trees. Love it!

it's never open anymore. we've gone there 3 times and they have locked the gates.

Great ride, challenging and beautiful.. a lot climbs.

This was definitely a challenge hike but the view was worth it in the end. There were a lot of false summits and the trail became difficult to follow at time. Beware of snakes, saw a rattle snake on the trail. Also saw 2 deer in the parking lot when I got there in the morning which was pretty cool.

This was more of a walk than a hike. It’s a dirt road used by Denver Water. It was nice because the road is wide, but just not what we expected. The water, rock formations, mountains & wildlife are great. There’s very little shade though - almost none on the path itself. We clocked 13.91 miles from the parking lot to the big dam and back.

Lol at the people who didn’t find the trail and think this is just a walking path. This is a great hike

mountain biking
1 month ago

First time on the trail and really enjoyed the ride. Plenty of room for everyone, and covered areas along the way if needed. The surface is well maintained with only a few areas of loose gravel and I never saw a rut! The parking lot was packed (Saturday) by 11:30 but there was a stream of people leaving so you shouldn’t have to wait long.

No dogs? I thought Colorado was more dog friendly.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Good for easy evening biking. Not crowded - just you, nature and horse poops :)

this is not a trail, this is a walking path

3 times a charm. The first time I finally found the trail it was getting late in the day and decided to head back. The second time a huge snow storm came in when I was about 90% to the summit. yesterday 5.27.18, I finally did it. Tough hike. My legs were spent afterwards.

Nice views cool wild life and you definitely are reminded of mother nature's power. Respect it by bringing appropriate gear, sweater, jacket, pants, trecking poles, gloves (slipped onto a cactus), etc.

The ride to the dam is very smooth and relaxing. The road is wide enough for two car, so it's easy to move around all the people traffic.

I recommend going the opposite way and going through the wetlands towards the State Park for a more adventurous time.

1 month ago

More of a walk than a hike but I still loved it. Went a few weeks ago and it was drizzling so there were very few people on the trail. Went a couple miles and then turned around. So beautiful!

Beautiful trail that’s wide enough for mountain bikers, runner, and hikers (until you get to the national forest/Indian creek trail/Colorado Trail). I saw about 20 bighorn sheep in close proximity about 6 miles in. The only slight downside was NO WATER FOUNTAINS except 2 by the start of the trail. The trail has full exposure to the sun and there is little breeze. The crowd begins to thin out a little past 3 miles (with the exception of mountain bikers). I ran into one other trail runner on the loop.

on Chatfield Dog Park

2 months ago

My dog loves this park! He loves to swim here!

trail running
2 months ago

Perfect for trail running this time of year! No mud and lots of beautiful views! It’d be a little hot in June/July since there isn’t any coverage on the trail. The road/trail is very wide so it accommodates all the bikers, runners, and hikers (including strollers) just fine!

Perfect trail for running! I saw a baby rattlesnake and lots of bighorn sheep.

2 months ago

I had heard this place being referred to as Disneyland for dogs so of course we had to go. Even on a mid morning Tuesday it was busier than expected. It was nice to have the pup off the leash and he had a great time playing with other dogs. Not sure if it was because there were so many other people and pets there or the worn trails and well used areas but it still felt urban to me. I’m hoping to find an off leash place with long stretches for solitude and contemplation but this wasn’t it. Still a nice outing for the pup and socialization.

Soooooo many false summits. So beautiful tho! Wear pants and watch for rattlesnakes! We saw one on the trail.

Nice easy stroll for anyone. Nice views. You’ll encounter some mosquitos around the lake/pond areas but otherwise a great trail.

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