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Hit the trail at Lory State Park and enjoy mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding amid some fabulous foothills scenery just minutes from Fort Collins and adjacent to Horsetooth Reservoir. From rolling valleys to mountainous hillsides, Lory State Park's 20 miles of trails rarely exceed a 12 percent grade. The variety of trails is great for short or long hikes, mountain bike rides, horseback rides and jogs. Backcountry camping is also available for visitors looking for a quiet getaway close to suburban Fort Collins .

Diverse, great for kids, views near the end, lots of wildlife. Perfect family hike!

Great casual hike to the water and back. Several spots with great views.

Loved this trail. beautiful views on the way and at the top. Pretty strenuous for an old guy like me but doable.

on Howard Trail

9 days ago

My husband and I took our dog on this hike today we made it our first hike of the summer and loved it! The trail wasn't bad pretty rocky and steep at the end but worth the beautiful view or horsetooth! We started pretty early so we could be done before the mid day heat. Definitely one that we would do again!

11 days ago

An excellent trail for all levels of hikers. Gets a little steep at points, but the views up top are well worth the journey.

All uphill but the views are spectacular. Be careful up top as some trails can lead to cliffs.

16 days ago

Well worth the challenge. What a spectacular view from the top!

Most beautiful scenery and a great view at the end. I don't have a dog but I saw almost everyone climb with one, probably the most dog accessible hard climb I've seen. Honestly a top notch trail

18 days ago

Rock, forest, field, stony peaks--this hike has it all! Here's a video of our AllTrails adventure: https://youtu.be/a7VqWHzE0_0.

With snow and a toddler, it's not that easy.

great variety of difficulty and elevation!