trail running
1 year ago

Great route, used to run this weekly years ago (or hiked) the fire closed it off, but worth it to see any of the trail.

I did work on this trail this summer. It's a beautiful hike! Hope it re-opens soon.

I love this trail! I can't wait for it to reopen. It's been closed way too long, now.

I used to love this trail. So bummed it is closed!

One of my favorites before the fire.

Closed due to the fire two years ago, but an okay hike. The first 1/2 mile is a decent work out.

3 years ago

Was lucky enough to do this before the fire. A wonderful walk with some nice views. Hope it reopens soon.

Too bad it burned down. Was a nice trail close to home.

3 years ago

Hiked Waldo Canyon the weekend before the forest fire started. In fact, my current profile picture was taken the winter before. I hope they open it back up someday.

Came here 2 years back. Great trail bummed that the canyon fire came. It's beautiful

Awesome trail and was fortunate to hike it two years in 2011 before the fire. One of my favorites and has a great variety of terrain.

Great trail! I hope the area grows back quickly; it was a beautiful place to escape for a while

4 years ago

PLEASE NOTE: The trail is CLOSED due to the horrific Waldo Canyon fire during the summer of 2012.

It breaks my heart to drive past the parking lot these days. I have done this trail numerous times over the years and my dog and I were fortunate enough to have done it a couple times this spring. It will be a long recovery for this area, but looking forward to the re-growth. Has always been a favorite of mine.

Great. Trail. Steep in certain spots. Great scenic areas all around kids enjoyed. It

Due to the recent Waldo Canyon Fire, this trail is closed. Hopefully the citizens of the Springs will have the opportunity to rebuild it soon. It was a great hike.

sad to say this is burned, but it was a nice challenging trail. I look forward to doing it again as it grows back. I have before and after pictures on facebook.

4 years ago

Great hike but washed out in areas from all the rain.