Kinda barren and close to busy roads but a decent place to relax during lunch break.

Kinda barren and close to busy roads but a decent place to relax during lunch break.

It's a pretty spot to fish and walk the trail. We come here often. There are usually a few people here however it is calm and enjoyable. Beautiful sunsets!

Very nice hike. I live in an apartment complex to the West of Stearns Lake. Preparing for backpacking trip in Beartooth Mountains in MT. I hiked out last evening at 7:30 and went around the lake (very peaceful and best kept secret kind of lake), then kept going to the underpass at NW Parkway. Turned around and got back at 10:30 PM. Very peaceful and no one on the trail. No moon, but still well lit with light pollution. Only mammals to fear are prairie dogs and rabbits. Coyotes won't bother you because they're fat.

it was pretty empty when I was there with my pup. good trail. easy!

Great trail for little ones and dogs.

Beautiful area

Good for a casual, local stroll

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Short but good. Nice for the dog too. Beautiful views. I had to use WAZE navigation app, as the google map wouldn't find/load. Be sure to spell correctly, Stearns Lake

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

This trail is correctly spelt as Stearns Lake and is at the Carolyn Holmberg Preserve at Rock Creek Farm. The lake is a picturesque, quiet fishing lake and the trail makes for a pleasant, easy walk suitable for all ages with great views of the mountains. In the Fall you can enjoy the vista of fields full of pumpkins and corn. Quite a few runners and bikers so keep your wits about you as they don't always alert you to their presence. There is plenty of parking and a bathroom at the trailhead off of South 104th Street (off Dillon Road in the area where the borders of Louisville, Lafayette and Broomfield meet up).

Pretty good for the doggy

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

If you just want to get out for a quick walk...this is a great spot for trail running.

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