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10 days ago

Mid October. Colors changing. Very pretty. Had our boys in carry packs. Some fun terrain and rocky on the backside of the loop. Perfect first hike of the trip.

I had a lot of fun on the trail. It was moderately trafficked and spaced out enough so I still felt alone for most of the trip. For a quick escape this is a great option. Will definitely come back again

It was a beautiful trail. I highly recommend starting early on hot days. The top of the Rim has very little shade. Views were incredible and the waterfall was a pleasant surprise.

Wife and myself absolutely loved it

Trail in good condition fairly easy to get up and down. Scenic and was able to walk my Bassett Hound on a leash would definitely do Trail again.

1 month ago

Great hike and wonderful views. I started my hike there on Wednesday, 8/29/2018 at 1:30PM and saw 5 people the entire way, and then only on parts of the hike within a 10 minute walk from the parking lots. The trail is well-marked and maintained - the trail simply follows the canyon all the way around, either on the rim or along the bottom near the stream so you can't get lost or sidetracked if you're paying attention.

The hike is more than 5.8 miles...my hike was 6.5 miles without roaming off the trails much, and the only heart pumping part is just past the dam as you ascend to the rim of the canyon for a quarter mile or so. NOTE: there is poison ivy along all parts of this trail right along the edge of the trails (poison ivy thrives on disturbance). If you are sensitized to it like I am - and have had it many times like me - then you'll notice it pretty quickly. I'm a field botanist so I was turning sideways on a few of the narrower portions of the trail because I was in shorts. If you have kids with you just be careful that they don't handle random vegetation along the trails.

Overall a great hike - I'm coming back to do the eastern loop, which is a preservation area and will be of more interest to biologists and environmental types.

Gorgeous hike. Bring LOTS of bug spray as there were mosquitos EVERYWHERE due to all the water!!

Great hike! My Garmin watch recorded just under 5miles for the loop. The trail is very narrow toward the dam. Be careful to not follow dam trail. You need to follow the river and stay on bottom creek trail. After the dam for few yards it looks like you are in the jungle but don’t worry the trail becomes wide again after few minutes walking.

2 months ago

The scenery here was unique, and I really enjoyed the hike overall (I like loop trails where you get to see new things throughout the hike). However, the trails were packed for someone like me who typically aims for less trafficked areas, the route was hard to keep track of due to lots of little offshoots, and I was surprised by how many large rocks there were to get over given that the trail is rated easy (my knees won't thank me tomorrow!).

on Lake Gulch Trail Loop

2 months ago

Hot hike. Great wildlife viewing.

Great hiking option if you don't want to drive hours to the mountains. Not to difficult except a brief incline at both ends of the canyon where you climb out of the canyon itself and to the rim. Decent views for being out east towards the plains. Have hiked this trail many times (usually as a pre-hiking season leg stretcher) and will again! Can't go wrong!

horseback riding
2 months ago

Hiking only; mountain bikes and horses are not permitted; dogs on leash O.K. It is a beautiful place.

favorite trail

Great area, plenty of parking, marked trails, picnic benches and bathrooms. We took our 3 year old and he was able to do the whole trail without any issues.

Went yesterday with my pup. Easy hike and pretty views. Parking and drive in are easy and paved. A few places for the pup to get in the cool water.

Nice and easy hike, pretty views. Great for bird watching

Never saw a waterfall, but it was a great hike. The kids enjoyed dipping their feet in the water and looking for crawfish. Yes, crawfish. Good length for a family and enough shade to take the edge off the heat.

Beautiful views

3 months ago

I love this whole place. I usually like to enter on the north side as it is much less crowded than the East. I've done all the trails and recommend them for all skill levels.

we hiked the L trail to the K trail making a loop. I'm pregnant and haven't hiked since last year. but I reached my limit and had to get out. this was an easy hike with short uphill portions towards the end that were just enough to make me breath a bit heavier but not wind me. There was plenty of shade and resting places and amazing views. We even saw lizards and snakes and many birds. there were spots by the creek with large boulders to cross over but they were absolutely manageable. my 6 and 8 year old handled the hike very well. we saw many other children and people of all ages managing fine. next time we will start on the K trail go view the dam and then back track to the l trail.

Lovely trail - fabulous for any time of year. Did this in the winter. Great views of the entire park. Quite manageable and well-maintained trail. Would definitely do again.

Beautiful area. Easy hike.

4 months ago

Nice easy hike, it’s fun to walk along the riverbed. You can take your dog, too.

Love hiking in Castlewood Canyon, it has amazing views. The trails are easy enough to navigate that the kids can come with me.

Fun hike and so much to see, especially up on the rim. Playing down by the creek was great on a hot day.

Nice hike. You can combine this hike with creek canyon and inner loop canyon

Nice view. If you want little adventure just go on to the top of Dam

Beware of rattlesnakes! There was one on the trail and heard another. Also wild turkeys were out.

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